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Sexy Battle Scars

There were 4 guys sitting on the couch, Kakashi, Iruka, Raidou, and Genma and they were all watching the SNC (Sexy Ninja Channel).

Raidou got up to go pee and Iruka got some munchies from the kitchen when they came back Kakashi turned the TV up and pointed to the commercial that was on.

When they came back Kakashi turned the TV up and pointed to the commercial that was on.

"Oi! See guys it's this new show called sexy battle scars, you either go there and show them your scars personally or you take pictures and send them up there and they'll write a letter back saying weather they like it or not." "See look what kind of scars those ninjas have" Kakashi said.

"Hn Genma mumbled, do I have to do it?"
Yes, Kakashi said happily, were all going to do it!" isn't that right Ruka-chan! Kakashi squealed.

Iruka blushed and cast a glance around him then mumbled a whatever.

"Why do we have to do it? Raidou asked yeah Genma spat." "He glared at the two who flinched and scooted back, then he eye smiled and scooted towards them and plowed them down.

Because, you have hot scars, and he nuzzled Raidou's eye scar.

Geez Iruka why did you agree to this, Genma asked.

Well, Iruka blushed hot scarlet, let's just say I was the stallion and he was the pony he smiled.

No Way, Kakashi Let You Top! Genma and Raidou both yelled in unison.

Hell yea and he liked it too, with all those Oh Kami harder Ruka, deeper baby mm's they all giggled save for kakashi who begin to pout aw don't worry baby.

We'll do this for you to make you feel better. Besides guys it just might be fun! I mean who knows right Iruka finished. Well I guess your right, all right guys lets do it! Yeah, they all cheered.

So they all got ready and hopped in Kakashi's 2009 Mustang GT Convertible and sped of towards the SNC studio.

They all went inside earning glances from all around them, and walked towards the desk.

"Hello sir, welcome to the SNC studio, how can I help you?" said the desk clerk.

"Were here to sign up for the Sexy battle scars show. Kakashi spoke." All four of you gentlemen? She asked. They nodded.

Oh ok she said and blushed then she got the other clerk to take over so she could walk them to the area.

Ok guys my name is Kira, and I'm going to be your tour guide. How about your names and she took a pen and pad out her pocket.

I'm Kakashi, he said. Do you go by another name? She asked.

Um some people call me Silver. Ok by the way we don't use real names so give me a nick name as well as real name please.

They nodded and Raidou and Genma stared to pick names. Ok next you are Iruka people call me Sensei, she blushed as he said this, O...Ok she stuttered, next you are I'm Raidou people call me Hero she wrote it down and nodded and last but not least, your name sir? I'm Genma but people call me Senbon because of this he pointed to the object in his mouth, and because I'm sharp and good looking. Well I will have to say that all of you are very handsome men, she blushed again. Thank you, they all echoed.

They continued to walk to that part of the studio as they were walking they saw many naked women ogling over them and whistling, how lady like Iruka muttered.

Then they made it and walked up to the director.

Hello sir, she said we have four young men that want to try out for the Sexy Battle Stars Show.

Ok, the director said. He looked about around there age with fairly tan skin, dirty blond hair, he looked about 5'11, wore two small hoop earrings in his ear and was wearing and unbuttoned shirt to show his exposed chest, blue jeans, bare feet and he had the deepest blue eyes they've ever seen.

Wow you guys are hot he whistled, I'm Yuki, ok so you have to do one of these two things before I even look at you scars.
You have to kiss me or lick my nipple.

So which is it guys, he smirked. They all looked at each other kakashi turned and whispered in Iruka's ear; see if the cheek will count, if it doesn't just kiss his lips, I'll lick his nipple kakashi said.

Raidou and Genma were saying the same exact thing, almost.

So Iruka went first and went to kiss him on the cheek until Yuki turned his head and got Iruka full on the lips, he started to use tongue, kakashi was about to step in, then Yuki pulled back.

Mm he said nice lips. Iruka glared and walked a little towards the left.

Kakashi moved his shirt and pierced to lick his pierced nipples, and thought about ripping them off for kissing his Ruka like that.

But decided against it and started to lick the very perky nipples Yuki moaned and stroked the hair at the nape of kakashi's neck, he stood up and walked beside Iruka and Yuki growled.

Then Raidou came and took kakashi's spot licking both nipples and tugging on the right and biting Yuki pushed Raidou away claiming him to be to good at that.

Once again last but not least Genma went up and gave him a full out kiss on the lips and started French kissing him tongue wrestling and everything, then he grabbed the bulge between Yuki's legs and squeezed let go and walk over to the rest of the group.
Yuki was panting hard had extremely red nipples and had a what looked like a very painful erection stuck inside his pants.

He took a deep breath, ok guys, let me see those scars!


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