Chapter 4
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Iruka stirred as he felt something poke at his nose.


Iruka swatted at the object that continued to poke him.


Iruka growled and tackled the struggling object.

"Why are you poking me", Iruka hissed at Yuki.

"Um, because I want you guys to meet the other co-stars on the show", Yuki said innocently.

"Why couldn't you poke Kakashi in the eye or something" Iruka mumbled, starting to drift off to sleep again.

"Um, because he looks like the type that will kill you if you woke him up from his sleep, besides you're the cutest and I wanted to see if I got a cute waking reaction from a cute waking person, Yuki exclaimed.

Iruka growled, and then blushed as he noticed Yuki taking in the sight of the cute side of him.

He sighed and sat up, "Do you need me to wake the others?"

Uh, it'll be kind of nice to live threw another show, so yeah kind of just, you know, wake them up Yuki stuttered out.

Iruka giggled, and prepared to wake the other three remaining males.

"RAWR!!!!!" Iruka yelled as he jumped on the cuddling couple on the bed.

"AHHHH!!!!" Raidou and Genma both shouted as they started to attack the person who they seemed to think was attacking them. (That's understandable right?)

Iruka giggled again as Genma and Raidou started to tickle him for scaring them.

Yuki stood back in the corner as he watched the tickling stop and Iruka walk over to the still somehow sleeping Kakashi.

How is this dude still sleeping Yuki asked Iruka.

"Well, Kakashi's sleeping habits are a bit of, hmm", he started to think, "special" he smirked.

Yeah, Ruka-chan has to do a little something on the side just to get this big lump of a guy up, Genma added in. They all nodded.

So what are ya gonna do, Yuki asked curiously.

You'll see Iruka smirked and knelt over kakashi.

He didn't even stir.

Iruka pulled back what remaining cover kakashi had on his body off and started to lick his tongue al over kakashi's naked chest and nipples. They all watched as kakashi shifted and a bulge started to poke out the hole of his already soiled boxers.

Yuki went over to Raidou and Genma and sat with them on the bed.

"So, he does this often I'm guessing?" Yuki asked the two beside him.

"Yup", they nodded.

Iruka lapped at the pre-cum forming on Kakashi's still growing member and pulled the rest of the shaft out the hole of the boxers with his teeth.

Kakashi hissed but somehow still remained sleeping.

Okay Yuki, pay close attention, this is the most important part, this is the part when you tell weather he's really up or having a really good wet dream, Genma said.

They continued to watch as Iruka licked kakashi's member like a lolli pop with long, slow, exotic licks.

Kakashi started to pant and moan but remained still.

Hey I think this just might be a dream, Raidou said shocked.

Yeah, Genma continued.

Why do you guys say that, Yuki asked trying to pay attention to both couples.

Because usually kakashi would've taken over and choked Ruka-kun to death wit his cock, Raidou finished. Genma nodded.

Iruka continued to slowly lick the yummy tasting object in his mouth.

Kakashi broke out into a sweat and started to mumble incoherently.

Iruka smiled around the big penis in his mouth and started to suck faster.

Kakashi started to writhe on the bed, whimpering and his moans getting louder.

Iruka deep throated him and made sure the head of his cock hit the back of his throat periodically.

Kakashi woke and let out a gut wrenching scream as he exploded into the mouth of the honey colored other.

Iruka continued to drink every last drop of kakashi's very tasteful essence and watched threw lidded eyes at the man who was still recovering from a very euphoric high.

He let the softening member slid out his mouth with a wet pop.

Kakashi opened his hazy eyes and looked at Iruka who just appeared over his face and gave him a very sloppy kiss, kakashi tasted his juices on Iruka's tongue and couldn't help but to moan and clean out his lovers mouth with his own tongue.

They stopped kissing to here a random clapping appear from out of nowhere, they followed the sound of the clapping and saw that it was coming from Yuki.

Kakashi looked confused for a moment until he realized that the random clapping guy was Yuki from the show he wanted to do.

Mind still a bit foggy, kakashi asked.

"What's next?"

"Well, you guys are gonna met the other guys on the set." He said happily. I think they'll like you guys, especially Sora; he's one of the nicest ones.

Mhm they all mumbled.

Ok guys put your shorts on so we can meet folks.

They did as told and followed Yuki outside the door to the others who seem to have just woken up as well.

Ok guys there's a little breakfast bar over there go grab some food and meet me over at the tent.

They nodded and went to the bar.

They all grabbed 3 doughnuts and a couple of strawberries and other little things to put on there plates and went over to Yuki who was talking t someone with jet black hair extremely chiseled cheekbones and pale but a buff looking body.

Oh here they are right here Yuki said to the albino.

Hello gentlemen he said in a very seductive voice.

Iruka shivered and asked for his name.

Why, my name is Sora he said to Iruka in the same tone of voice, took his hand and kissed it.

Iruka blushed bright red and glanced everywhere but the eyes of the men around him.

Kakashi started to glare, Yuki caught sight of this and started to clear things up.

Ok Sora, this is Sensei, the silver haired fellow is sliver, the guy with the senbon is well, Senbon and that guy right there is Hero. They came on set yesterday and passed the test.

Oh so I'm gonna be with one of these guys ne? He questioned.

Uh maybe, I also have to see how far they stretch.

What do you mean stretch? Kakashi asked.

Like you know how far you guys can go with another man you don't know before you go over-protective.

Oh, this is one of those couple groups eh? Sora asked

Yeah Yuki replied, I think I can get them to be flexible.

Sora looked at Iruka and winked

Kakashi started to growl and Iruka took one of his strawberries and stuck it in his mouth. Kakashi chewed the sweet fruit and Iruka continued to feed him till the plate was empty.

Kakashi seemed a little calmer now that he had food in his stomach.

Ok were gonna get some guys and were gonna see how much we can flex you up, so be prepared, literary.

And Yuki walked away to leave them alone with Sora to explain in greater detail of what's was to come.

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