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Shego raised her gloved hands and ignited her plasma. The green glow was comforting to her as she lounged in the chair watching Drakken fuss around with his latest invention. He was relentless for sure, slightly bonkers for definite, and though she had been his employee for nearly four years now, her heart was no longer in it. She was just going through the motions awaiting their next big showdown with Team Possible who would undoubtedly stop them.

In fact Shego always made sure of that. I mean she didn't seriously want Dr. D's mad schemes to actually work most of the time and after the mind control incident she didn't feel quite the same enthusiasm for his company as she once had. She was wary of him and told herself she stayed to keep an eye on him. After a thorough beating the whimpering scientist vowed he would never try to subjugate her again and aprons were banned from the lair. He had also given her a generous pay rise and a bonus because he did in his own way realise that Shego was the best advantage he had when being thwarted by the insufferable Kim Possible. He always made a clean enough getaway with Shego there to delay her. As for that idiot sidekick of hers, he was becoming too pesky by far but Drakken knew that Shego would always make sure her boss had escaped and if not she was sure to break him out of custody before long. Yes Shego was very useful, frightening, but useful.

If only he knew that it was Shego herself who kept blocking the master plan from actually succeeding and not Team Possible at all. Well that would have been another kettle of fish and Shego knew that if he suspected then he would stop at nothing to punish her betrayal. So she kept one eye on him at all times and tried to convince herself she was where she ought to be for the moment. The mighty Shego was hibernating it seemed. Looking back at her glowing hands gave her that sense of peace that rarely came since the comet struck all those years ago changing her brothers and herself into powerful freaks. And the rush she had once felt working with Drakken to foil Kim and her buffoon, the giddy anticipation of their legendary showdowns, was waning fast and an all pervasive ennui was settling in the plasma wielder's soul just like it had all those years ago when she upped and left Team Go behind for the nefarious life she was still involved in.

She was supreme thief, worthy martial arts opponent, green-hued, raven-haired goddess, ex-hero and the loneliest person on the planet. She sighed and quenched the flame and turned her attention back to Dr. D as he fidgeted and hiccupped gleefully while tinkering with what must have been his dumbest invention yet.

"I'm going out," she called over to him. He was blissfully unaware of her presence at that moment as he calibrated the appropriate bells and whistles. Shego, irked now, stood up and walked stealthily behind him. "I'm GOING OUT, Dr. D!" she all but bellowed in his ear. Drakken fell over from the shock.

"Quit sneaking up on me, Shego!" He muttered as he picked himself up.

"Why Dr. D, do I scare you?" Shego smirked as he turned to face her.

"Of course you do! That's why I hired you!" He replied before turning back to his project. "How long will you be out?"

"As long as I want to be, doy!" She rolled her eyes, "I am allowed some time off you know!" He grimaced and nodded, he didn't need her at the moment anyway.

"Fine, goodbye!" She watched as he scuttled back to his tinkering. He wasn't that bad she supposed then she got a grip and recalled the mind control chip.

Shego was glad to be on her bike roaring away from the lair. She knew that he would be absorbed for the next few days so she felt it was relatively safe to take some time to herself. They were on the outskirts of Middleton, home of Team Possible, for the last few months and Shego had only ventured downtown once before. That time she had spotted the dreaded Kim and her buffoon exiting a movie theatre holding hands and acting lovey-dovey. She had not hung around for long and had quickly retreated to the lair again. For some reason unknown to Shego she had become depressed about her life and fell into the doldrums. Even bloody Kim Possible had a life aside from the work…even that buffoon had a life! And Shego had…well… nothing.

She parked the bike down a dark alleyway with plenty of getaway options should she run into trouble. But she wasn't after trouble tonight and she knew it. She was after something entirely different from trouble. She was dressed in form fitting black leather pants and jacket. She undid the zipper of the jacket and revealed a beautiful dark green top underneath. She took off her helmet and let her hair cascade down her back. Before leaving the lair she had applied make-up to her greenish skin so that she might blend in rather than stand out. She hated having to do it as though she were cheating herself, but her current lifestyle meant she was a wanted woman in several countries so a little tact had to come into a night out. She rounded the corner and joined the throngs of people walking on the boulevard in the centre of town. It was always the busiest strip on a Friday night in Middleton with plenty of restaurants, clubs, bars and cafes to suit all tastes. Tonight she decided to go to the cinema first. She looked at the playbill and chose whatever hit her fancy, bought a ticket and went inside.

Sitting there in the dark, feeling worse than ever, she tried to ignore the couples filling up the seats around her. This was a bad idea she thought what was I thinking? She forced herself to stay put and at least see the beginning of the movie but after about twenty minutes she got up and walked out back into the balmy night air. Her mood darkened. It was an awful movie anyway she reassured herself and also praised herself for not firing some plasma at the screen and terrifying the sickening couples all around her. She then started striding towards a bar she had seen down a side street earlier that looked dark and inviting. There were motorbikes parked outside and the clientele were all bikers. It was actually a cool place and she felt at home as soon as she walked in. It was busy enough to have to push her way to the bar counter to order as everyone seemed to be there to hear the band playing in the corner. She could just slot right in here and no one would bother her. She would just look like another fan of the band and not the desperately lonely person she actually was. She got her drink and pushed closer to the front of the crowd to take up a position close enough for drink refills and listening. They weren't half bad and Shego found herself relaxing her tense muscles as the beer took effect and the semi-darkness hid her.

Four hours later she emerged from what she now considered her local in Middleton. She'd had a few appreciative glances her way and some conversations over the noise of the band. She had even danced with a few people and sat down afterwards at their table. The women were friendly and the men were pretty decent. They were definitely white collar bikers she realised but that didn't matter to her. They were good company and she didn't feel alone for those few hours. She made her way back to her bike and just sat on it staring down the alleyway to the bright street beyond the darkness. She heard the rustle in the shadows at the back of the alley and quickly jumped from the bike, igniting her plasma and falling into a defensive position.

"Give it up Shego!" She heard the familiar voice calling to her and from the shadows the face of Kim Possible emerged with a look of determination etched on it. Shego sighed and quenched her plasma, baffling Kim. She stood up straight and looked straight at the teen hero.

"What are you playing at, Shego?" Kim asked suspiciously.

"Nothing, princess!" Come and get me if you dare Shego thought and then smirked. Kim approached her cautiously and signalled to Ron who had come behind Shego. Shego expected this and wasn't surprised to be cornered. Time for a little fun end to the evening she supposed but not without a few questions of her own.

"How did you find me tonight, pumpkin?" she asked in a quiet voice she knew would throw Kim off. "I'm off the clock, you know." She ignored Ron though she could hear him approaching her inch by buffoon inch.

Kim unsure whether to answer or not simply looked at Shego and realised the lucky break of capturing the thief when she was off the clock like she said. Then she felt a little wave of guilt, because Shego was on her own time, obviously on a night out, but then so was she before this confrontation. Besides Shego was lethal!

"We were on a date, Shego!" Kim heard the unmistakeable voice of her boyfriend answer Shego's question and then heard Rufus chime in "yeah, yeah, date!" She almost rolled her eyes but that would have given Shego the opportunity she needed to attack.

"A date? How romantic…and then you spotted me and couldn't leave well enough alone, could you pumpkin!" Shego smirked again, and then half turned towards Ron so that she could see them both. "I just want to go home to bed, princess. Is that too much to ask?" She kept her hands by her sides. She just didn't feel up to fighting Kim tonight. Not tonight.

Kim's mouth fell open and she gaped at Shego as though she had three heads. "You're a wanted felon, Shego. How could I not bring you into custody? Global Justice are on their way. Just come quietly." She hoped the thief would actually do it for once so she could go back to breaking up with Ron. Yes as usual the green one had thrown a spanner in the works on this most important of nights: the night she would break Ron's heart. She felt like a heel all night and took the gift handed her to delay the inevitable when she spied Shego exiting a bar. She would know her anywhere. Like the black and green cliché she was, no amount of make-up could disguise her foe and Kim went into Team Possible mode straight away telling Ron what to do before racing to beat Shego to the alleyway she assumed she was walking to.

Shego sensed something in the air alright but didn't know what exactly was going on. Kim was more tense than usual and the buffoon was being…well…a buffoon. Some sarcastic comments dripped from her tongue and in a flash she had back flipped over Ron, blasted him with a mild dose of plasma to knock him out knowing that Kim would have to check on him giving her plenty of time to make a getaway. As she ran down the alleyway she heard something that made her stop in her tracks.

"SHEGO WAIT!" There was something in Kimmie's voice that actually made her stop and turn around. The teen hero ran towards her, "Global Justice aren't on their way. I lied. I never called them. I…I'm sorry for interrupting your night out…I know you only stunned Ron so take your bike and go home. I'll wait until he wakes up," Kim shuffled her feet a little, "and then finish breaking up with him." Kim winced as the words left her mouth.

Why had she said that out loud to Shego of all people and why on earth had she run after her? Kim's huge olive eyes were caught in the street light behind Shego and shone with a brilliance Shego could only gasp at. Then Kim looked down at her hands she was rubbing together self-consciously. Something caught Shego's attention in the gesture. Something familiar. So that right there, that night of all nights, Shego walked towards Kim and said the immortal words, "Do you wanna talk about it, pumpkin?" Shego felt her knees wobble at the sound of her own voice saying such uncharacteristic things to her arch-nemesis. What on earth had come over her…because she actually meant it? She put her hand on Kim's shoulder not knowing whether she would attack or not. Kim had the same thoughts rushing through her head but didn't move to brush Shego's hand away. She dropped her head into a most vulnerable position while she answered the thief whose hot hand rested on her shoulder before pulling her into a warm embrace as Kim whispered a quiet yes.

They stood there in the darkness holding each other gently, comfortably until Kim heard Ron's groans and broke free from Shego's warm body to go back to him. They looked into each others' eyes as though really seeing each other in that instant. Kim walked away, head held high, no embarrassment evident. She turned one last time to look at the green lady.

"Come back for you bike in a half hour. We'll be gone and…and…thank you."

Shego only nodded and walked out of the alleyway feeling stranger than she had ever felt before. What the hell was all that about? Have I gone soft? Why did I act as though I cared?

True to her word, Kim and Ron were nowhere to be seen when Shego returned and after checking her bike thoroughly for bugs, she raced back to the lair and the familiar sights, sounds and smells of Drakken's den before falling into a dreamless sleep.

Kim fell in to bed several hours later after the longest break-up in history. They had talked and talked until Ron finally, reluctantly accepted the split. What had taken hours were the measures needed to make sure their friendship would be intact and their working relationship would not be affected. Rufus looked as dejected as Ron but Kim knew Ron was a good guy and given a little time and space, their friendship would be back on track. She kissed them both on the forehead as she left the car and went back into her house where her father was waiting on the couch with a stern look on his face. Oh here we go she sighed as she smiled weakly at her father and allayed all his fears about what she had been up to till four in the morning by relating the break-up with Ron to him.

Her father slept soundly that night but Kim couldn't sleep. All she thought about was Ron and then her moment of weakness tonight, her breaking of the law in letting a known felon escape but most of all of the moment of kindness Shego had shown her after all their years of fighting. It wasn't that it was odd. There was a mutual respect lurking there somewhere behind all the sarcastic banter they engaged in, no it wasn't because it was odd that it unnerved her, it was because it felt right. And the wonderful memories she had suppressed of those days Shego had lived in the Possible home while under the effects of Electronique's attitudinator came back to haunt her. They had been some of the happiest moments of her life and always the question of what Shego had wanted to say to Kim before she was zapped back into evil Shego niggled at Kim. Her last thought before drifting off was if Shego remembered what she had wanted to say and would she ever tell her?