To the tune of "Time is Running Out" by Muse.

Based on the epic Stephen Lynch song, "Then She Farted."


I love you so much,
Spend every night,
Watching you sleep
as I try not to bite.

You're something beautiful
You're like a dream,
A piece of heaven,
An angel, it seems.

You could never do no wrong.
So I thought I'd write you this love song. did something a bit strange...
That made my poor nostrils...rearrange...

You freaking farted
You freaking farted!
What the hell, Bella?!
What is that smell(ah)...?!

At first I tried to
Pretend it was cute
I guess I shrugged
When I heard your little toot.

But seriously,
That puff was bad,
It must have been
All those baked beans you had

Your ass will be the death of me

I know that I don't really need breath,
But when you let one rip, it caused my second death.

You freaking farted
You freaking farted!
Jesus Christ, honey!
You just killed Charlie!

How did your bum do this?
Whooo ooooh ohhh oooh ohhh....

That smell does not come naturally.

I can't stand it anymore
Did that stench really come from your backdoor?

You freaking farted!
You freaking farted!
My world is crumbling
From your ass rumbling

Please Aro, end my life...
Ooooohh ohho ohohohohhhhhh....