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Chapter two

"It's my turn for revenge now." Tyki said making Allen pale.

"Damn!" Allen said as Tyki pushed him against the wall. "You better make it worth my wild."

Tyki smirked as he saw the fire in the boy's eyes. He remembered what he and Rhode discussed earlier.


Rhode and Tyki waited at the train station.

"I can't believe this." Tyki said as Rhode was reading. "Why are we going along?"

"As Rave explained, this is a vacation." Rhode replied her eyes never leaving the page. "We are going to a spa."

"I have a feeling this isn't a normal spa." Tyki said as he leaned back. "This better not be another fantasy."

"We'll have to see where those hormones lead you." Rhode replied.

"You really think that we want to be up each other's asses all the time?"

"Well that thing between your legs seems to agree with that statement."

Tyki flushed and growled. Rhode smacked him.

"Down boy."

"You three are horrible."

"Well, think about this. What is the real reason you four do this all the time?"

"You force us."


"Wrong! Think harder!"

"I don't know the answer!"

"Then next time you're up someone's ass, think about it."


Tyki had been thinking about the right answer. Looking into Allen's eyes he saw the reason why they do this yaoi. It wasn't the fact that they were just horny it was that damn look in the eyes of the uke that drove them to do it. That look Allen was giving him now was the look of desire of a forbidden sin that caused so many to fall from grace into the hands of lust. That was the logical answer he came up with, the real answer that Tyki was thinking was that he just wanted a real good piece of ass and those eyes were wanting the same damn thing.

Allen stared into the other's eyes wonder what he could be thinking. He raised an eyebrow.

"You going to stand there all night or are we going to do this?" Allen said snapping Tyki from his thoughts.

"Sorry my mind was just thinking of how to fuck you." Tyki quickly respond as he leaned close to Allen's face.

"If you don't know how to do that by now you're fucked up." Allen stated making Tyki sweat drop.

"Well then let's get started." Tyki said as he grabbed Allen's chin. "I think I know who's doing the work."

Lavi leaned up and stretched. He looked around and blinked. He was the only one in the room.

'Where the hell did they go?' Lavi thought as he walked into the Yaoi room.

Lavi could hear the shower going. But the cracked door to the garden caught his attention. He looked through the crack and grinned.

Kanda got up after Tyki followed Allen. He decided to meditate for awhile. The boards creaked making him grin.

"Been waiting for you usagi." Kanda said making Lavi jump.

"There went my entrance." Lavi said as he sat down.

There was silence between them. Kanda kept glancing at Lavi. Lavi was never this quiet.

"Alright." Kanda said. "What's wrong?"

"Horny." Lavi said making Kanda roll his eyes. "What!"

"I thought something else was bothering you." Kanda replied.

"Something is."

"Then spit it out!"

"I think there are camera's everywhere."

Kanda looked at him.

"There's 16 in the bedroom and 38 in the yaoi that I found." Lavi stated. "Haven't counted the bathroom yet."

"Fuck." Kanda said.

"I see at least 28 out here." Lavi said. "Sex outside…that'll be fun."

"Don't you even dare." Kanda said as he had his hand on Mugen.

"I'm not going to do you…I want you to fuck me."

Kanda's mouth dropped open. "You what!"

"During the last fantasy I discovered my passion for both seme and uke." Lavi replied. "I'm even willing to do the work."

Kanda couldn't believe what he was hearing. He stared astonished at Lavi.

"Are you going to sit and stare at me all night or fuck me senseless?" Lavi asked looking at Kanda.

Kanda still stared at him. Lavi frowned and moved. He straddled Kanda's lap and pulled the still shocked swordsman into a deep kiss. Kanda was snapped back into reality when he felt Lavi's lips against his. The kiss was gentle but full of lust. The kiss broke and Kanda stared deeply into Lavi's eye. The look he received sent a shiver down Kanda's spine.

"Yuu I'm waiting." Lavi whispered to Kanda. "Or did you change your mind?"

Lavi gasped as he suddenly was flat on his back against the slightly dew covered grass. Kanda was smirking at him with that I'm going to eat you smirk.

"What makes you think I'm going to pass up an opportunity like this one?" Kanda said as he leaned down close to Lavi's face.

"I don't know but I do know that I want you right now." Lavi replied making their foreheads meet. "Right now it's just you and me no one else is here."

The girls sat in amazement. Their blood pooling onto the wooden floor that was beneath them.

"We need TV's like this." Lece said as they watched the garden scene and the bathroom scene. "So much detail."

"This place rocks." Rode said. "I wonder how they will feel in the morning."

"Don't worry, it'll be funny to watch." Rave said. "What's the schedule?"

"Yoga, massage, mud bath and the seaweed wrap." Lece said her eyes never leaving the screen.

"Oh yeah tomorrow's gonna be fun."

Allen couldn't believe he was doing this again. Tyki had him pinned against the cold tile wall of the shower legs spread wide till it hurt. The Noah has holding him there as he smirked down. A deep blush covered Allen's face as he was pumping his hardening erection. The other watching was making him hard quick. How long he would last this time would be determined soon. A tanned hand quickly balanced one leg over his shoulder as he pulled out a band out of nowhere.

"No!" Allen shrieked as Tyki slipped the ring onto his cock. "I can't last long!"

"I know that boy." The taller replied. "That's why I got it so you will have to wait till I am ready."

Out of the little basket hanging on one of the rails Tyki pulls out a bottle of lube. He waves it in front of Allen's face. The cursed one growls as he holds out his hand. A good portion of lube is poured into his hand. Allen gulped as he split the lube between his hands and let one travel down to his entrance. He ran a finger around the ring of muscle then inserted two fingers deep inside. A moan escaped Tyki's lips at the sight of the exorcist finger fucking himself.

"What a dirty little boy you are." He said lowering the boy to the floor. "You should be taking care of this too."

Allen stared at the swollen member before him. Precum leaked from the tip. Slowly he grabbed it with his other lubed hand stroking the entire length. Little moans escaped from Tyki's mouth as Allen panted. He wanted to be filled but he had to wait for Tyki.

"Alright boy time for the show."

Kanda gripped the boards on the deck as Lavi's head bobbed up and down between his legs. The two had quickly stripped clothes after gathering materials needed from the yaoi room. A bottle of motion lotion sat beside Kanda as Lavi pulled away. The red head was pushed onto his back hard. He was sure there be a bruise there in the morning. The samurai inserted two lubed fingers into the tight ass. Lavi moaned as he was scissored.

"Damn you're almost as tight as the Moyashi." Kanda said as a third went in. "Never would have thought that."

"Yuu I'm not in the mood for talking I'm in the mood for fucking so you better hurry up before I go join Allen and Tyki in the shower!" Lavi said glaring.

"Impatient aren't we?"

"Shut up I want your stick up my ass what more could you want!"

"One to shut you up with." Lece said munching popcorn. "Now shut up Lavi and let Kanda do his job!"

Rhode leaned closer to Rave, "IS she ok?"

Rave shook her head, "She's been Yaoi hungry since the last book and nothing has helped remove the writer's block."

"Ah turn up the volume then it's getting good!"

Lavi blinked and looked around, "Did I just here that right?"

Kanda nodded, "You heard the fan girl shut up!"

A light bulb went off in Kanda's head. An evil smirk formed on his lips as he licked them. Lavi paled at the thought of what was too come.

"Yuu….what are you thinking?"

"I just thought of a way to shut you up."


Allen's head rested on Tyki's shoulder as he was straddling the man's hips. His hands were holding onto the metal railing so tight his knuckles were turning white. Tyki was grinning ear to ear at the blush the boy had as he was lowered down onto the man's cock. Every now and then he earns a moan as the boy slid completely into his lap. The boy's length twitched against the other's stomach.

"Already? I don't think so." Tyki said nipping at Allen's ear. "Let's start moving."

He grabbed Allen's ass lifting him almost all the way off then slamming him back down hard. Allen's head snapped back in a scream filled moan as his prostate sent waves of pleasure up his spine. There was no mercy. Tyki repeated his motions hard and fast. Allen didn't understand why he was going so fast unless something else was being planned for him. He held tight to the hand rails feeling a button. Suddenly a screen appeared before his face that was water resistant. Allen blinked at the screen in between his moans.

"What the hell is Kanda doing to Lavi?"

"Shut up boy time for you to scream."

A scream tore from Allen's lips as his already sore body was slammed into at a new angle. Tyki was on his knees holding Allen's legs as he attacked the poor boy's rear. Allen balanced himself on his elbows as he watched Tyki slam into him over and over again. It was pretty easy to see he was very turned on. It was then he felt Tyki shiver.

"No fair!" Allen said panting. "You said you'd help me!"

"In time but right now let me have my fun." Tyki replied turning Allen onto his side.

Allen screamed. It hurt so much not to be able to release. It wasn't much longer Tyki thrust deep inside to the hilt. His warm seed splashed against Allen's prostate making him shiver and buck. Quickly Tyki removed himself from deep with the exorcist. There was a smirk on his face making the younger pale.

"Hold still while I clean you up."

Kanda was quickly working the rope around Lavi's legs and torso binding his hands behind the red head's back. Lavi let out muffled complaints as he was bound. His blue eyes meet green ones. There was rage and lust in those eyes. A smirk formed on Kanda's lips as Lavi tried to talk through the ball gag. Lavi was on his back. The ropes held his hands behind his back also held his legs in a spread eagle position with his knees bent. He could easily been placed on his knees if it was needed. Kanda stood before him naked. Lavi glared up at him as if saying to hurry it up. Slowly Kanda dropped to his knees grabbing the bottle of lube. He lubed up two fingers inserting them deep into Lavi's entrance. The red head was pretty much already lubed but Kanda had something else up his sleeve. Lavi watched as Kanda pulled out a vibrator. It was about an 1in and half round with a special attachment that teased the ball sac. The attachment looked like an eagle's claw. A deep red blush covered Lavi's face as Kanda slowly inserted the device into him. A moan escaped around the ball choke. Kanda made sure the attachment was tight around Lavi's sac before he turned it on.

"That's right." Kanda said as the red head bucked. "Get turned on so we can finish this."

'Oh God!' Lavi thought as shivers of pleasure ran up his spine. 'This feels so good!'

Kanda changed his positions. He removed the ball choke from Lavi's mouth replacing it with his hardened cock. Lavi relaxed his throat as he thrust into his mouth. The Samurai leaned over Lavi taking the red head's hardened member into his own mouth.

The girls watched their eyes widened at the screen. Lece was taking notes on a computer without her eyes leaving the screen.

"My god we didn't even have to force them!" Rave stated as half the screens were filled the angles from the bathroom and the others the garden.

"Yo Lece still have writer's block?" Rhode asked as she reached for more candy.

"Nope our publisher will be very happy." Lece replied typing away. "I can't wait…"

Allen moaned as he tried to grab a hold of something. Tyki's fingers curled deep inside him causing the boy to scream out. One hand was cleaning him out from the day's deeds while the other pumped his swollen member hard. The Noah chuckled at the exorcist as he curled his fingers again.

"Damn you!" Allen said bucking. "I want my release!"

"Don't worry its coming but first you need to clean yourself properly." Tyki replied as he twisted and curled his fingers up against the boy's prostate. "Soon you shall be freed."

Kanda felt Lavi's body shiver beneath him. He released Lavi's twitching member quickly pulling out the vibrator. Lavi let Kanda pull himself out of his mouth as he was flipped onto his knees. With one quick thrust Kanda slammed deep into Lavi making the red head moan like a whore. They both panted as they matched each other movements. With one of his free hands Kanda pumped Lavi's erection.

"No!" Lavi said as he moaned out. "I'll come too soon!"

"I can't last much longer you baka!" Kanda hissed in his ear. "We'll do it together."

Allen's back slapped against the tiles hard when Tyki flipped him over. Their lips crashed together as their hips grinded against one another. The Noah removed the cock ring. Both were shivering. Neither could last much longer now.

"Oh God!" Allen screamed as Tyki grinded harder. "Yes just like that!"

"Now I get." Tyki panted. "This is why we do it!"

Lavi and Kanda moaned out as he thrust deep inside hitting the red head's prostate with each thrust.

"Kanda….Kanda!" Lavi moaned out. "I'm…I'm…!"

Kanda grunted as he and Lavi came at the same time. Lavi's seed splashed onto the ground as Kanda's leaked out from inside him. He pulled out while untying Lavi. There was some blood and bruises starting to form on his body. Lavi shivered when he felt Kanda's tongue run along one of the marks.

"Looks likes both of us need a shower now." Kanda stated. "But let's wait till the other two have finished."

"I agree." Lavi said as they flopped down onto the grass. "I don't want to go a round with Tyki right now."

Allen swore that his eyes rolled deep back into his head as he screamed. Tyki moaned out as they came onto each other's chests. Slowly Tyki shook Allen. The boy was knocked out cold. A sighed escaped Tyki's mouth as he quickly washed both of them.

"Guess that was too much for him to handle."

Tyki poked his head outside. He rolled his eyes at the two laying in the grass naked.

"Oh yeah." Tyki said making the two jump up. "There will be no Yaoi on this trip."

"Shut up!" Lavi said as he limped up to the porch grabbing his clothes.

"Where's the Moyashi?" Kanda asked as Tyki pointed.

"Passed out in the bed room, shower's ready for you two to clean up."

"Yes that's right!" Lece said over the phone. "By the time we leave here the third should be ready!"

"Who is your publisher by the way?" Rhode asked Rave.

"Secret." Rave replied. "If we told you everything it wouldn't be as fun."

"But that's no fair! Is it someone from the order?"

"Nope it's another fan who we know that works for a publisher."

"Wow….who is it?"

"Sorry her identity must remain unknown for the time being."

"Alright there! We'll send you rough drafts of each of the chapters!" Lece said before hanging up. "She's ready! Also she said to be ready with the videos for the next movie."

"Perfect!" Rave said. "These boys will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams!"

"You mean college funds for the kids and grandchildren." Lece said popping her bubble. "Also a portion for Rhode, she's gonna need it if the Earl kicks her out of the house."

"So what about the morning?" Rhode asked rubbing her hands together. "Should we pull a trick on the boys?"

The other two girls smirked, "What a perfectly great idea!"

The three were left laughing in their room as the yaoi boys were left to recover for tomorrow's events.

What else could possible happen at the Yaoi Lover's Spa?


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