I'd thought I'd try my hand at a third person story. It's an idea I had while watching "Rosario + Vampire" I don't know why, the only similarities are that both my story and theirs involves the supernatural. I'll give this a try anyway.

A Tale of Flowers and the Night.

Our story takes place in the past, Demons, Witches, Werewolves, Vampires and more are a blight throughout the land. The humans combat this plague with groups of Slayers. But a few refuse groups, hunting alone. The greatest of which, was the Battousai.

His red hair mixed with the shower of blood that covered his head and washed down his back as he pulled his sword free from the last of the pack demons. His shadowed eyes swept the field that had become a bloodbath, finding no other threats, the man uses an assassin flick to clean his sword and, turning from the destruction, begins his walk back to town.

The whispers started almost as soon as he arrived. It was said that the Battousai was a demon himself or that being bathed in the blood of a thousand demons had turned Him into one. Or that the only thing binding him to his flesh was the cross shaped scar on his cheek. There was even a rumour that he only ate human flesh, so it was a surprise to the town's people when he reached into he once purple gi and took out some dried fruit. Kenshin looked at the fruit, It was covered in blood. He sighed and discarded it. He heard the whispers floating away, "See I told you he couldn't eat human food."

He sighed, Yesterday they sat next to him in the tavern while he had Peking Duck, now, he was a demon. Sent from a hell or some such place. It was always the way for some Slayers, they were always on the fringe of society. Ken always wondered why it was him who attracted the names. "Battousai the Man Slayer," The Demon Battousai" "The Golden Eyed Hitokiri." His eyes were violet for gods sakes. And despite what people said they did NOT change colour.

It wasn't as if he was the only lone Demon Slayer, He'd run into the Tenken, he a strange guy by the name of Soujiro. His nickname was the "Heaven's Sword." The people in that town thought Soujiro was there to kill Kenshin himself. Another Slayer was a man by the name of Shishio, he was wrapped from head to toe in bandages and as good a candidate for a devil in a human form as there ever was.

Ken sighed, just get paid and then he could get out of here. The centre of the town was an old church, It was usual for requests for Slayers to be nailed to the door with payment supplied by the town and held at the church for safe keeping as the church were meant to be honest party. For the most part it worked.

The Priest looked shocked that Ken could even enter through the big front doors. The demon blood on his clothes on the other hand, couldn't. As he passes through the blood was driven out as if it had hit a wall, falling to the floor in a red pool at the doorway. If anything the Priest looked even more scared by this apparent act of magic as he backed up against the altar.

"You know, that really shouldn't have come as a shock, you know those hound demons couldn't enter this place so it makes sense their blood can't." Kenshin said in a dull voice. "Can I have the reward now?"

The priest stuttered and reached behind the altar and handed Kenshin the bag of silverware. Ken sighed it would have to do. He could use the silver for another dagger. His last one was left in a werewolf somewhere between this village and the last.

It was a failing that Kenshin had. He always took the jobs, no mater how hard or how little pay. He hatted seeing people in distress, and wouldn't hesitate to help in whatever way he could. For the most part this meant Slaying. Defending the helpless was how he saw it. It was also all Ken could remember.

As he walked out of town he found himself thinking back to his old master. He'd saved him from a group of Banshees that had killed the caravan he and his family had been travelling with. All Kenshin could remember from back then was the screams. Shaking these thoughts from his head he headed out of the village and headed South.

As he passed the exit another group entered. They gave Ken a wide birth and eyed him with suspicion. Slayers for the most part work in groups, the reward would be split but you were more likely to live to collect it. Only the truly great or truly stupid worked alone. Kenshin always felt his master would tell him he was stuck with option number two.

Kenshin sighed and set off. It was a two-day walk to the next town and it was a lonely road. But he wouldn't drag anyone with him.

The sun was low in the sky when Kenshin decided to break for tea. Unfortunately due to the bloody mess earlier his food had been spoiled, it was best not to eat anything that had been touched by demon blood, even if it had been cleaned by the church's arch. Kenshin started to search by the path for any fruit or berries. Sighing with frustration he began to push his way further into the bushes hoping for signs of berries or maybe an apple tree. Hoping against hope he pushed on further into the woods.

"This is ridiculous," He said to himself and as he turned to head back to the road something caught his eye, There was a pear tree standing not 20 yards away. Thanking his good luck he wandered over and with a few quick jumps he was among the branches. From his high viewpoint he could see all the way to back to the path and beyond.

As the sun sank lower it cast some interesting shadows in the distance across the path, picking a couple of pears for later he jumped down and fought his way back to the path and onto the far side. After ten minutes of undergrowth and spiky bushes, Ken was about to give up when he stumbled into a cleared area.

As he looked around he found that what he first took to be bushes, tuned out to be gravestones covered in creepers. Wandered around he began to find the markings of the church itself. It wasn't hard once he knew what he was looking at. He could make out the old altar and the congregation chairs as well as the priest's sanctuary, all defined by a series of small broken walls. As he wandered towards the entrance to the church he found the old oak doors lying on the floor under a see of moss and creepers, They had lasted surprisingly well for how old the ruins were.

As Kenshin looked closer he noticed a spot had been cleared in the moss in about the centre of the door, He bent down for a closer look and found a flash of white paper under the vines pined to the old door. He reached down to pick it up. It was a request for a slayer.

To Any Slayers It May Concern

I'm alone, in danger and in need of your help.


Kenshin read it over again. It made very little sense, requests usually started with a rough description of what the danger was, even if it was just "We have no idea but it's killed 3 people" as well as the reward "We have some copper pots you might like".

Kenshin wandered out to a gravestone and sat on it. Who would write a request out here and pin it to a long forgotten church door. Yes consecrated ground was consecrated ground no matter how long ago it happened but requests are meant to be put where people could see them. Not hidden away in a forest clearing.

Looking at the paper again Ken could see it was relatively fresh, there was no sign of rain damage or decay. He guessed it was about a week old. By this time the sun was well and truly setting, Ken looked around and though to himself, Well, Its not the first time I've slept in a church. And with that thought wandered back into the ruins and made himself comfortable against what was left of a wall. Safe in the knowledge that whatever came in the night couldn't cross the threshold without a great deal of noise, he went to sleep.

Those of you who have read my stuff before (only one story mind you) know that I write these things on commuting train rides, please forgive the grammar, I am working on it.

Anyway, tell me what you think I'm not fussy. Also, if anyone can think of a better name than "Slayer" for a Demon hunter I would be much obliged.

Till next time Stubbs