A short double-drabble to soothe my writer's block.
It was inspired by a dream last night.

- jasmine !

Hikari loved looking at the stars at night. Until she turned fifteen she had been forced to enjoy them indoors, looking at their sparkling beauty through her curtained window every clear night she could.

Tonight was her first night in the park after dark.

She wasn't alone.

Takeru had tagged along. Not to protect her, persay, but to be with her, as it were. Today was also Hikari's fifteenth birthday, this cold, wintery night, and being outdoors to look at the stars was her present from her mother.

Everyone knew Takeru never forgot Hikari's birthday, nor did he ever not buy her a gift, but this year was different. He found a gift he was unable to purchase, it was never for sale, nor would he have enough to buy it anyways.

"What's that star, Hika?" Takeru pointed to the sky, at the brightest twinkling sparkle.

Hikari, the resident astronomer, was dumbfounded. "I don't know, Keru." She went into thought.

Takeru glanced back at her wondering eyes. "Let's name it."

"Name a star?" Hikari giggled. "Alright, what do you suppose?"


Takeru decided to get her the one thing she truly wanted, but unattainable; the brightest star in the sky.