A/N: My one-shots keep getting smaller and smaller. But this little thing was because I needed to vent. I don't now what was going on, but I just really needed to let out some steam. I still need to let out some steam but I don't think I feel like writing much else.

Can't own something that has me tethered on a leash.


In this moment, we are perfect. Our fingers intertwined, our panting breath blocking out the imperfection of the world. Despite the chaos surrounding our small, one bedroom apartment, we are whole. We are safe so long as we stay as we are. Kira can keep doing what it is he does (even if it goes against all of our morals) just as long as I get to keep your crimson hair falling across my face as your breath dusts across my lips once more.

"You are my perfection, Mel," you hush, letting your body rub slowly, softly, sensually against my own. The combination of your words and actions send shivers through my body. You are my world, my saviour, my life. How could I ever possibly repay all that you've done for me?

"I love you, Matt."

Will those clichéd three words keep us whole while we break apart the fabric of fear in society which Kira has spread? If they do, I would say them until my final breath. I would hush them into your ear while you slept like a mother crooning over a precious child. Why? Because, Matt, you are my precious perfection.

"I will love you until a day passed eternity," you respond, letting our already sweat-caked bodies writhe together in between the sheets. You pulse your life into me as you deepen our connection with a boisterous moan of my name as I had just done for you, the evidence of our connection still dripping from your fingers and stomach.

"Promise you'll never leave me," I plead after a few minutes, our heaving chests slowing. You flash that brilliant smile I fell in love with as you draw out, placing a delicate kiss on my lips before sitting on the edge of the bed, fingers still laced in mine. A quick smirk is the only warning you give before standing.

"I'll never be far away, Mel. I promise that much."

I surprise us both when I let a small whimper sneak out between my scowling lips. You look back before your bright emeralds scrunch up in your should-be world-famous smile. You slip from the room for a minute or two, coming back with an item for each of us clutched in your grasp. Crawling back under the covers, you set a soft kiss upon my forehead along with my chocolate in an unsuspecting hand. A smirk beats out my befuddled expression as I snuggle close to you, the bar sticking haphazardly out of my mouth. You slip your arm around me and flick the 'on' button of the console in your hand, a cigarette already being placed firmly between your lips.

Without you, there is no perfection; there is no gleaming, flashing light at the end of the tunnel. With perfection, there comes the two of us, always to be wrapped in the other's embrace.

Matt, you are my saviour. You are my guiding light. You are my perfection.

"Matt," I mumble, my voice laden with exhaustion. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Mel, but I need my all my concentration focused on beating this boss, man."

I can't help but laugh. You were always one to ruin a moment.


The End


Humour? Humour in an XbuttonsX fic? Ridiculous. Well, maybe not. Do you think it was funny? Silly Matticus! Gotta love him though. I'mma start doing something different now when it comes to the lyrics at the bottom. I'll have them, then the song/artist on the next line. Maybe that might help me straighten it out for myself. XD

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