How Bella Passed Her History SA

Heeeeeeeeey!!!! Ok so I'm supposed to be doing a project but those aren't fun so im writing this hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!


"What else can I do?" I said taking to my self again I really need to stop that but I got no one to talk to, my Eddie is hunting, I am NOT going shopping with Alice again, and on top of that I'm have a paper on the Civil War due tomorrow.

I hate the Civil War!! Oh shit good thing Jasper can't read mines. Hey that gives me an idea but Edward can't find out. I hoped in my awesome red truck. It's so pimping your jealous!! Oh I went there. Oh yeah back to the plane.

A few minutes later I was at the Cullen's. The only car I saw was Jasper's Motor Cycle. (is that count as a car?? Hope so) Perfect!!!

I slowly opened the door and saw Jasper laying on the couch. I walked up acting all gangster and said, "hey I got a liter of blood for any one that will write a Civil War paper.,"

If vampires could go to the bathroom I bet Jasper would have peed his pants. I must have scared him. Oh well. Then he yelled, "What?"

"You heard me, A liter of my blood if you write my Civil War paper."

He seem to be thinking over. Finley he said, "I don't know I mean Edward would kill me."

"no he wont how do you think I'm passing Biology this year."

He seemed surprised by my reply. He'll get over it

"Um fine." yay he said yes!!!!


The next week at school


We get our papers back today. I wonder what I made. Wink Wink

WOW a 100!! Who would have guessed. Thank you Jasper!

When I walked out the door my incredible sexy, hot, spoken boyfriend (did I leave any thing out properly) was there.

He said in he's total hot voice "So what did you make o that paper you had to do all by your self?"

"I did great. Look a 100."

He looked surprised. I should be affined, but I'm not he's to hot to get mad at.

When he finly got over he surprise he said "Wow I didn't even get that and I was alive then. You did great!!"

Hehe he will never know!!!!!!! Mawhahahahaha Mawhahahah

The end


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