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I had to find him. I could hear him taunting me, but couldn't see him. He was too fast.

"Come on Olette! You're so slow", he shouted from up ahead.

I ran faster. I just had to find him. Today was the day I was finally going to catch him. If I didn't I would never figure out who he was. He wouldn't tell me. No matter how many times I shouted for him to slow down or tell me who he was, he always kept running. Only once did he respond back.

"You know who I am."

I had to stop. My lungs hurt from running and yelling. He was going to get away! Suddenly I felt someone grab my shoulders, causing me to scream.

"Gotcha", he whispered into my ear.

I turned around to look at him, but he was gone.


Olette woke up to the sound of her blaring alarm clock. That has got to be the worst noise in the world, she thought. Today was the first day at her new school. Her father had been promoted recently. His salary had been raised exceedingly, allowing them to move to a much better place. Or so her parents told her. She couldn't see why she had to leave her friends, home, and school. She was comfortable there, always the top of her class. But her parents were worried that she wasn't being challenged enough. So now she was going to some private school that was for more advance kids. It wouldn't be so terrible if I didn't have to wear this horrible uniform, she thought bitterly as she tried to pull her skirt down. Do they have to make these so short?

As Olette made her way down the stairs toward the kitchen she tripped on the last step. She was too tired this morning to pay attention to where she was walking.

"Damn!" she yelled.

"What was that, honey?" her mom asked as Olette entered the kitchen.

"Nothing," she murmured.

"Sure". Her father winked as he looked up from his paper.

"Need. Coffee. Now." Olette sat down at the table and laid down her head.

Her mother put a cup of steaming cup of coffee in front of Olette. She stared at it for a second before taking a sip. Ah caffeine. She drank her coffee black. Why ruin the taste by adding some sugary cream that makes it taste like a baked good? It burnt her tongue, but she didn't care. If she waited for it to cool she'd be late for the bus.

"Is that all you're going to have? You really should eat something," her mom asked.

"I'll be fine mom. I have to go. Don't want to be late on my first day."

"Yeah, you wouldn't want to be known as the girl who was late. That would just make the other kids shun you", her dad joked.

"Ha. Ha. You are so funny Dad." They probably are going to ignore me anyway, she thought as she grabbed her backpack.


Olette looked up at Twilight Academy. It seemed to loom over her. She knew it was all in head, yet it seemed to grow bigger by the minute. She was waiting for the bell to ring before she headed to her first class. At her old school she was always the first to be in the classroom. Often she got there before the teacher. But she was determined to make this school different. I will not be the class nerd, she promised herself. It's not like she was ashamed of loving to learn, it was just everyone, except her friends, often teased her about it or called her the teacher's pet. She always ignored them, she had her four best friends and that was all she really needed. But here without them she felt exposed.

Other students were chatting around her. They didn't notice her. They were too engrossed in discussing their weekends. She was just about to go sit down on a bench to read when someone yelled "Look out!"

She jumped back just as a blonde boy came grinding down the stair rail on a skateboard, landing on the exact same spot where Olette had just been standing.

"Sorry bout that", he said smiling. The smile made his brown eyes seem brighter.

"You must be new. Name's Hayner. What's yours?"

Before Olette could answer another boy came running over. He had dark brown hair that was pushed up by a head band. In his hand was a video camera.

"That was awesome Hayner! I got the whole thing on film. Next, can you try…"he trailed off noticing Olette for the first time. "Who's this?" he looked at Hayner confused.

"New girl."

"My name's Olette. I just moved here."

"Hi. I'm Pence"

"Well Olette you are so fortunate to have met us. You wouldn't want to make friends with the wrong people," Hayner informed her.

"Who would that be?"

"See that group over there?" Pence pointed toward a group of two boys and two girls sitting under a tree. "That's Sora, Riku, Kari, and Naminé. They're the Twilight Academy elite."

"In other words they're all assholes. And all the teachers love them so they can do whatever they want and not get in trouble," Hayner added indignantly.

"The guy with the brown hair is Sora. He's the star baseball player. The girl with the brown hair is his girlfriend. That's Kari. Naminé is really good artist. She's actually pretty nice. So is Riku. He's the smartest kid in our grade. They aren't actually that mean, well except for Kari. Sora can be a real jerk sometimes though," Pence stated.

"Whatever. I think they're all jerks. Just stick with us Olette. We're awesome," Hayner said, grinning again.

"I think I will", Olette laughed. "Thanks guys."

"Do you need help finding your first class?" Pence asked.

"Yes. That would be great."

She pulled her schedule out of her pocket and gave it to Pence. Hayner grabbed it out of his hands and stated examining it. She had eight classes, not including her free study period. At Twilight Academy there were five block periods. Two classes in the morning, lunch/free study, and then two classes in the afternoon. Today she had AP History, AP Literature, AP Photography, and AP Spanish. No pressure, she thought.

"Wow! I figured you were smart, but these classes are insane!" Hayner exclaimed. "We have history together. And you'll have photography with Pence."

"Well Miss Smarty Pants, maybe you'd be better hanging out with Riku and them than with us lesser beings," Pence joked.

"I'm good. But I might have to reconsider if you guys can't keep up with my superior intellect," She teased. "Thanks guys. I'm so glad I met you."

Just then the bell rang. As the three of them headed up the stairs toward their classes, Olette noticed a boy with electric blue eyes staring at her. He was sitting under a tree reading a book. When he saw that she'd noticed him he returned to reading his book, not caring that everyone else was filing into the school.


The day went by in a blur. All her teachers seemed very nice except for Senor Ansem, her Spanish teacher. The moment she walked in the classroom he came over and explained all of the classroom procedures, which was understandable, except that all of the punishments for not doing homework were extreme. One missed homework was detention, the second missed was a five page essay on why the homework was missed.

"And the punishment for missing homework a third time, well no one has ever forgotten a third time," he stated, smiling cruelty. I almost expected him to break out in MWAHA, she thought as she took her seat.

This Spanish class was a month ahead of the one at her old school. It's going to take forever to do all these assignments he's given me. She was about to start writing down a study plan when someone sat down at the desk next to her.

"If you would like help, you can always ask me." It was one of the boys Pence had pointed out earlier, Riku. "Ansem is pretty tough, especially if you're behind. I'd be willing to help you catch up."

His eyes are so pretty, she thought. I can't tell if they're blue or green. They keep changing. She realized he was waiting for her answer.

"Thanks for the offer, but I think I can handle it. If I ever need help I'll definitely ask you."

"Great," he said smiling. "My name's Riku. What's yours?"

"Olette." She couldn't help smiling back. He seems nice. I wonder why Hayner hates him.

"If you're all done with your important conversations I would like to get started on today's lesson," Senor Ansem began. "Everyone clear your desks. It is time for a pop quiz!"

Everyone groaned as they did what he instructed. Senor Ansem made Olette take the quiz, but it wasn't too hard. She knew most of it from self teaching herself. When the bell rang she gathered up her things.

"Hope I see you tomorrow Olette," Riku said before he left.

"Yeah. Me too." I think this school isn't going to be so bad after all, she thought, smiling to herself.


Olette was lying on her bed doing the immense amount of homework she had received today. She was listening to It's Like Rain by Josephine Collective. Music always helped her concentrate on school work, as long as it wasn't being blasted like she normally had it. She heard the door opened, but stayed where she was figuring it was one of parents. If they wanted to talk to her then they would come upstairs. But instead of hearing someone coming up the stairs, she heard someone yelling.

"Is anyone going to greet me?!?"

Leon! He's home. She jumped off her bed and ran down the stairs. As usual she tripped on the last step. Fortunately Leon caught her before she fell.

"Thanks," She said before throwing her arms around his neck. "I can't believe you're here!" she said while unlatching her arms from him. "How'd you get in any way?" she asked looking puzzled.

"The key Mom and Dad gave me before you guys moved," He said while rolling his eyes and holding up a small key on his key ring. "Just because I went to college doesn't mean I'm no longer part of the family."

"Of course it does," she teased. "How long are you staying?"

"A week. Now where can I put my stuff?"

"The guest bedroom. C'mon, I'll show you."


The evening went by too fast. I love it when Leon visits. It's so great having everyone together like it used to be. She told everyone about her day. Her parents were happy that she liked her new school. Leon made fun of her about Hayner and Pence. Thank goodness I didn't mention Riku to him. He'd never stop teasing me. Leon often mocked Olette about the fact she didn't have many guy friends, but he was still a great big brother. He told her about college and some girl named Yuffie he was friends with. When Olette started teasing him, he threw mashed potatoes at her. He can dish but he can't take, she thought annoyed. But she couldn't stay mad at Leon for very long. He was just too sweet. He helped her clear the table, wash the dishes, and even gave her help on her Spanish homework. After beating him at chess (and losing to him twice) Olette decided to go to bed.

"Good night sis," he said before turning in himself.

"Night Leon."


Olette snuggled down under of her covers. Her bedroom was cold, just how she liked it. She loved it when the blankets kept her warm, not the heater. As she was drifting off to sleep, she remembered the boy with the electric blue eyes. He was the last thing she thought of.


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