Title: Erotomania

Pairings: Catherine/Warrick, Sara/Grissom, Nick/Greg

Disclaimer: Neither CSI or its characters belong to me.

Warnings: Slash, sexual situations, language, violence, attempted rape.

Summary: Greg has a secret admirer and it only gets worse from there.



Prologue: A Normal Day


He supposed it started out innocently enough.

Waking up that afternoon after having gotten far too little sleep, stumbling blindly into his kitchen, he'd opened his cupboard and found his precious Blue Hawaiian gone. Just gone. Only an empty bag left behind to mock him with its few stray beans.

He could kick himself. Now he remembered. He'd finished the last of it off the day before at work. He must have forgotten all about it when the rush had come.

Fuck. And a new shipment of the stuff wouldn't be in for a few more days. Now he would have to actually go out for a cup of coffee and just suffer through the bland and/or bitter swill that most of the chain stores sold. Well not if he could help it. He would search out a store that sold Blue Hawaiian if it killed him.

So he set out on his quest. And it took him a little while but he finally did find a place. It was a little off his beaten track but it was cozy, almost homey, with a couch lining the far wall, arm chairs situated around a low coffee table, and various other tables for the patrons to sit at located around the shop. Vintage posters, advertisements for old movie showings, and pictures of past customers covered the walls.

"That'll be 5.65, sir," the girl behind the counter said, an obviously fake smile plastered on her face.

"Uh, sure." Greg grabbed his wallet from his back pocket and flipped through the bills. "Here." Looking up, he smiled, handing the girl a 10 dollar bill.

"Out of 10," the girl said, taking the money and opening the cash register with a firm ching. "And your change is 4.35." Handing him back the change, she still smiled that fake smile as she said brightly, "Thank you and have a nice day."

"Yeah. You too," Greg said, smiling a bemused smile as he stuck his wallet back in his back pocket and grabbed his drink. Taking a cautious sip to find the coffee delicious, he turned away and made to leave the shop. Attention on his coffee, he didn't notice the man rushing into the shop and he side-brushed him as he moved past him to the door. "Sorry!" he called back as he kept on walking.


Later he'd gone to work as normal.

"This just doesn't make any sense," Greg said, frowning as he threw down a picture of the dead woman in frustration. Putting both hands on the table, he leaned forward to study the collection of evidence lying on the table. "There has to be something we're not seeing."

"Yeah," Nick said, nodding seriously as he crossed his arms over his chest. "But what? We've been all over that house and there's nothing that places the old husband on the scene. The new husband's story checks out and no one else has motive."

"Maybe we're just not seeing the motive," Sara said, a contemplative frown on her face as she studied another photo. "Someone else had to have a reason to kill this woman."

There was silence for a moment as the three of them contemplated the evidence on the table then Nick checked his watch and sighed. "Well whatever it is we're not gonna find it today. I think it's about time I headed out. Maybe some sleep will help me think."

Greg ran a hand through his hair. "Yeah, me too. I'm getting a little tired."

Nick raised a brow. "Only a little? Man, how long have you been here?"

Greg tried to think. "I dunno. 14 hours?" Yeah that sounded about right. Greg nodded, turning to Nick. "About the same as you."

"Yeah," Nick agreed as if this proved everything, "And if I need sleep so do you." He turned to Sara. "You coming?"

"No," Sara shook her head, not looking up from that one photo still in her hand. "I think I'm going to stay here a while."

Nick and Greg exchanged a look that clearly showed what they thought of her sanity.

"Are you sure?" Greg asked, turning back to her in concern.

Sara finally looked up at them and smiled. "I'm sure. I'll see you two tonight, okay?"

Nick smiled back. "Yeah, sure. Tonight," he said, turning to open the door and leave.

Greg grinned and waved good-bye as he followed Nick out. "Yeah. See ya. Don't stay here too long, okay?"

"I won't," Sara assured him as he left, still smiling that smile before turning back to the evidence.


Then he'd gone home, just like always.

"Hey! Watch it," Greg said, hands shooting out to help the man coming out of the elevator. The man's hands full of papers and computer supplies, he could hardly hold it all himself, everything was about to go tumbling out of his hands until Greg stepped up. Greg didn't recognize him as one of his neighbors, but that was understandable. Maybe he was from one of the other floors. "You okay?" Greg asked cautiously, stepping back as the man's load was stabilized, hands still held out just in case anything came loose.

"Yeah," the man said gratefully. "I'm good. Thank you." And with that said he went on his way, hurrying down the hallway. Greg watched him go in some bemusement before pushing the button to reopen the elevator doors and stepping in to head up to his own apartment. Unlocking his front door, he walked into his apartment and immediately felt the stress of the day leave him. Smiling to himself, he went to get ready for bed. It was about 10 o'clock in the morning but you got used to sleeping during the day when you were on night shift.

Nothing at all about the day had seemed strange. Nothing.

He supposed it started out innocently enough. It started with a letter.