(Chapter 16)


Blue caps and tassels flew into the air as the crowd cheered. Yuffie hadn't seen him yet, but she could feel his presence there somewhere. She and Marlene embraced with tears in both of their eyes. Denzel stood nearby smiling at his younger sister lovingly. Their father's health had worsened and he wasn't able to appear in person so he held a video camera in his hand catching every moment for him. Reno also didn't show…

Still a scandalous name in this town, Vincent remained disguised in a dark blue baseball cap and a dark blue T-shirt to match. Not everyone was dressed up for the occasion so he didn't look anymore careless than the average Joe. Watching the entire ceremony, Vincent couldn't tear his mind away from the baby picture they showed of Yuffie. She would have to have been the cutest baby a parent could ever ask for. It saddened him for the first time in his life that he wouldn't have the opportunity to produce such a thing. His somber demeanor caused the nearby spectators to slightly scoot their chairs away from him and whisper amongst themselves, but he didn't care.

The newly graduates began to disperse and drift away with their family members. Vincent spotted Yuffie hugging her father. He wondered if this would be a good time to introduce himself. He had made up his mind over the past three months that he would indeed commit to Yuffie. She deserved that much at least. Whether or not it worked out in the future was irrelevant as far as he was concerned.

Hesitantly, he rose from his chair and started towards her.

"I am proud of you, Yuffie…" Godo murmured into her ear as he held her. Yuffie nodded into his shoulder knowing how hard it was for him to admit that. As soon as she broke away from the embrace the first thing her eyes met was his. Under the disguise no one else had eyes so intense. Vincent confidently stepped up to the father and daughter and reached for Godo's hand.

Godo's head shot up looking at the taller man next to him; confusion written all over his face.

"Vincent Valentine." He all but whispered.

"Godo Kisaragi…" he looked back at his daughter. Yuffie beamed but didn't say a word.

Vincent took his spot next to her and gently intertwined their fingers. "Would it be convenient for me to join you for dinner tonight?"

Godo just nodded. He knew exactly who Vincent was and how powerful he had been at one point so confronting him rudely as to what he was doing with his daughter didn't seem like the best idea right now.



Dinner took place at Zack and Aerith's place. Both Zack's and Aerith's parents were in town visiting with their new grandson so having Godo at the dinner seemed less awkward. Young Zachary already had a full head of black hair like his fathers and bright expressive green eyes like his mother. Being around him made Vincent feel even more depressed about his inability to reproduce.

After eating he pulled Godo outside to talk.

Godo glanced up at him nervously. 18 years of raising a female had taken such a toll on the once fearless leader of Wutai.

"I do not know if Yuffie ever said anything to you about me… but she and I…" There was no way he was about to tell Yuffie's father that he had been using his daughter for sex while he was married. "..have always had a connection."

"Yuffie doesn't talk to me." He said regretfully.

"Even so, you are her father and you have the right to know. I'm going to ask her to move with me to Nibelhiem. I know she says she's interested in becoming a nurse. They have a small nursing school there that I'm sure she'd get into."

Godo simply nodded. "I've gotten her this far…"

"I'll take good care of her."

He looked up at Vincent with eyes very serious. "Please do. Her mother would never forgive me."

Vincent smiled and even let a chuckle slip. Even in death women still manage to control their men…



"Yuffie." Vincent said as he walked into her bedroom. She sat on the bed reading text messages from Marlene on what they were both going to do from now on. He shut the door behind him. She tossed her phone behind her ready to give him all her attention.

"Yes?" she seductively ran her fingers down his black dress shirt as he sat down next to her. His slender fingers clamped around hers instantly throwing them aside. She pouted at him, but he replied with a serious face.

"Would you want to move to Nibelhiem with me?"

Yuffie laughed. "Are you seriously asking me?! Hell yeah! I mean sure I'm gonna miss my friends and all, but Vincent I've been going batshit crazy without you!" she grinned at him and pulled him by his hair for a kiss. He granted her with a light kiss but looked at her seriously again.

"I've researched the nursing school they have there. Though there aren't many students, it's one of the best on this continent." He said.

"Really? Vincent you've actually been thinking about me?" she asked with sincere surprise written all over her face. He rolled his eyes.

"So are you coming?"

"Duh! When are we leaving?"

Vincent looked away already her scent, her smile, and the fact he hadn't seen her in so long was getting to him. "I would have said tonight, but…" he turned to her with a seductive half smile. He didn't even need to finish the sentence before Yuffie started kissing him. Her taste was enough to make him loose control. He groaned almost threateningly as he climbed on top of her letting his hands undress her involuntarily as he continued to cover her face in passionate kisses. Yuffie's quick fingers had his shirt unbuttoned in seconds. He threw his shirt off and nearly ripped off the wife beater underneath. This time he decided not to go straight for the kill but teased her a bit with his fingers and then did something he had never once done for her before.

Yuffie stifled a moan as she felt his warm tongue against her sensitive area. Vincent found himself painfully aroused as he watched her react to his performance. Once she came he could have sworn he was the hardest he'd ever been in his life. Yuffie, who could have practically read his mind, knew it was her turn. They switched places and now it was her pleasing him. As aroused as he was it didn't take too long for him to come spilling out into her mouth. Yuffie smiled as she licked the remains off her lips and climbed onto his lap taking a hold of his member stroking it a few more times before guiding it in to her. Vincent held her hips as she bounced up and down on him. "Oh Vincent…" she murmured as she leaned forward grabbing handfuls of his hair. After that Yuffie turned around and bent over for him shooting him a seductive look, knowing this was his favorite position. He gladly took his place behind her. The two continued making love until it was three o'clock in the morning. Yuffie laid next to him running her fingers down his sweaty chest. He kissed her forehead and closed his eyes. Yuffie tilted her head up to place a goodnight kiss on his lips.

"Goodnight." Her sing-song tone was just above a whisper.

"Goodnight, Yuffie." He gave her a tired smile.

One thing about their night hadn't changed. He was the first as usual to fall asleep. Yuffie just shook her head and rolled away from him. But at least she didn't have to worry about waking up and switching roles again. She no longer had to stare at someone else in envy of what they had because he was hers now.



Yuffie indeed moved in right away. Living with Yuffie was much harder than Vincent initially imagined and vice versa. He could never understand in the small amount of time she spent in the house how destructive she could be. And Yuffie never understood his anal personality either.

"What's the use of making the bed when you're just gonna come home and mess it up all over again?" she huffed as she threw the comforter over the bed clumsily. Vincent signed and straightened it out without a word. He had learned it was useless to argue with her. Just let her believe she's right.

"Hey I think we need a pet! Like a cat or a small dog or both!" she cheered. Vincent's eyes widened but his back was to her. An animal and Yuffie!? He turned to her with a small smile.

"Are we not getting ahead of ourselves? I can barely manage taking care of a Yuffie." He teased. She pouted and threw a pillow at him, ruffling the comforter again. Vincent wacked her forcefully in return with the same pillow, then turned to straighten it out again.

"Asshole!" she spat with a smile on her face. She wrapped her arms tightly around his waist. "I think you're doing an amazing job."

He squeezed her in return. "I hope so…" he whispered to her. He buried his face into her neck and closed his eyes.

"I'm glad to be doing business with you."

Vincent opened his eyes and laughed softly. "I must say you've made the best business partner I've ever had."

Yuffie giggled. "Thanks boss."