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Sitting in his room, Harry heard the car start as his Aunt and Uncle left to take Dudley to a private doctor to have him checked out after the Dementor attack. He had barely left his room in the days since he had returned from school. Most of his days were spent cleaning and working around the Dursely's house. There had been a few letters from Remus and Sirius, a package from the Weasley Twins and he regularly wrote to Fleur and Krum through the muggle to wizard post.

The Dursleys had given him a list of chores at the beginning of each week that had to be done by Friday afternoon. His first list sent him into the attic to sort through all of the boxes of old toys and clothes into piles to either give to good will or throw away. While searching the dusty corners Harry found a gleaming box, which sat undisturbed by the layers of dust covering the rest of the room and called to him. Carefully, he pulled the box from beneath the eaves and sat it on a pile of boxes, engraved on the metal strap that enclosed the box was his name. Steeling his nerves, he touched the seal on the box. The seal sparkled with a deep blue light before falling away, inside the box were items that belonged to his mother including her diary and a medallion on a chain that bore the Potter crest.

He spent the rest of the afternoon lying on a pile of old clothes reading through the letters and the diary. Harry was weary of putting on the necklace so it sat in the box near his stomach. The diary detailed most of his mother's Hogwarts career and the entries became longer as she started writing about her relationship with the Marauders, especially his father. His eyes crossed as she spoke about how her and Snape had been friends, or at least on speaking terms until the summer between fifth and sixth year had begun. She spoke of other students, which could only be his friends parents, as their behaviors and personalities were mimicked by their offspring. She went into great detail about the differences between how the purebloods and halfbloods were treated than how the muggleborns were treated.

Harry bit back tears as his mother talked about how she had given in to his father. How their relationship had developed like a pureblood relationship should, how her parents were thrown for a loop week after week when she mailed them that certain things were expected of them. He cried when his mother wrote that she was excited to be expecting a son, the first born son of Clan Potter, an achievement that would certainly make her a respected Lady of Clan Potter. One of the last things that she wrote in the diary was a note about a spell she was placing on him. She had the feeling that Dumbledore would place him at the Dursley's home due to some of her research into family-based protection spells. His mother had written that the medallion was the one that he was given when he was a baby and declared the Heir of Clan Potter. He slid it around his neck and jumped in surprise when a voice began talking to him. The voice declared itself to be the Guardian of the Heir of Clan Potter, an ancient family member that would help him become the best Head of House that he could be.

Harry spent many afternoons outside, hiding from Dudley and his friends, as it was easier to evade their rounds of Harry Hunting if he wasn't in the house. On one of these few ventures out of the house was to the park and his cousin gets attacked by a Dementor. Harry had protected his cousin, protected Dudley, something he did not know that he had in him. When his cousin had run off in front of him trying to race him home a small voice told him to run faster, that Dudley would need him very soon. It was almost as if his subconscious knew that the Dementors were going to attack.

Ms. Figg had rescued them. Or at least helped him get Dudley home after he fought off the evil creatures. She had popped around the corner chasing Mr. Tibbles, her gray tabby that hung around the Dursely's house all of the time. She had seen his wand as he scrambled to hide it in his sleeve and asked him to keep it out. Ms. Figg had confessed that she was a squib and would be of no help if they came back. The pair struggled the five blocks from the park to the edge of Privet Drive. Harry managed to get Dudley in the house and into his room without either of the Dursley's hearing them or seeing anything out of the ordinary. It was the next morning, when Dudley had not completely recovered from having his soul slightly destroyed, that his parents had noticed something. Dudley muttered something about evil ghosts and Uncle Vernon rounded on him like he had brought a plague into the house. The yelling that still echoed in his ears had probably contained every derogatory word and racial epitaph that Vernon had ever heard.

Then the letter had arrived.

Hedwig tried to fend off the stuffy, boring, brown Ministry owl that was bearing the ominous letter, but the owl simply dropped the letter in Uncle Vernon's eggs. Needless to say, when the letter opened and read itself Vernon discovered a new shade of purple as his whole body changed colors. Harry was banished to his room until further notice and all seven of the bolts were locked. Now, he was facing a trial to determine if he was going to be expelled or not. Harry immediately wrote to Dumbledore for assistance and advice. After three days of hearing nothing from Dumbledore, Harry was wondering how he was going to get to his trial. He fell asleep each night pondering how to get to London for the trial that he did not even think he should be having.

Harry woke suddenly a few nights before his trial, the feeling of someone non-Dursely in the house was unnerving. The house was oddly silent, not even the icebox was making its normal light buzzing sound.

'Get up Harry. You must protect yourself and your family. Get your wand and get out of bed.' The voice that Harry had begun trusting whispered as cast his eyes about the room. Reaching under his pillow he grabbed his wand and slid it by his side in a fold of the blanket. A soft glow flowed around the edges of his door, the small click as each of the locks on the front of the door unlocked told him that there was at least one person of wizarding background on the other side of the door. 'Get out of bed. Take cover in the corner.' Harry slid his glasses on and moved out of the bed towards his bureau. Harry tensed, thoughts of Death Eaters running through his head. As the door knob turned Harry slid to the corner of his room that could not be seen when the door was opened. There were three figures trying to push their way through the door. 'There are more than three.' The voice whispered in the back of his mind.

"Petrificus totalus" Harry whispered pointing his wand at the person in front of the group. They froze and dropped to the ground.

"Harry, stop it. It's us."

'Oh yes, that is really going to make me stop shooting spells at you.'Harry thought planning a litany of spells to throw at them.

"Who is 'us'?" He questioned, not moving from his darkened corner.

"Good question boy. Constant Vigilance." One of the two who remained standing commented.

"I repeat who is 'us'?"

"Harry, it's me Remus. Do you think we could turn on a light?"

"No, I like the dark. It is better that you cannot see me. Oh and nice try Moody. After the last year you saying your key phrase is not enough to identify yourself."

'Careful, there are three here, two women and a man downstairs and two more men in the yard.' The small voice whispered in his ear.

"I knew I liked this kid. You found me in a trunk while my impostor was kidnapping you."

"Your Patronous is a stag after your father that you named Prongs in his honor."

"OK. Who is the third person, and for that matter, who are the three people downstairs and the two outside." Harry watched as Moody's and Remus' eyebrows shot through their hairlines.

"Boy, how did you know about everyone else?" Moody snapped his brain going into overdrive about how he could have known what was going on.

"The same way I knew to get out of bed and get in the corner. I'm good." Harry smirked to himself.

"The one you took out is Tonks, an Auror, the three downstairs will introduce themselves soon and the two outside are securing our escape plans." Remus said biting back a laugh.

"Finite." Harry released his hold on the downed Auror.

"Who in the seven hells is firing at us?" Tonks jumped up, ready to fight.

"That would be the fourth year that we are 'rescuing'." Disappointment evident in Moody's voice. Tonks looked to the ground trying to hide a flush of embarrassment, failing miserably as her hair turned Weasley red. "Let's get going." Harry led the way down the stairs to the kitchen where he could meet the rest of the 'Advanced Guard'.

"Harry, this is Emmeline Vance." A tall witch with emerald green robes and waist length brown hair smiled from near the dining room table. "This is Hestia Jones and Kingsley Shacklebolt." The pair standing near the back door conversing while waving their wand hands toward the sky as if they were scanning for incoming missiles. They simultaneously turned and waved before looking back towards the sky.

"Hello Ladies." Harry kissed both of their knuckles. "Good evening Mr. Shacklebolt." Everyone nodded hello. "What is the agenda for the rest of the night? I am quite positive that my relatives will be home sooner or later."

"We'll be leaving in a few minutes. Just waiting for the all clear sign." There was silence for a few seconds before there was a loud popping sound. "That would be it. Everyone suit up we are leaving." Moody said, his eye swiveling around in his eye socket.

"I might have missed this part of the whole set up to leaving but how am I leaving? I cannot apperate yet." Harry looked at the faces of those around him. Remus gave a sheepish grin.

"We thought you might want to 'fly' out of here." Tonks said getting her hair and eyes under control.

"I am sorry, Tonks is it, for petrifying you. I did not mean it to be friendly fire in the least."

"It is all right. It shows that you are taking your safety to heart." From the back porch came a pile of brooms. Kingsley handed Harry his firebolt and they walked out the back door. The eight members of the Advanced Guard paired off and climbed on their brooms. They flew the long way to London, dodging planes, boats in the harbor, and doing fly-bys of innocent muggles. Harry was having the time of his life. There was never a time when he felt more free and happy than when he was in the air. Harry was supposed to stick with Tonks and Remus in order to be defended at any given moment. Tonks seemed to realize that he was enjoying dodging things and signaled to Remus to let her take the lead of their group. She began cutting in and out of buildings, flying down the middle of the street and then jumping out of the way of cars. Harry let out a whoop of joy. It was amazing for him to be able to be in the air and the obstacle course that Tonks was taking him on was just icing on the cake.

The group touched down in the middle of a small neighborhood park, surrounded by trees and under cover of darkness. Emmeline and Tonks ducked through the trees and checked the street behind them for people. Tonks came back through the brush and waved everyone closer. From his pocket Remus pulled a slip of paper from one of his pockets. For the first time Harry noticed how tired Remus looked, his clothes looked ragged, and he appeared to not have really slept in weeks. He took the paper from Remus with a questioning look.

"Read the paper cub, and we can talk later." Scrawled across the paper were the location and the name of the house. Suddenly, between houses eleven and thirteen another house began to grow. The muggles living on either side of the growing house did not even seem to notice when their houses began moving to make way for number twelve. As the stairs appeared from nowhere the group crossed the street and walked to the door. Moody covering everyone's backs as they knocked twice on the door.

"Whose house is this?" Harry asked looking around the front hall.

"This is Grimmauld Place, seat of the Black Family. Currently, the primary residence of one Sirius Black. He should be around here somewhere." Tonks said looking down one of the dark halls. A figure approached from down a side hall. Tonks went to give them a hug and tripped over a horrid troll leg umbrella stand. A screeching wail came from a wall covered in curtains. As the curtains shifted in an invisible wind Harry caught sight of a woman in a chair against a background of a garden.

"Who is back there?"

"That would be my mother. Evil old Hag." Sirius smirked. Harry ran into his arms.

"I've missed you."

"Missed you too cub." Sirius eyed the rest of the people gathered in the hall. "I think Dumbledore wants to speak to all of you in the dining room. Something about birds." They all nodded and walked away down the hallway that Sirius had arrived from.

"Aren't you coming Sirius?" The grizzled, one-eyed auror asked tapping his wooden peg on the ground.

"No Moody, I'm going to show my godson to his room." Sirius answered with a smile, his eyes not leaving Harry.

"What do you mean my room?" Harry looked a little confused.

"I told you that I wanted you to come live with me. Against everyone's opinion, I have been setting you up a room here. Dumbledore informed me, that you would probably want to remain at your family's house."

"Why would I want to stay there? I hate living there. It has never been my home." There was a small flash of gold but neither of them paid it any mind. Sirius, Remus and Harry walked up the stairs and away from the meeting. On the second floor Sirius stopped in front of a highly polished door. Carved into the door was an adolescent dragon mid flight.

"Harry, you remember how a few weeks ago I told you that I wanted you to move in with me?" Harry nodded. "This is your room to do with as you please while you are here." Sirius pushed the door open to reveal a room done unexpectedly in not red and gold but blues and greens. There was a four poster bed between two windows with emerald hangings. Embossed on the hangings was a gold emblem.

"Whats that?" Harry asked walking closer to get a good look at the emblem.

"That would be the Potter Family crest. It should have been shown to you since your birth so that you would always know where you came from."

"What do you mean should have?"

"I can never remember why we couldn't have shown you before." Sirius shook his head. "Anyways, we thought that this might be a great decor for you when Tonks and I were debating over it."

"Who is Tonks by the way?"

"Tonks is my cousin, like once removed; her real name is Nymphadora Black Tonks. Her mother, Andromeda, is my cousin. Well was. She was kicked from the family when she had the 'audacity' to court and marry a muggleborn. Adding insult to injury to the Family name by not following traditions." Sirius scoffed and flopped on an armchair tucked into the corner near the desk. Harry perched on the end of his bed. The voice in the back of his head that had been giving him advice for the last few weeks was whispering that there was more. He ignored it to spend time with Remus and Sirius.

The next morning Mrs. Weasley made breakfast for everyone. Harry stumbled down the stairs to the smell of bacon and biscuits. Finding the kitchen he pushed the door open to see twenty people gathered around the table and chowing down on food enough for fifty.

"Morning Sirius, Remus, Tonks and Moody." He nodded at each of them before grabbing a plate off of the counter and putting a few biscuits, three slices of bacon, a spoonful of eggs and some fruit on his plate. As he sat down the rest of the table looked up from their food.

"Harry, mate, when did you get here?" Harry could see the food in Ron's mouth as he was eating.

"Last night." Harry turned back to his plate.

'Eat the fruit first, then some of the eggs and the bacon. Why is there no yogurt or milk. Pumpkin juice does nothing for building muscles?' Harry's inner voice was apparently awake and ready to run a steady commentary on the day's events.

"Why didn't you say anything or come find us when you got here?" Hermione asked.

"Let's not get into this at the breakfast table while others are trying to eat before duty or work."

"Why ever not? It's not like they are listening." Small bits of food were falling from Ron's mouth as he spoke and landing on the table.

"Because Ron, it's not polite and I am hungry."

"What's that got to do with why you didn't come see us when you got here?" Hermione butted in pushing her plate aside and growling at Harry.

'Good Lord, she is a bossy little muggleborn isn't she? Where does she get off growling at you like you did something wrong when she ignored you all summer?' The voice whispered.

'She's OCD and Type A. It's just how she has always been.'

'Girls these days. Is no one raising their children to be respectable?'

"It has nothing to do with it, but I would rather eat in peace than talk about it." Harry knew that it would be difficult to eat if Hermione got on her soapbox.

"But we should talk about it." Hermione protested.

"Never mind, I was hungry. I'm going to my room." Harry took his plate to the trash, scrapped the last bit of eggs from it and put it in the sink.

"Oh Harry dear, we set you up to share with Ron for the rest of the summer."

"Thank you Mrs. Weasley but Sirius gave me my own room." Harry left, all eyes on him, with Mrs. Weasley silently fuming and Sirius smirking in the background. As the door shut Mrs. Weasley rounded on Sirius.

"He is supposed to be sharing a room with Ron, Albus thought it would help mend their friendship. Harry needs his friends."

"No, Harry needed his friends weeks ago. When he was still wallowing in guilt over Cedric's death. Did either of your children want to be his friend then, when a simple letter might have helped? Hermione didn't either." Sirius and Remus left the room heading towards the library. Once in his room Harry shut and locked the door before going over to his desk and pulling out a piece of parchment and a quill. He figured that he could write a friend who might be able to offer some insight.

Dear Neville,

I hope that this letter finds you in good spirits. There are many things that weigh heavily on my mind as this summer progresses. During the last year and the horrible tournament you were one of those few people that were steadfast on my side. You never questioned my statement that I did not and would not have put my name into that goblet. You helped me find the most useful information to keep myself from falling victim to the tasks.

I would also like to say that a certain nameless someone has told me about your family. I am sorry that a distant relative of mine would do that to your parents. Know this though, if I ever catch Bellatrix alive, she will be given to you to do with as you please. She is a bane upon the memory of your parents.

Neville, I would like to confide in you that I might not be at Hogwarts any longer. I have to go on trial for protecting my muggle cousin from a Dementor. I am pretty sure that they can't expel me because my cousin has known about magic my whole life. I've grown up in that house and he was there when I have done accidental magic. Since his memory was never erased, at least one department acknowledges him as having the right to know. It seems to me that at least one person in the Ministry is out to get me out of the Wizarding world for good.

Hoping the rest of your summer is grand,

Harry J Potter

Harry read through the letter one more time, marveling at how words just seemed to flow onto the paper in ways that he had never used before. It was as if something was changing the way that he thought and wrote. Shaking his head at his own wandering mind he folded it in thirds and sealed it with candle wax. In the drawer of his desk he found an iron stamp that matched the emblem that Sirius had told him was his family's crest. On a whim Harry pressed it into the wax as it was drying. Harry opened his window and thought about Hedwig. A few minutes later she flew in through the open window and landed on his bed.

"Good morning girl. How was your hunt last night?" Harry asked not expecting an answer. Instead he received a mental picture of a fat juicy mole being caught in the park near his Aunt and Uncle's place. "That must have tasted good." He could have sworn Hedwig nodded. "Would you be so kind as to take this to Neville Longbottom for me?" She held out her leg proudly. As she flew out the window Harry sat heavily on his bed trying to comprehend how his owl had been sending him mental pictures.

After lying on his bed for a good hour Harry wondered out of his room to see if he could find Ron, Hermione or Sirius. As he walked into a variety of rooms on the first floor he was annoyed by the disarray and the utter mess of the house. The room he decided to start in was a room covered in tapestries. These tapestries bore the names the members of Family Black. Harry went down to the kitchen to find a small bucket, some soap and a rag, to clean the grime off of the tapestry without making the colors run. As he returned to the room he found Sirius sitting in the middle of the room looking at the walls like they would come alive and speak to him.

"Hi, Sirius. What are you doing?"

"Looking at the end of my family. I'm the last of the Blacks, all of these more honored relatives of mine have passed with horrible deaths. What are you up to?" Sirius said in a false cheery voice before changing subjects completely.

"I was going to try and clean some of the grime off of the tapestries. No one deserves to be forgotten by their family. I thought you had a house elf."

"I do, he is a little crazy."

"What's his name? He should really be doing his job."

"Kreacher." Sirius shivered at the thought of the demented little elf.

"Kreacher, your Master calls you." Harry spoke in a clear, strong voice that Sirius hadn't heard from him. All of a sudden Harry reminded him of James' father, when he was arranging things to take care of his family. There was a small pop and an almost broken house elf appeared in the corner of the room.

"Dirty halfblood calls like he is Master. Poor Mistress would be very angry." The house elf muttered glaring around the room. He seemed to regret still being in the house.

'Make him regret being a bad house elf. Sirius' mother had his esteem.' The voice was at it again.

"Kreacher, why have you failed your Mistress?" Harry smiled as the house elf's face dropped and his eyes searched for something. "Why have you disrespected the family by not keeping this house in pristine condition? What if another pureblood family had come over to pay their respects to Mrs. Black in her passing? This house would shame the family." The house elf's eyes bulged.

"Poor Mistress, failed you I have." Sirius watched as a smirk settled on Harry's face.

"She doesn't have to know Kreacher. Here I was going to clean the tapestries, use my bucket. Would you like some help? It is an awfully large house." Tears spilled from Kreacher's eyes.

"Little Master wants to help me?" He paused. "But Little Master wants to get me help. He doesn't think that I can do this. I have disappointed him too."

"No Kreacher, you have not disappointed me. I have a house elf, quite like you, that has no place to work for me since I own no home of my own yet. I would like to bring him here to learn from you how to care for a proper house."

"Honored I am, to be trusted with training. Kreacher will help Little Master."

"Thank you. Dobby, Harry Potter needs you." Suddenly a bundle of hats and socks appeared, arms wrapped around Harry's legs.

"The Great Harry Potter has called me. I've been waiting for you to call me. I almost took up at Hogwarts. Almost." The house elf called Dobby wore three hats, two different socks, a child size shirt and a tea cozy balanced on top of the hats.

"Thank you Dobby. But, let go before you cut off my circulation." Harry said trying to peel the smaller elf from his body. "Sirius meet Dobby, the house elf that made it his duty to try and save me from the Basilisk in second year. Dobby this is my Godfather." Dobby latched on to Sirius' leg.

"Dobby this is Kreacher he will be retraining you. I do not know what the Malfoy's have taught you but I want you trained to be a proper house elf to the Potter and Black families. He will show you to your housing and help you locate the appropriate uniform. Neither Sirius nor I am impressed with the dishrags that either of you are wearing. We would prefer pants or skirts and a polo type shirt with the family crest on the pocket as the new standard uniform. There will be two galleons on the kitchen table in the morning in order for you to acquire the necessary items to make our wishes reality."

'Great control. Issued orders were clear and precise. Both house elves seem to be ready to be at your beck and call. Good call informing them where you would be leaving money for them to use to change their uniforms.'

Kreacher grabbed a hold of Dobby's arm and dragged him from the room in order to get their training under way. Sirius sat in his chair, his mind racing. Where had the pureblood prince come from that was issuing orders, making the house elf do what they should have been doing from the beginning? Harry had grown up with muggles but he could almost put the Malfoy's to shame. The longer that Sirius thought about it the more he kept thinking that his own mother would have been pleased to see the man that Harry was becoming.

"Harry lets go work in the library. There are many things in there that I might need some help with. Remus should be here later with Tonks. Besides we could really get to know each other."

"If there is a library won't Hermione be camped in the middle of it?"

"She would if there wasn't a blood ward repelling her from the area of the house. For generations the secrets of the Blacks have been kept in that library. There are spells and enchantments that only those of the family can use. Being my godson the library will respond to you."

"That's cool. Let's do some organizing. Are we getting rid of anything?"

"Some items. But most of the knowledge that is contained within the items upstairs is generations old and it would be a shame to destroy it now that the Light is in charge."

"Is there anything of your mother's that we can reward Kreacher with for his attitude change?"

"I am sure that we can find something."

Sirius and Harry left the Lineage Room and headed towards the first floor library. They took the long way around through the dining room when Harry heard Hermione and Ron arguing in the Hallway. They were searching for him. Ron kept circling around the idea that Harry wouldn't be in the library unless Hermione was forcing him. Harry snorted at her insistence that she was the only reason that they were going to pass Hogwarts. Harry and Sirius were joined in the library after about an hour by Remus and Tonks.