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Chapter 13

Harry Potter and the Lords Lament

Grimmauld Place

Order Meeting

Dumbledore arrived moments before the Weasley's did for the weekly order meeting. The house was dark and quiet, even the painting of Lady Black was silent. It was as if death had descended over the house. Dumbledore paid no mind to anything as he strode through the entry hall of his way to the kitchen where the meeting would be held.

Kreature watched silently in the shadows as the Weasley's arrived in the parlor at the front of the house. Being one of the elves at Anasirone had changed his outlook on life. Family was still everything to the old elf but there was a new understanding of what Sirius and his brother had done. Although, there was no love lost between Kreature and the nasty, dirty, disgraceful traitors that were using the Black Manor as a base of operations. He smiled, a cruel grin, knowing that the letter that he had been told to leave on the kitchen table would be the first thing that Dumbledore would see. A letter that the Blacks and the Tonks had written to drive the man crazy. It was only a few lines, but laced into each and every statement were spells. While the Potters had excelled for generations at warding and transfigurations the Blacks were masters at blood magics and a few well crafted mind spells that were sure to be labelled as 'Dark Magic' if they weren't 'Noble Family Magics'. The spells woven into this specific letter were dangerous ones, a whisper in the back of the readers mind would force the reader to finish the letter, a bit of blood magic that would bind their mind to the pursuit of whatever was written in blood on the paper. That particular bit of information would lead Dumbledore to the library. Where he would spend days among the bespelled books looking for the next trigger in the spell. A single spell, written in the blood of a faerie would finally call to him from the depths of the books in the 'Dark Arts' section of the library. This spell, if cast correctly would drive the Headmaster further into insanity than anyone thought possible. Taking him out of the game and deciding the new players at the same time. This was all hinging on Kreature making sure that Dumbledore was the only one to read the letter. It would do them no good if someone else went mad over things that didn't really exist or spells that would turn them crazy.

Dumbledore was waiting in the kitchen for the rest of the Order to arrive when he noticed the letter in the middle of the table. He reached for the letter as Molly Weasley came in. She was on a rampage about something that her children were doing, not that Dumbledore paid her much attention. There were a selected few members of the Order in attendance for this meeting. Molly Weasley, whose children made excellent spies, Severus Snape, who hated the Potters and all that they stood for solely for Lily not being his, Amos Diggory, who was on leave after his son died, and a handful of others that were taking extended lunch breaks from where they worked to be there.

"Hello. I want to thank you all for making it to this meeting. We have just a few things on the agenda and then we can all get back to where we need to be." Dumbledore stood at the head of the table, turning the letter in his hands. "First off, does anyone have any new business to discuss?"

"The Granger girl has run off, and the twins are missing as well." Molly said from her chair where she sipped a cup of tea from one of the formal tea service cups that were emblazoned with the 'new' Black emblem. "I don't really care where the Granger girl is but the boys know that we are planning something with 'the brat' and that we had the younger two spying on him."

"I'll take care of those three." Severus said with a smirk. There were more than a few spells that he was wanting to try out and their minds would be perfect.

"That's fine. Albus I need that contract to go through before the brat creates one of his own."

"Alright. Mr. Pendergin, are those contracts I had to you draw up ready to go?"

"I'm just working on the family magic seals. The samples of magic and blood from the Potters was hard to replicate. A little bit more time and I should be able to fool the goblins."

"Work harder. We need these contracts in place and back dated as soon as possible. Now, for the coming school year, I need suggestions on a new DADA professor. As with any other year we need someone that isn't going to teach the students much and would be highly susceptible to the curse." Dumbledore asked, twisting the end of his beard in one hand. "It would also be wonderful if they hated the brat."

Various names were said until Amos Diggory spoke up. "Umbridge." There was silence in the room.

"I think that one would be best. She is known for having a limited range of spells, she's easily manipulated, if she thinks that she is doing something for her beloved Minister of Magic than she'll do it without a second thought. Plus she is severely anti halfbreed." Albus smirked again, the Order members around him were trying to figure out why that would matter. "Only thing we have to do is let slip that some of the students, especially Potter have creature blood. She'll go crazy without any prompting." There were laughs around the table, although most were still puzzled over the Brat having creature blood.

"I believe that we should cut activities, once the students are informed that there favorite things to do outside of studying are cancelled they will hunt out the person to blame. We offer the Brat up as a scapegoat, saying that halfbreeds should be allowed to mix with the regular students. Let Umbridge think that it is her idea. If needed later we can say that she is a sleeper agent for the Dark Lord ." Severus plotted, imagining the sorrow that would fill the castle for the year to come. It was an intoxicating thought.

"Our last order of business for today also revolves around the Brat. We need him to feel isolated and like he can only turn to me. Any ideas?"

"What if you send the werewolf and the dog on a mission far away. Tell them that you think that there is some whisper about a weapon or a spell that can kill He-who-Must-Not-Be-Named without harming Harry." Molly offered. "He'll turn to the only family he knows for support. And Ron will make sure he stays in line."

"That is a good short term plan, I am thinking that they might need to be disposed of long term." Dumbledore let the implications of his statement hang over the heads of everyone in the room. He dismissed those gathered and picked the letter that Sirius had left on the counter back up. Dumbledore turned the thick parchment over in his hands, examining it closely. The only markings visible from the outside was his name.


I, Sirius O. Black, do hereby resign from the Order of the Phoenix, hence referred to as the Bird club. I will allow you to continue using this residence while I am out of the country, under the condition that you refrain from going into the library and any of the warded rooms.


I, Remus J. Lupin, resign from the Order of the Enslaved Fried Chicken. I will also not be your liaison to the werewolves.


I, Andromeda Tonks Black, leave the Order of the Phoenix as of noon today.


Dumbledore growled, balled the letter up and threw it across the room. He didn't feel the spell taking effect.

The Rookery, Main Salon

Amelia Bones sat in a chair near the fireplace, awaiting her niece Susan's friends. The group of friends that was coming over had been getting together two to three times a week for three weeks now and this was the first time that the Rookery would be the host for this little get together. Grand Lady Longbottom would be attending with Neville this afternoon to assess Kiley, Hermione and Harry on their lessons in Pureblood Traditions. It had been years since she had thought about many of the things that these youngsters were going over and training for everyday. The fire flared to life, turned green and Harry Potter stepped out.

"Good Afternoon Lady Bones, is our arrival alright?" Harry looked around the room, expecting to be the last ones there.

"Yes, you may come on through, Lord Potter." Harry disappeared once again and then reappeared with Kiley Davin, Hermione Granger and Tonks in tow.

"Thank you for allowing us to invade the Rookery, Lady Bones. We promise to leave it no worse for the wear when we depart." Harry said with a smile. Over the next twenty minutes the rest of the group arrived. Amelia Bones marvelled at the mix of students that were present in her house. There were seven Gryffindors, four Hufflepuffs, an unknown and the most surprising was the four Slytherins. Once everyone was gathered one of the two houseelves that the Bones' family still owned brought a light lunch to the table.

"Daphne, I know that this is your treasured little sister but would you introduce her to the group?" Harry asked as he sampled one of the pasta salads.

"Of course. Dearest friends, I would like to introduce everyone to Astoria Nialie of House Greengrass. Astoria these are my friends. Tracey and Draco you already know from the common room. Lord Harry of Potter, Heir Apparent Neville of Longbottom, Lady Kiley of Davin, Miss Hermione Granger, Misters Fred and George of Clan Weasley, Miss Ginevra of Clan Weasley, Sir Seamus of Clan Finnigan, Heir Ernie of Noble House Macmillan, Lady Hannah of Abbot, and Mister Justin Finch-Fletchly." Each of those gathered nodded as she spoke their names. It struck Hermione at that moment how divided the Wizarding World was at every level. These were titles that would follow them forever, or at least until the girls married someone with a better title. Small talk was made around the table, although Hermione was lost in her own world.

The afternoon consisted of waltzing for a few hours in the ballroom, while Lady Bones and Tonks observed and corrected everyone's movements and gestures. Once they were all tired out the entire group collapsed on the sofas and settees in the main salon. Conversations turned to the subjects that they would all be taking in the coming year. As a rule they didn't talk of personal politics or the past. This group was for planning their futures and dwelling on the past did them no benefits.

"I think that this is going to be great. I know that there is so much that I don't know. So much that you guys talk about that I can't draw parallels to since the muggle world has changed so much." Hermione chimed in when the talk turned to the new class on traditions.

"All you have to do is ask. We are all willing to help you 'catch up'." Susan said with a smile. Seamus moved a little closer to her, he took her hand in his, and rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand in reassurance. Susan and Hannah squealed as they pounced on Hermione and dragged her out of the room. With a smile and laugh the rest of the girls followed Hannah and Susan out of the room.

"Staking a claim there Seamus?" Harry asked his now sweating roommate.

"Yes. Hermione has agreed to be my girlfriend." Seamus said as confidently as he could in the face of Harry.

"Do we need to talk?" Harry hid his grin at making Seamus sweat.

"Not at this particular moment. We're just testing the waters."

"Stay in the kiddie pool." Harry dropped the topic and the boys returned to talking about the coming school year. Hedwig fluttered into the Salon through an open window, bearing a thick, crisp white envelope. Harry pulled an owl treat from his pocket and fed Hedwig while petting her on the head. The envelope was from Baron Davenport. Tucked inside were the results from the blood test, the establishment papers that he would have to fill out and register, as well as a letter from Uncle Jackson.

Dear Harrison,

The results of the blood test have confirmed that you are Lilith's son. Judith would like to visit with you at your earliest convenience. Amber would like for me to remind you that she is 'super excited' to be joining you at school.

The packet that was enclosed needs to be filled out as soon as you can. It contains the information for declaring yourself of our bloodline. Since you are a Baron in your own right you will need to register that with the Queen as well.

Also, add to your calendar that the family is meeting on November 1 at Castle Watchlight, my father's home. You will need to be there. As well as your guardian and Kiley. Don't forget the family is also joining the Queen for tea on December 28.

Baron Jackson Davenport.

"Squeaks." Harry refolded the letter. Squeaks appeared with a small crack. "Bring me my stationary and a wax stick." Squeaks disappeared and reappeared quickly with the things that Harry had requested. Harry handed her the letter. "Place this on my desk please. Also have the others meet me in my office after supper."

Harry replied to his uncle quickly; requesting that they join him at the Keep on Friday for supper. He also offered his services for showing them around the Wizarding World during the day on Friday. Harry sent his reply with Hedwig and turned back to his friends.

"What's up Harry?" Neville asked, hoping that nothing serious was going on.

"I'm having tea with the Queen in December." Harry said, still reeling in disbelief. There was stunned silence throughout the room. The girls returned a few minutes later, whispering and giggling. It was close to five that afternoon when the group disbanded back to their own homes.

Daughters of Perpetual Grace Orphanage


As the sunset behind the group home there were half a dozen loud cracks followed by a dozen more a few minutes later. Eighteen black cloaked figures approached the wrought iron gate and as the sun disappeared from sight they crossed the threshold into the orphanage. The Death Eaters fanned out, covering the three entrances to the building. All at once they shattered the doors and entered the building. The black robed invaders crept through the building, finding most of the rooms empty. A few disappeared upstairs to check out the bedrooms.

The Death Eaters found most of the residents sitting down for dinner in the dining room. With an unearthly cackle the air was filled with the screams and shrieks of the children and adults as they were tortured by the masked men.

"Remember, He said not to kill anyone this time. We are just to scare the poor dears." A familiar dark haired brute spoke over the noise to his comrades, as he held two girls under crucio. "Oh I do love how these two scream. I think I might take them home. " The man waved his wand over they girls as they twitched on the ground. "Silencio." The girls fell silent and he apparated away with them. The rest of the Death Eaters followed shortly after. One, cackled happily as they cast a Dark Mark into the sky. The green skull and snake glowing eerily over the scene.

No one had tried to stop them. The aurors nor the Order of the Phoenix arrived to 'save the day' and in a castle in the far North a boy rose from where he had collapsed. He glowered, and growled, those around him were startled when he let out an inhuman howl and disappeared.

He appeared in the dark cover of the bushes lining the property around the orphanage. He started as a dozen people appeared surrounding him. Harry pulled his spare wand from its holster, prepared to defend himself, when he recognized some of the people. A few of the residents of Anasirone had somehow followed him.

"Can I help you?" Harry asked the gathering crowd.

"M'Lord if you go into war we go too, we are the Shields. You called for us as your disapperated. we simply followed." A lady in dark red and black armor said.

"There is no battle. But, these innocents do not need to remember this any longer, and I'm sure quite a few children need to be treated for exposure to dark magic." Harry eyed the building. "And what are the Shields?"

"The Shields are core of the army of Anasirone. As a landed member of the gentry you had to be able to raise your own army. The Shields are not appointed we have all fought a past Shield for our positions. There are always twenty four. Six will always remain in Anasirone to guard the homestead and to summon assistance if we need it." A tall man, also wearing black and red armor, with silver scars down his arms said.

The group entered the orphanage with Harry in the lead. The first group that they ran into was four small children, crying in the darkened living room. Harry approached them quietly. When one of the children noticed him, the little boy launched himself at Harry, with claws instead of fingers. One of the villagers jumped in front of Harry and the met the both with his own claws extended. The little boy stopped and stared at the grown man's claws. A small girl pulled him back to the trio of children.

"Little one, how long have you been here? What happened to your parents?" One of the ladies knelt beside the children, who were backed up against the wall. None of the children would speak, they just stared at the adults with a look of mistrust and awe.

"Someone stay with them. Let us check on everyone else and then we will come back and talk to them." Harry said as he led the rest of his group out of the living room. They found most of the residents in the dining room. There were children crying and the four adults staring into space. A group of five teenage boys that were trying to get the adults to talk.

"Fan out, heal what you can, make them forget. They don't need to remember this." Harry walked toward the adults that must be the orphanage workers. The lady in the suit drew his eyes, she must have been the matron. "Ma'am, can you tell us what happened?"

"They came out of nowhere. They took a few of the girls and maybe one of the boys." She said seeming to come around. " I need to call the police. Maybe they can track down the children and rescue them."

"Don't worry about them ma'am, no need to call the police. I'll bring the children back." Harry said with a conviction that the residents of the orphanage hadn't heard from anyone, ever. Harry motioned for the residents of Anasirone to join him in the hallway. "Ladies, do you mind taking care of things here? Get rid of that awful mark, fix the doors and windows and erase or alter memories?" Five members of the group nodded to him before returning to the dining room to begin their tasks. "Gentlemen, let's go hunting."

'One of the Shields should be a tracker. Ask the tracker to follow the side -along apparitions to find the children."

"Which of you is the tracker?" HArry asked, following Alexian's lead.

"We are M'Lord." Three of the men said.

"Great, two teams of five and a team of four. I will join one of the teams as the fifth member. Our goals are to rescue the children and return them to this place before the night is over. Bonus points for ridding the world of the murdering scum that kidnapped the defenseless children." Harry issued his orders, while the three trackers began searching for paths to follow. Four paths were found and were divided between the three trackers. Harry and his group tore off after their 'bad guy' with gusto.

Harry's group arrived at a darkened manor, the air hummed with pain and despair. Carved into the gates was a single word that shot an uneasy feeling down Harry's neck. MACNAIR.

"This is the home of the Ministry's executioner. It would be a shame if he didn't make it to work tomorrow." Harry said with a feral smile. " This man has tried to kill my Godfather and a noble hippogriff named Buckbeak. I make this a little bit personal."

One of the Shields punched a hole in the wards around the house, large enough for them all to enter. while another threw up strong wards over the whole property to block out apperating and portkeys. While the five member team gathered in the darkness on the edges of the property one of the members turned into a small cat and disappeared toward the house.

"Mordrign will scope out the inside of the house and let us know if there is anyone but the kidnapped children and Macnair there." One of the men said before Harry could ask where the cat had gone. It was only a few moments before the gray tabby returned.

"M'Lord. There are three people sleeping in bedrooms upstairs, two small children and a woman that smell like they belong with the house. In the basement there is one adult male and two pre-teen girls. There are also two house elves near the kitchen that are cleaning. They might be a problem."

"We'll see if they give us any problems." Harry thought about what he knew of house elves. There was a good chance that the elves would defend the family members. He brushed the thought aside and readied himself to go after the muggle girls. Harry pulled the hood of his cloak over his head and asked Mordrign to cast a spell to not only keep the hood up but to obscure his face as well. They entered the house through the back garden where they were met by an old house elf.

"You no enter." The house elf declared, standing in the doorway.

"Little elf, we are only here to retrieve the two muggle girls that your master is holding hostage in the basement." The elf stared at Harry in disbelief. "We will not harm any member of the family that doesn't come downstairs. The Lady of the house and the children will be safe. YOu can even stand guard over them. Our fight is just with your master." The old elf disappeared. "Well that didn't go as planned."

The group rushed to the basement to find the door unlocked and propped open. Walking quietly down the stairs they came to a small room with three doors. The door on the left opened to a storage room. the door in the center didn't open, there was powerful dark magic binding the door closed. upon closer inspection of the door Harry saw three small needles recessed into the doorknob. The right hand door opened easily. As soon as the door opened they could hear the screams of the young girls.

Harry steeled his nerves and pushed the door completely open. The scene in the basement of the manor would haunt him for months. The two girls were chained to the walls both were bleeding from dozens of jagged cuts on their skin, neither was wearing any clothing. The cloaked soldiers from Anasirone growled as they launched themselves into the small room. Macnair spun to face them, a bloody knife in one hand and his wand in the other.

"Avada Ke-" Macnair was cut off from casting the killing curse at one of the soldiers by a dagger to the neck from Harry, who was staring in disbelief at the bleeding Macnair. Two of the Shields wrapped their cloaks around the girls and reassured them that they were taking them back home.

"Milord. Are you alright?" Mordrign asked, stopping next to Harry as the others left the room.

"I've never really killed a man before. I took out a body that was possessed, so technically dead, and a spirit that was trying to kill a friend to gain their life force. Never a living breathing man. I didn't even know what I was doing. The dagger just appeared in my hand and I threw it."

'A little of that was me.' Alexian whispered in his ear. 'I just guided your hands. You wanted him dead for the threat that he is to your family and Anasirone. He needed to be put down.'

"Listen to Alexian Milord. He will guide you right." Mordrign knelt beside the body of Macnair and collected a vial of his blood. They apparated back to the orphanage where the rest of the Shields were waiting for them. The two girls that his group had rescued were back to normal and they had their memories modified. The other three girls and a single little boy were sitting in the living room where they were also having their memories modified. The building had been returned to its former pristine condition. The little boy that they had discovered before they tore off after the bad guys was safely tucked into a bed upstairs.

As the Shields and Harry were leaving he saw one of the Shields slip a folded up piece of paper into her pocket.

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