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Chapter 14

Harry Potter and the Lords Lament

The last week before school started flew past. Baron Davenport brought his family over twice to get acquainted with Harry. He taught them as much as he could about the Wizarding world. Amber asked a million questions about Hogwarts and the people that she would meet. It was not uncommon to find Hermione reading a letter from Amber that had questions that she had forgotten to ask.

On the Wednesday, exactly one week before school started, a letter was brought to Harry during his tea. An invitation to the Pre-Hogwarts Ball at the Malfoy's. He read through it three times before setting it aside. Harry spoke to Kiley when she came in from a walk and they decided that they would both go to the party. He sent off a quick acceptance with Hedwig before heading into his study to read through his great-grandfather's journal. Hedwig returned that night with another letter from Draco stating that Hermione and her date were welcome as well. Harry wrote a letter to Daphne asking if she would be his date to the party.

"Of course I will go with you Harry." She responded by floo calling him with a giant smile on her face.

"Great. Do you know what colors you are wearing?" Harry asked, Kiley and Hermione had drilled into his head not letting colors clash.

"Purple with green accents." Daphne said smiling to herself.

Harry spent the two next two days watching a frantic Hermione and Kiley run around the village in Anasirone, trying to find dresses that were appropriate for the event. Kiley chose one in the Davidson house colors of Turquoise and white that fit tight to the body down to her knees and then flared out. While Hermione chose one in Potter Green with red and white trim. Her high waisted dress flared down from under her bust and grazed her calves, showing off the lower half of her legs and a pair of high heels that her mother sent her from home. Harry still didn't feel comfortable in dress robes so he wore a black tux with a vest and tie in a dark purple with silver cufflinks. The cufflinks had the Potter Crest on them.

Seamus joined them to catch their portkey. He was also wearing a muggle tux with a red vest. Kiley grabbed Harry's arm and Seamus took Hermione's before both of the boys grabbed the portkey.

The group was met in a small receiving room by Draco and his mother. Draco immediately swooped over to Harry and bowed to Kiley before taking her to meet his mother.

"Who are the rest of your friends Draco?" His mother asked, reprimanding him. Draco grinned sheepishly before turning back to Harry and the others.

"Good Evening Lady Malfoy. This is Miss Hermione Granger and her escort Sir Seamus of Clan Finnegan. I am Lord Harrison of House Potter. Dear Lady Kiley is my ward. Thank you for having us in your home this evening." Harry spoke up. Harry was trying to remember that the Malfoys were still members of House Black, even if Narcissa had married out of the family.

"Good Evening Lord Potter. It is a pleasure to have you and your friends this evening at the Back to School Ball. Draco," Lady Malfoy turned back to her son. "you may escort your friends to the ballroom. I'll greet the few remaining guests. Draco nodded and led the little group out of the receiving room. The Ballroom of Malfoy Manor was overflowing with students from Hogwarts and abroad. Harry was surprised to see that the room wasn't just filled with the elite of Slytherin house. Gracing one corner, with a bevy of admirers around them were two people that he was sure he wasn't going to see again. Fleur and Viktor were entertaining the crowd with their behind the scenes knowledge of the adventures during the Triwizard Tournament. The three seemed to notice each other at the same time. Fleur greeted him with a kiss on the cheek, which he responded in near perfect French as Alexian whispered it in his ear. He surprised Viktor by greeting him in Bulgarian, also because of Alexian's assistance.

"Muggle Fashion is amazing on you Harry. I'm surprised if you don't start a fashion trend among the students." Fleur said with a giggle.

"That is my goal." Harry joked with the French beauty.

"I would rather be wearing anything but these." Viktor pulled on the collar of his robes. The trio chatted for a few minutes about what they had been doing since the Tournament had finished. Fleur and Viktor were preparing for their final year of school, after which Fleur was torn between becoming a Healer or doing a mastery in Runes. Viktor was still playing Professional Quidditch, although he was thinking about taking a few mastery level courses in dueling for the fun of it.

After a bit Harry excused himself to wander around the room some more in search of Daphne among the beautifully dressed teens and the scattered parent chaperones. The Patil twins and Neville were standing near a table on the far side of the room. He paused for a few minutes to say hello before continuing on.

Daphne and Tracey were standing near a table filled with adults. Harry approached cautiously, not sure of who all the adults were. As he neared the table Astoria came out of nowhere and jumped on his back. Harry froze for a second before registering that the tiny first year was clinging to him. He crouched and set her feet on the floor before unwinding her hands from his shoulders.

"Good evening Lady Greengrass, Lady Davis, I do believe that this imp belongs to you." Harry said with a smile and a small bow to the ladies and the adults gathered around the table.

"Good evening Lord Potter, unfortunately the imp is mine." Daphne glared at her sister.

"May I have this dance Lady Greengrass?" Harry held out his arm to Daphne. Daphne turned slightly and met eyes with one of the women at the table. the woman studied Harry for a moment before nodding her head to Daphne.

"Of course Lord Potter, I would be honored." Daphne blushed a light pink as she took Harry's arm and the pair walked towards the dance floor.

They danced for hours, Harry never felt more at ease than when Daphne was in his arms. Every few dances he would deliver Daphne back to her mother and take Tracey or Astoria for a turn around the floor. Each time he returned for Daphne, Lady Greengrass and Lady Davis would be whispering, their eyes going between Daphne who watched Harry like a hawk and the boy himself. Harry managed to squeeze in a dance with a few of his Hogwarts friends after dinner was served. Kiley whispered to him about Draco and how nice he was. Hermione had had been dancing with Viktor again and there were stars in her eyes.

As the party drew to a close he walked Daphne, her mother, and sister to the floo so that they could leave. Lady Greengrass pulled Astoria to her and the pair disappeared into the swirling green flames after telling Daphne that she had five minutes before she was expected to follow. As soon as they were gone from the floo Harry pulled Daphne to him. She molded herself to his chest and breathed in his scent. Harry tilted her head up towards his and pressed a delicate kiss to her lips. There were too many people around for much more. Her reputation would be ruined if the wrong person saw them.

"I'll find you on the train on Wednesday." Harry said.

"First one there saves a compartment for the group. The snakes all know that something is up after tonight. We will need to show that we aren't afraid of anything."

"I'll owl everyone with the plan then. See you soon." Harry hugged her tight before kissing her once more.

"Bye Harry, I had fun tonight." Daphne said before she disappeared into the flames.

Harry was in a daze when he returned to the ballroom to collect Kiley, Hermione and Seamus. Draco walked Kiley to the receiving room and they whispered to each other before she joined Harry and they disappeared as the portkey activated.

Harry, Hermione and Kiley left Anasirone by one of the cars that they had. The driver dropped the trio in front of the station at ten in the morning. It was only a few minutes before Baron Davenport arrived with little Amber in tow. She was vibrating with excitement. Baron Davenport stared in disbelief as Hermione led Kiley through the barrier onto the platform.

"Uncle Jackson, you may want to say goodbye to Amber here. The platform will be crowded and not everyone likes non magical parents on the platform." Harry told his uncle.

"We'll then, Amber have a good time. Please be careful and listen to your cousin." Baron Davenport hugged Amber close. "Harry, please protect my little girl."

" Of course Uncle Jackson. I won't let anything happen to her." Amber grabbed Harry's.

"Bye Daddy. See you at Christmas." Harry and Amber waved before they too disappeared through the barrier.

It was a different trip to Hogwarts than Harry and Hermione had ever had. This year they weren't kicking Draco out of their compartment, it was Ron and Ginny that were on the no access list. Kiley was amazed with everything around her but kept a tight lid on her emotions. She was the Lady of her family, it would do her name no good to look like the uneducated first years. Amber sat quietly beside Harry, studying his friends. People stopped by at steady intervals to stare at the group under the guise of saying hi to 'friends' that they had not talked to since school let out the previous June.

The group tried to ignore the faces almost pressed against the glass like they were animals in the zoo. As the train neared the Hogsmeade station Harry and the rest of the boys stood, pulled their robes from their trunks and left to allow the girls to change. When they were allowed to rejoin the girls Harry surprised Daphne with a white lily. She smiled and kissed him lightly on the cheek before blushing. Unknown to Harry most of the boys were glaring mildly at him while the girls were sighing and pouting that their boys hadn't thought of bringing them a flower. As they pulled into the station Harry released Hedwig from her cage.

"We're almost to school girl. Why don't you fly on to the owlery while I go to the sorting and I will see you in the morning." Harry said softly as he opened the window and let her out of the train. He didn't dare open the cage that Macha was sleeping in. He would rather she be let out later tonight when no one was around. Harry wasn't completely ready for everyone to know that he had purchased an Occamy. He saw Amber and Astoria safely to Hagrid before joining his friends to wait for the carriages.

The carriage ride from the train to the school gates was a quiet affair. Most of the group was preparing themselves for the drama that was going to unfold when they made it to school. As a group they walked up the stairs and towards the Great Hall. Professor McGonagall was waiting for them. She asked for Kiley to follow her. Harry stepped to her side while Draco stood on the other.

"For the sorting Ma'am?" Harry asked.

"Yes Mr. Potter. She still has to be sorted with the first years."

"Kiley, don't worry its just a hat." Harry whispered in her ear. "Your parents would be proud of you no matter when you end up. Whether its with me and Hermione in the Lions Den of with Draco and Daphne in the Snake Pit." Kiley nodded, squeezed Draco's hand and followed Professor McGonagall around the corner.

"What did you tell her?" Hermione asked.

"Told her it was just a hat." Harry paused and looked at Malfoy. "And that her parents would have been proud of her no matter where she is sorted. Although, Draco, I expect you to take care of her if she ends up in the Pit with the rest of the Vipers." Draco nodded. He was hiding his happiness that Harry was entrusting the safety of his god sister to him.

The exchange with McGonagall had allowed most of the school to be seated in the Great Hall before they approached it. They paused just out of sight of the Great Hall. Over the summer the Slytherins had taught the rest of the group how to keep their face a blank mask when they were around other people so that they gave no secrets away. The entire group slipped on their masks and their faces became neutral. When they entered the Great Hall as a group the silence was deafening. You could have heard a pin drop. They went their separate ways and the chatter resumed. Harry listened in on a few of the conversations around him, disgusted at some of his fellow Lions. There was talk about Harry having to have gone dark over the summer because he was walking in with Draco and the rest of the snakes. The gossip had begun to fly about who was sitting with who on the train.

As the doors to the Great Hall opened again and the scared looking First Years entered the chatter picked up again when someone noticed the taller girl amongst them. Harry smiled at Kiley and gave her a thumbs up before resuming his blank expression. Hermione noticed that Harry was zoning out as the sorting started and waited until it was close to Amber's turn to jab him in the ribcage with her finger. Harry shot her a look while she pointed towards the front of the Hall where Amber was walking towards the stool for her turn. The hat and her debated for a few minutes before it settled on Ravenclaw. There were shocked whispers as Harry, Hermione, Seamus, Fred and George stood and clapped for the young First Year. They were joined by Justin, Susan, Hannah, and Ernie from the Hufflepuff table and even Draco, Daphne and Tracey clapped from their place amongst the snakes.

"Greengrass, Astoria" Was called immediately after Amber. The hat was on her head for a few seconds before it called "Slytherin" to the Great Hall. Astoria blushed a pretty pink. She had expected the table full of snakes to clap for her, she was the Ice Queen's younger sister. But, receiving the same from her sister's friends in other houses was astonishing. Astoria would in inherit the family title if her sister married someone with their own title. The last person to be sorted was Kiley. When Professor McGonagall called her name, it irritated Kiley that she had been listed under her adopted parents' name.

"Davin." Kiley said clearly. "I am Lady Kiley Annamaria Natalia of the Noble House of Davin. You will not refer to me by the name I was given at that place." She hissed. Professor McGonagall raised her eyebrows at Kiley before dropping the Sorting Hat onto her head. The hat thought for a second before shouting out "Ravenclaw". Once again the entire group stood and clapped for their friend. As she walked down the aisle toward an open space at the Ravenclaw table she was stopped by Daphne and hugged.

Dumbledore stood and began his normal beginning of the year announcements. He told them about Filch's list of forbidden items, to stay out of the forest, as well as cautioning them about visits to the village. Midway through the speech that no one ever listened to a small cough interrupted Professor Dumbledore. He turned to a large, squat, bright pink toad faced woman.

"Oh yes, students please join me in welcoming Professor Umbridge who will be taking over our Defense Against the Dark Arts classes." While Professor Dumbledore clapped, no one else did. Most people were looking at her in disgust and confusion.

"Hem-Hem... Thank you, headmaster, for those kind words of welcome. " She looked around the room as she walked to the front of the Hall and addressed the students. "The Ministry of Magic has always considered the education of young witches and wizards to be of a vital importance. Although each headmaster has brought something new to this... historic school, progress for the sake of progress must be discouraged. Let us preserve what must be preserved, perfect what can be perfected and prune practices that ought to be... prohibited!"

"Thank you Professor Umbridge. That really was most illuminating." Dumbledore continued his announcements and then dismissed the students to their dorms.

Harry walked over to Kiley as she prepared to leave the Hall following some of the girls that she had sat near.

"See. No sweat. "He hugged her quickly. "I'll see you tomorrow. Lunch near the Lake?"

"Sure. Everyone coming?" Harry nodded to Kiley's question before he headed toward the tower with the rest of the Lions.

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