Title: Items to relate
Day/Theme: July 7 / Domesticity of long-distance relationships
Series: You're Under Arrest
Character/Pairing: Tsujimoto Natsumi/Toukairin Shouji
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own "You're Under Arrest"
Other: written for 31_days challenge.

On her desk, she kept the crinkled picture of Shouji's first girlfriend--the Himalayas-- carefully placed against a stack of unread books and unfiled reports. The color of the top corners of the picture was slowly turning faded brown and gray, not her fault; the brilliance of the blue sky bringing out the rigid white, gray mountains remained untouched.

She deliberately placed it in the center of her working space; the perfect place not to overlook anything at all whenever she as so much glanced to her desk, and made a habit of looking at the picture every so often time could permit her.

Shouji didn't have anything memorable on him, preferably something with his face on it, when he left for his work outside Bokutou (even if he did, those probably looked horrible, he had joked.) The only things he could give her were his beloved picture and his mountain ring keychain.

No one (except maybe Miyuki) knew about their relationship. If they did, they wouldn't believe their affair could last longer than a year and still work out somehow. Shouji has his own work to do. She is still part of the traffic division. They both respect each other's desire to keep their careers up front. Just like a jigsaw puzzle, they angle a bit left and right and manage to fit together, forming a whole piece.

Natsumi hasn't seen Toukairin for almost one and a half year now. The Emergency Rescue Unit keeps sending him out to find survivors in the mountains. Of course, he's one of their best agents, she reminds herself so often. But sometimes she wonders what if they commit to each other; will their bond feel the same again? Will they still respect each other's growing space for work? He will be gone for a long time while she remains in Tokyo, raising their kids...

Miyuki gives her a questioning smile from across the table. "What's with that look on your face, Natsumi?"

She laughs it off, swatting a hand in the air as if trying to dispel her worries and thinks of something less scary. "Nothing. Nothing. Just a horrible thought crossed my mind"
Checking the clock hanging against the opposite wall, she jumps up. "Let's go! It's time to patrol!"

Miyuki gives her an amused look, nodding, and picks up her car keys before bidding everyone good day. Natsumi follows her out as soon as she gives the picture one last fond glance and runs out of the office. They still have time to discuss such things later on.

... end ...


My first time writing for this challenge. For some reason this fic feels rather awkward...