A/N: A story inspired by the Tonks Slave Challenge by Oldman 543 "inheriting" Tonks, The staying in the same room, going wherever he goes and changing into different women he is attracted to, is part of that challenge the rest is mine. Also I like to point out that Harry just turned seventeen in this fic and Tonks 24. The legal age of consent as I understand it is sixteen so it is not underage in my point of view. If this bothers you at all then you should not be reading this fic. I would also like to point out that there are spoilers for DH in here so if you want to be surprised then you should not be reading this either.

Harry Potter was lying in his Bridal suite waiting for his wife to change out of her dress and come to bed. Wife, he never thought he would ever use that word much less make a woman one. But then again she made it easy for him to love her and want to be with her always. He closed his eyes and went back to when this love affair began…

Harry Potter was standing in the foyer of number four Privet Drive. The Order will be here soon to collect him. His Uncle, Aunt and cousin had already left. He despised them but he would not wish death and torture by Voldemort upon them. He would not have to be in this place much longer, he would be free to live life the way he chose. They guard will be here to take him to the Burrow where his life will begin. He arrives at the burrow after a terrible chase from the Death Eaters. As they arrive they see the pale and shaken face of Mrs. Weasley. Ted and Andromeda Tonks where dead and Tonks herself was gravely ill. They did not know the reason until two days later when Harry received a letter Dumbledore delivered by the current Minister of Magic, Rufus Scrimageour, when given what was bequeathed to him in Dumbledore's will; A golden snitch

He still shuddered at the thought of what that letter told

Dear Harry,

If you are reading this then my time has come and I have passed beyond the veil. There are so many things that I wished I had said to you, answer questions I knew you would have one day. I gave the important answers vital to your quest but left so much unsaid.

I can only say that I am a man Harry, one who made mistakes in life and tried to learn from them. Mistakes you will find out soon enough.

If you are reading this then I have failed to protect a valued Order member , Tonks

When you inherited Sirius's possessions you inherited a spell that was cast years ago by a member of the Black family. I am trying everything I know how to break the spell but it is a dark one and I am starting to loose hope. The truth is that I probably will only be able to slow it down for a while instead of just breaking it.

I have left Sirius's letter to you in the event that there is nothing I can do to explain what is happening in full detail.

You know all you need to know to defeat Voldemort the rest is up to you.

Good Luck Harry, Till we meet again.

Albus Dumbledore.

Harry then opened his godfather's letter with shaky hands.

Dear Harry,

If you are reading this then I am no longer with you. I hope that my death was a noble one for the cause taking many of the enemy with me.

When I was organizing papers for my will I came across a contract of an old spell.

I am not sure who cast it but the intent was clear, to punish my cousin Andromeda for having children with Ted. The spell binds their offspring, Tonks as a slave to the Black family. I do not know why the spell did not work for me, perhaps because I was disowned or that Andromeda was my favorite cousin. This however is not the case for my legal heir. The spell takes effect at your 17th birthday or 7 weeks after my death. The spell will put several things in effect that cannot be altered in any way: Tonks can never leave your side Tonks must share your room. , Tonks DNA will shift including a house elf binding her to the House of Black and in essence to you

I tried to break it but I could not without causing serious injury possibly even death. Tonks will be ill for a few days before your birthday as the DNA moves through her body her body making the change complete. . As far as I know it will not effect her abilities as a Metamorphmagus.

From what I can gather the spell will be activated when you give her a name and an order. If you do not then one of two things could happen. She will go mad and die or she could fall in the hands of the eldest living Black relative whom is my cousin Bellatrix.

I do not like this any more than you do but I know that you will treat her fairly, that is all that can be done. Please tell Tonks I love her and I am sorry.

Take care of that old Werewolf for me will ya? He probably will be a big old mess without me.

Don't grieve for me Harry for I will always be with you.

See you in the next life


Harry sat in total shock. It was almost nearing the deadline of the spell he would have to act soon. How could this happen to his friend? How could he hurt her like that? How dare they put him in a position of hurting her to save her life!

Harry went upstairs to Tonks immediately knowing the urgency of the situation.

He crept softly to the room that he knew Tonks used at the Burrow trying to pull up

enough courage to tell her the truth. He found Ginny wiping her face with a cold cloth whispering encouraging words to her. She was on the bed in an old 'Weird Sisters' T-shirt and underwear with an old robe thrown over. Her face was paler than usual, her pink hair faded to a dark blond color her eyes where half shut. He greeted Ginny and asked to talk to Tonks alone. He was too tired for explanations he knew the Order would explain it all to her.

Harry did not know if it was the fact that she registered movement or that she somehow felt her master was near, but she opened her blueish-grey eyes to look up at him.

"Wotcher Harry" she says weakly. Harry sits at her bedside softly not to disturb her too much. "Hi Tonks. I have something to tell you and there is no nice way to say it."

Fighting back tears Harry explains the situation and why she is ill. " I am so sorry Tonks but there is no other choice, Dumbledore said so. Please forgive me. Your name from now on will be Lilith. Your first command will be to stop being sick." Tonks also was fighting back tears but she seemed to accept it. At the sound of her naming and command her eyes lit up with a green glow. She regained her healthy appearance and her normal pink hair. Harry could not stand it any more he lays his head on her chest and cries, for her damaged life and the uncertainty of their future.