Overture: Á Prima Vista
(At First Sight)

The light glaring down on the city was harsh and bright, seeming despite its luminescence to actually seep the color from the surrounding buildings. It blurred everything out in a harsh white reflection, and despite his name, Light Yagami hated it. It was far too bright out in the noonday sun. He preferred the night, the gentle rays of moonlight and the soft spotlights overhead on the stage as he performed, coaxing chords and melodies from his piano.

Light Yagami was a pianist, widely recognized as one of the greatest that the world had ever seen. He was a musical genius, naturally gifted with both his piano and many other things. He was known the world over as an incredible musician, a brilliant mind, and an extremely handsome young man. Silky auburn hair swept low over his forehead, framing a perfect face and beautiful mahogany eyes. Girls swooned at the mere sight of him, and heaven help them if he was anywhere near a piano, because the music would then sweep them away.

During the infrequent times that he considered it, he figured that in the eyes of others who did not know him well, he probably appeared extremely arrogant. As his sister Sayu liked to say, he knew what he was, and it showed. Around people he didn't know, he played the part of snobbish piano prodigy very well. Of course, he wasn't really like that, but it was just as well that people saw him that way. He didn't particularly care for the company of other people, save his family and a few close friends. Sayu, his childhood friend Misa, his piano teacher Teru Mikami… Just to name a few, they were the only people Light really liked. The rest of the world seemed terrifyingly shallow in comparison, and it sickened Light to think that some of the people who professed themselves to be his 'fans' were more interested in his outward appearance than his music. They probably couldn't even tell you what type of music he played, because to them, he was just a pretty face.

He turned, gazing down the small street he had wandered onto. He was in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, near Dogenzaka and A-East. Today, the largest of the concert spaces in A-East was being transformed into a grand theatre for performance, and great musicians from all over the world would be gathering tomorrow night for a spectacular concert. That was why Light was in this particular part of Tokyo in the first place. He had been asked to participate in the concert, and it was an offer that he could not refuse. The chance to play alongside some of the greatest musicians on the planet was impossible to resist. He considered the list of names he'd been given. Melodi de Lirica, Suki Nakashima, Linwé Leahvan, David Kensella, and a whole host of others he couldn't even begin to name. And, most importantly, the Masked Violinist, L.

L was a mystery. No one was certain where he had come from or who he was. He never showed his face when he had to perform, and it was rumored that no one knew what he truly looked like. But he was the greatest violinist on earth, some said to ever live, and Light jumped at the chance to play in the same concert as such a legend. It was the opportunity of a lifetime.

Noticing that it was near lunch, Light turned off the street into a small café named Shadow Ramen, ordering a bowl of noodles before retreating to a small table near the back to enjoy his meal. He sat there in silence a long time, considering the pieces of music he intended to play tomorrow night, when he noticed movement out of the corner of his eye. When he looked up, a young man was sliding into the booth on the opposite side of the table, looking completely at ease with intruding on Light's space. Light fixed him with an icy look, wondering who had the nerve to just walk up and sit down, but the other didn't take the hint, pulling his knees up to his chest and resting his hands on top of them. He was dressed plainly, almost to the point of being considered shabby, in a pair of loose, faded blue jeans and a white, three-quarter-sleeve shirt. He looked incredibly thin, with very pale skin. He had a nice enough face, though, Light decided. Pretty, in a masculine kind of way, except for the messy raven-colored hair and the scars of insomnia beneath his eyes. The circles were so dark that they looked painful, as if this young man had never slept in his entire life. But his eyes, wide and child-like, were an unnatural obsidian black, and Light found himself interested in spite of himself.

"You are Yagami Tsuki?" he asked, his voice soft, but pleasant. Light blinked.

"My name is written with the kanji for moon, but it is pronounced as Light." he replied. The stranger's eyes widened.

"I apologize. I merely read the program, and was unable to know the difference in pronunciation." Light was tempted to gape at him, this odd man, but he refrained as the stranger continued. "You are performing tomorrow, right? I love instrumental music. I am a particular fan of your work."

Light resisted the urge to sigh, preparing to fend off another useless wave of compliments, but then realized that, for once, the compliment was directed at his music instead of him. He smiled faintly.

"Thank you. Do you have a name?"

The dark-eyed stranger smiled in return. "You may call me Ryuuzaki." he said. "If I may ask, what type of music do you prefer?"

Light thought for a moment. "Bach's Concerto for two violins in D minor, among other things. I also enjoy Mozart and Moonlight Sonata." It was like every fantasy he'd ever had: being able to sit and talk to someone about music on an intellectual level, no matter how messy said person appeared, and even if said person was currently… eating sugar packets? "Ryuuzaki?"

Ryuuzaki smiled sheepishly. "I have a great love of sugar, Yagami-kun." He put the unopened packet in his hand back into the little container. "It doesn't surprise me that you enjoy Moonlight Sonata. The composition that you did at your last concert, underlying the bright, cheerful melody with the haunting strains of Moonlight Sonata… It was a work of genius. I sometimes regret never learning to play the piano as a child."

"Do you play an instrument at all?" Light asked, curious.

"I have meager skills with the violin." Ryuuzaki said lightly. "Not enough to be considered anywhere near the level of Yagami-kun."

"Please, call me Light."

Ryuuzaki smiled. "Light-kun is a very polite individual. Is he like this with everyone?"

"Not really." Light admitted. "Most people are so busy praising me or swooning over me that I rarely find any form of intelligent conversation. Most people are boring and shallow. But you… you're different. You're interesting."

"Perhaps it is because we share an equal love of music?" Ryuuzaki suggested. His expression held a small, genuine amount of happiness, and Light was intrigued. This guy… Something about him was different than everyone else Light had to deal with. He found that he was actually enjoying the conversation, something that had not happened in too long a time.

"Possibly." Light said. He glanced at his watch, noting regretfully that he would have to leave to meet his sister in a minute. He wanted to continue talking to Ryuuzaki. At that moment, Ryuuzaki's phone rang, and he answered it quickly. Light resisted the urge to chuckle. Ryuuzaki's ringtone was Confutatis from Mozart's Requiem, and he held the phone by the antenna, with only two fingers.

"Yes… Yes… Now?" Ryuuzaki sighed, sounding disappointed. "I'm sure. Yes, thank you… Can you pick me up chocolate cake on the way home? …Uh-huh… Yes, I'll be there. Thank you… Bye." He closed the phone, slipping it back into his pocket. Looking up at Light with a mournful expression, he said, "Unfortunately, I am needed elsewhere. It was nice to meet you, Light-kun."

"You too." Light said, and meant it. Ryuuzaki smiled, and tipped his head to one side, looking like a child.

"I will be at the performance tomorrow night. Perhaps I shall see you there." He got up from the booth, heading to the front of the shop and leaving. Light watched him walk away through the window in wonder. This lunch hadn't restored his faith in people, but it had certainly given him faith in Ryuuzaki. The odd young man seemed genuine, something that Light wasn't used to. People were always trying to impress him, or be more than they were in the hopes of being noticed. Ryuuzaki had just come as he was and had an honest conversation; shabby clothes, messy hair, and all. He hadn't cared what Light thought of his appearance.

Light finished his noodles, lost in thought, before leaving to find Sayu. She was waiting for him outside of one of the concert spaces in A-East, waving a folder of music at him.

"Hey, Light! Where've you been?" she asked.

Light took the folder from her, falling into step as they walked towards the bus station. "I was having lunch." He rifled through the sheets of music, noting that Sayu had picked up everything he had been working on earlier that morning. Für Elise was on top, with a few notes concerning chords and tempo scribbled into the margins.

"Lunch?" Sayu asked skeptically. "With who?"

"How do you know I was with someone? What if I ate by myself?"

Sayu raised an eyebrow, grinning. "Nii-san, you have this totally bizarre look on your face, like you're in love or something. Unless your lunch was really that good…"

Light frowned. "Fine. I did meet someone." He saw what Sayu was about to ask and interrupted, "No, not a girl."

"Boy, then?" Sayu mused. "Well, you have just as many fanboys. Was he hot?"

"Sayu!" Light sighed. "He wasn't a 'fanboy'. He seemed… normal. We talked about music, and he didn't once try to shower me with compliments or tell me how 'fabulously amazing' I am." He quoted a girl he had fought off a few days ago, who had clung to his arm and declared her undying love for him. He had managed to escape with Misa and Mikami's help, but it was a near miss. Not that instances like that were unusual. Light often cursed the way he looked, because he hated disguises. But going out in public without his sister or Misa around was a sure-fire way to be converged on from all directions by adoring fans.

Sayu smiled. "What's his name?"


Sayu nodded appreciatively. "Well, look at that. You've found one person out of a billion that you enjoy spending time with other than Mikami, Misa, or your family. I never thought I'd see the day."

Light considered what she had said, and realized that she was right. He wouldn't mind seeing Ryuuzaki again. In fact, he was actually hoping that the other might show up tomorrow night.

Sayu watched him drift off into thought, and smiled to herself. It was good that her older brother had found a friend. It wasn't healthy for him to only have one friend in the entire world. She wasn't sure what made this Ryuuzaki different from everyone else Light had ever met, but she was determined to find out. For the first time in three days Light wasn't stressing about tomorrow night's concert, and the change was clear. He looked like he didn't have a care in the world, like he was actually happy. So let tomorrow night come; let the lights go down and the curtain up, and let Light's new friend be there, to seal it as the best night of Light's career.


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