We were talking and making me a sandwich in the Cullen's kitchen, Alice and I. School had gotten out for the summer a few days ago. Alice had let slip that Edward's birthday was coming up, the 20th of June, she said. Once it was out of her mouth she felt she had to qualify the statement.

"We don't celebrate birthdays, of course….nothing like that." She stated, looking just like someone who had let the cat out of the bag and wished she could shove it back inside.

That was a week ago, and an idea had been forming in my head ever since. The Cullens might not celebrate their birthdays, but I still really wanted to get Edward a special gift. So what do you get the guy who has everything? If he wanted anything at all, he could just go out and buy it, right? There was something though that Edward craved, and it was something that only I could give him. I liked the idea of that. I was hesitant though, not sure how he would take it. I needed advice, so I waited till today, when I knew Edward and his brothers would be out hunting.

Alice and I were in the sparse living room and I was looking through shelves of DVD's trying to choose a movie to watch to pass the time. "You dad is home, isn't he?" I asked still studying the titles.

"Yes, he's in his study….Bella?" Alice waited patiently.

"Do you mind picking out a movie? I'd like to go and… say hi…okay, well, I've wanted to speak with him about something." I said sheepishly.

"I know, take your time." Alice chimed.

I was nervous going down the hall to Carlisle's study, knowing he could hear me on my way. I tapped on the door although it was partially open. "Come in Bella." I could hear the curiosity in his voice.

I went inside the room and sat in an arm chair next to Carlisle's desk. I fidgeted a bit before I said, "I'm not sure how to put this. You see, I want to do something for Edward's birthday, but I'm not sure how he'd take it, or how any of you would. I mean, it might be bad vampire etiquette for all I know." Nervous laughter from me.

"I'll help as best I can. What did you have in mind?" He asked calmly.

"You might not want to help with what I have in mind. Cause you see, I'd have to have your help, as a doctor, I mean, to carry this off." I got up and started pacing about the room, I was going to ask him and I felt uncomfortable looking at him while I did. "When people give blood, like for the Red Cross, how much do they give at a time?"

I could just imagine his eyebrows rising. "A pint usually, about 2 cups, you intrigue me, go on…" he said.

"Well, how long does it stay good, I mean do you have to use it right away, does blood go bad?" I asked.

"It's usually used again within weeks, or even just a few days after it's donated." He stated matter of factly.

"So, does it take very long to…donate? Is it…painful?" I think I was turning green just talking about it.

"It takes about 30 to 45 minutes, and no, I don't think it's painful really, but you in particular would be uncomfortable. You do have an aversion to it after all. Most people would sit in a chair to wait, but you Bella, I'd insist on putting you flat on your back."

More nervous laughter from me, "What do you think Edward's reaction would be if, on his birthday, I…gave him a glass, or a goblet, or whatever you put it in? Would he be shocked, would he like it, would he fall off the wagon?"

Carlisle laughed, actually laughed. "No, he would not suddenly become a carnivore. It would be a very pleasant elixir, but how he would feel about your actually going through the steps to make this so, I'm not sure. He would hate the idea of your having been uncomfortable at all, you know that."

Yes, I knew that, but it's not that big of a deal, in about half an hour I could have the most extraordinary gift for him. I wanted to watch as he drank it. I wanted to see what it did to him, and why did that seem erotic? It's not like I planned on serving up Vintage Bella on a regular basis. "I want to do this…today. Would you…help? His birthday is in just a week now, and I want it to be nice and fresh."

He didn't have to think very long, probably weighing the possibilities of Edward being pissed that he let it all happen. "Let's do this at the hospital. I'd want to store it there until you need it in any case."

And that was it, easier than I thought. We drove in the black Mercedes to the hospital. He did have me lay flat out on a bed while it was done. I faced the opposite way of the procedure going on, not wanting to see any of it, and to be truthful I did feel light headed. Afterwards I was instructed to keep hydrated. "It only takes about 2 days for the plasma to replace itself." My personal doctor advised me.