Mello wasn't one for playing in the snow, but Matt assured him that he would like this. Mello scowled at all the laughing children, wondering what on earth made Matt believe that he would enjoy something so juvenile. "Really, Matt," he grumbled. "I thought you knew me better than this."

Matt didn't reply. In fact, Matt wasn't by Mello's side anymore. His annoyance grew, culminating when he felt a wad of snow slam into his exposed ear.

Thirty minutes later, Mello knelt behind his fort, packing a ball between his mitten-clad palms. Perhaps Matt knew him better than he'd thought.


"I'm going to get frostbite, Mello," Matt whined. Mello ignored him. "Couldn't you have waited to pick it up until tomorrow?" Mello didn't answer. "It's almost midnight and you have a ton of guns at home already." Mello didn't even look at Matt, he just kept walking. "All right, I get it. You care more about your new piece than you do about me." Mello neither confirmed nor denied. "Mello, I can feel my fingers turning blue." Mello didn't say a word as he grabbed the fingers in question and stuck them in his warm mouth. Matt smiled smugly.


Mello could barely look at Matt, lying weak on the bed, without feeling his guts twinge painfully. He couldn't see him this way: eyes closed, grimacing in discomfort, a thin sheen of sweat coating his forehead – especially since he knew it was his fault. His fault for not buying more nutritious food, for making Matt sleep on the floor last night, for forcing him to work through the early hours of the morning. It was too much.

And besides, how was Matt supposed to get any work done when he couldn't even sit up?


Mello and Matt had both been out of school for a while now, especially Mello. But they were glad that they were still the age of most kids who would be attending high school in the United States, because they had managed to sit down by the bonfire without being questioned by anyone. They got as close as they dared to fight away the cold, leaning against each other for that extra bit of warmth that the fire, a fire that wasn't really meant for them, couldn't provide.

Valentine's Day

Mello smiled softly – his sweet smile, his secret smile, the smile he used only when no one would see it, not even himself – when he found the box of chocolates on his bed.


Mello'd been yelling at Matt about something or another for almost twenty minutes now. Matt couldn't even remember what he'd done wrong, and he had long since given up trying to pay attention to what Mello was saying. He found it much more entertaining to watch the way the scarred side of his face stayed the same color even as the other side was tinged pink with annoyance, or how he never seemed to lose the scowl despite the fact that he was practically screaming.

Matt was so busy watching Mello that he didn't even notice the feeling of pressure increasing in his sinuses. By the time he realized that he had to sneeze, it was too late. In an instant the noise interrupted Mello mid-word, stunning him into silence. Matt always had been a loud sneezer. He was almost afraid that Mello would be even angrier now, but just when he thought he was about to start screaming again, Mello began to laugh. It seemed that once he started, he would never be able to stop. And it was such a rare sound, that laughter, that Matt decided he would have to sneeze more often.


Matt looked out the window from the bedroom he'd been sharing with Mello for the past few perfect months. Here in Japan, it didn't exactly look like the winters he was used to, but as of three minutes ago it was January 26th. It was winter at home.

Everything was dead in the winter. Not dying, but dead. And soon, Matt knew, despite the constant reassurances from Mello, he would be dead, too. And he was okay with that. He only hoped that Mello survived it, so that he could go home to see the snow one last time.

Desperate Housewives

"They kinda remind me of us."

"The housewives? You, maybe. You do have the same color hair as uh…that one."

"Her name is Bree. And I meant Andrew and Justin."

"Matt, what the fuck are you talking about?"

"It's just that they're a lot like us… Okay, you're Andrew and I'm Justin –"

"I'm hotter than that guy."

"Yes, you are, but that's not the point."

"There's a point to this?"

"Yes! They don't have a very…conventional relationship, but –"

"Matt, we don't have a relationship."

"That's what Andrew's always saying, too, at least at first. And they're pretty violent. They like to play video games. Andrew thinks he's so badass, but Justin can see what's really going on with him."

"Matt, where is this going?"

"And…even though Justin is more willing to show how he feels, you can tell that Andrew loves him back…"

"…I don't even know why you like this stupid show, Matt. Now, shut up – your chin is hurting my shoulder."


Mello shivered, silently cursing the furnace for breaking on what must've been the coldest day of the year. It was still light and yet here he was in bed, forced to forfeit a day of work because it was simply too cold to get anything done. Shaking, he growled quietly to himself and scooted closer to the body beside him, nuzzling into the warmth that emanated from Matt as if his hair really were the fire that it so resembled.


Matt sat next to the House tree, his fingers tapping wildly on the Game Boy in his hands. Actually, the tree was so huge that he was practically sitting beneath it. Every once in a while he would move slightly and feel one of the branches tap him on the head or the shoulder and he would turn around, having forgotten that it was just the tree. He could have moved, but he liked sitting close to it.

Matt felt the tapping on his shoulder once again. He turned before he could remind himself that it was just the tree, but then he saw that it wasn't the tree. It was Mello. Mello, standing there with his hands behind his back and a faint blush on his cheeks. Without saying anything, he took his hands out from behind his back and thrust a small box at Matt. His blush grew deeper and he hurried away, leaving Matt to stare after him wide-eyed. Matt looked down at the box and felt his own cheeks growing warm. And it didn't even matter, he decided, what was inside of it – only that it had come from Mello.

Well, there you have it: my first foray into writing Mello/Matt. I hope you enjoyed these and I sincerely hope that there will be more soon. If you're wondering why I'm doing this, I think it's just a fun way for me to flesh out my versions of the characters, and this has been an idea that's been on my mind lately. Thank you!