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Prologue: Same Time as the End of Faith, Hope, and Trick

In a place outside of space and time (though most easily accessible from under the LA Post Office), two higher beings were arguing.

"He is a Champion, one of the greatest warriors for our cause. There is no sense in leaving him to waste away in a Hell dimension where he is no good to anyone," the female said. "We have a conduit; it would be a simple enough matter to bring him back." As she spoke, a silver ring flashed into her hand.

"It is not our place to interfere," the male Oracle insisted. "This is a matter of lower beings and will sort itself out."

His sister looked at him in disbelief. "It will sort itself out? That dimension is sealed. If we leave him, you know we're losing the Warrior. And the other as well, for the Chosen One is slowly destroying herself without her other half. It is terribly wasteful to lose two Champions solely from your aversion to intervening when necessary."

"Very well," the male replied. "You may bring the Warrior back, but you are not interfering with his soul. You meddle entirely too much in the natural order of the world, sister."

"I intervene only when it is critical. You seem to think we are only here to watch as everything falls apart. It is our duty to ensure the Powers' plan runs smoothly, to avert disaster when affairs left alone would be catastrophic. To leave the Warrior's soul as it is would be to invite another disaster like the past months," she argued.

"The Warrior is not unintelligent. He would not allow such a thing to happen again," he countered.

"Perhaps," the female Oracle conceded. "But the Champions would still be separated as surely as if we took no action."

"What of it? That is merely a matter of the heart, and as such is not our concern," her brother said dismissively.

"You underestimate such affairs, brother," she said. "But that is no matter. This is no mere matter of the heart; it is a matter of souls. The Warrior and the Chosen One are true soulmates: the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. Together they are strong, alone they are weak – if not dead. Just see what the Chosen One has been doing to herself. See the condition the Warrior was in before he met her. They will destroy themselves if we do not act. And these are two of our strongest Champions we are speaking of. We need them, and we need them together. That Hellmouth has become overly volatile. Their combined strength is necessary to prevent cataclysmic or even apocalyptic occurrences."

"Very well, do whatever you deem necessary," the male finally said, conceding defeat. He sighed. Somehow, his sister always seemed to win these sorts of things.

The female smiled, and held up the ring in her golden hand. It flashed brightly for a moment as her power was channeled through it, and a second later a tormented ensouled vampire appeared in front of the Oracles.