I'm sorry! I really should not have written this, but the idea would not go away! I want to see how many people like it and I will hopefully update something soon.

Of all the great and powerful magical families, the most powerful was known as the Kazama clan. Their influence was unmatched and their blood pure. The reason for their power is also the greatest legend in the magical world. The Heir.

The Heir of the Kazama clan is a jinchuriki. At the very beginning of the Kazama clan, they made a blood pact with a demon. The nine-tailed fox. The fox's job is to protect The Heir of the Kazama clan. The heir is created by the fox through immaculate conception from the current Heir. The fox chooses when he wishes to create the new Heir; and for a few years the two Heirs live at the same time, sharing the power of the demon between them. When the old Heir dies, the fox cuts the connection to the old Heir and its power reverts to the new Heir.

This does not stop the heir from having their own family. Any children born from the Heir and their partner are welcomed into the clan as any other.

Unlike any other clan, the Kazama clan was free from politics. The clan is ruled absolutely by the Heir and the Heir is bound by duty to serve the clan. Every Heir learns from their human guardians, the Heir before them, and the nine-tailed fox himself. The Heir of the Kazama clan is said to be the most powerful magical being to exist.

Soon, the clan became too powerful. Although many of the magical species admired the Kazama clan, the vampire covens were jealous. The only thing that every vampire had in common was their hatred of the Kazama clan. Eventually, under the rule of the Uchiha coven, the vampire covens united for the first and possibly only time in history to destroy the Kazama clan.

Had the Kazama family been weak, it would have been a massacre. The battle was the worst any had seen. Vampires and humans alike perished. When it was over, the winner was unclear. The land that had once been a great city was covered in blood and dust. The remaining vampires hid and regained their strength and numbers. It is unknown how many of the Kazamas survived or even if The Heir survived the battle. Although it is most likely that he did.

From that time, vampires have hunted for any surviving Kazamas, usually finding them in small groups of three or four. The power of the Kazama remained in their blood, giving them a distinct taste and smell that only a vampire could detect. Vampire children were raised to recognize the scent of a Kazama. It is said that even in modern times, the smell of a single drop of Kazama blood is enough to make even older, more experienced vampires insane with want.

A man ran through the rain in the streets of a small city in Japan. His blond hair matted with blood. He was carrying a small bundle in his arms. He knew his time had come. They were chasing him, they would find him soon. The rain was enough to through off his scent, but not enough to mask it completely. He had to protect his son.

He ran up the steps of an orphanage and knocked frantically on the door. An elderly woman opened the door and the man all but collapsed into her arms, depositing the bundle there.


The owner of the orphanage looked in shock as a strange man placed a bundle into her arms. She stared at him incredulously, seeing the blood spattering his clothes and his face, almost his entire body. She then turned to the bundle, not needing to guess what was inside. She did work at an orphanage. She was surprised that the child inside could not have more than a few minutes old. She was shocked by this and turned to question the man, but the doorway was empty and he was gone.

She went upstairs to place the newborn baby into a crib, usually reserved for younger toddlers, too small for a bed. She sat next to him for some time, contemplating the two words that the man had said as he put this baby into her arms.

"Uzumaki Naruto"


After he left the doorstep of the orphanage, he doubled back on his trail. He had done his duty. He was no longer needed.

He ignored the pain in between his legs as he ran. He ignored the smell of blood and birthing fluids still clinging to his body, reminding him of his accomplishment. He could ignore it, but that would not stop them from finding him.

He did not scream when they did. He did not scream as fangs and claws dug into his skin and ripped him apart. He had won and they had lost. He had done his duty.

Umino Iruka loved Hatake Kakashi more than anyone else, bar one. He wanted to trust Kakashi with every secret that he had, but he couldn't. Kakashi had his own secrets.

"Please my cute little dolphin. I just want to see it." Kakashi was frustrated that his little dolphin was being so resistant. He just wanted to see the house that he lived in."We always go to my house, Iruka. I want to go to your be- I mean house." Kakashi whined.

Iruka loved Kakashi indeed, but it drove him crazy when Kakashi acted this way. It may seem trivial to any other couple, whose house they go to (*cough* have sex at *cough*). Iruka had secrets that he did not want Kakashi to know about. Iruka was serious when he said, "No."

This seemed to catch Kakashi's attention; finally. Kakashi, for all he joked around, could be serious when he needed and the sound of his lover's voice was worrying him enough for him to realize that the consequences of pushing the subject were more than just 'no sex for a month'.

"I will show you my house if you tell me why you wear that mask" Many people asked Kakashi the same question, but Iruka knew that it was touchy subject for him. This just showed how serious Iruka was about his house.

"Alright." Kakashi reluctantly agreed.


They drove and stopped in the suburbs, near an ordinary house. Kakashi saw the name on the mailbox 'Umino', this was his house. Kakashi reached for his seatbelt but Iruka's hand stopped him.

"Wait," he said. He licked his lips nervously. At another time, Kakashi would have found it hot, but now, they were both too tense. This was a stage in their relationship that would make or break them. "You go first" Iruka said.

"Alright," Kakashi started. He pulled down the mask, revealing to Iruka two white, sharp fangs. Iruka pulled back, alarmed.

"Wait," Kakashi said desperately. "Let me explain. This is a scent repelling cloth. Through this, I can barely smell anything. I wear this to protect you. I am old, older than I would like to admit and all these years have taught me plenty of control, but every vampire has a limit, even me."

Iruka was even more nervous now, though not for his own safety. "You, now"

Iruka looked at his hands and sighed, "Okay. I trust you."

They walked up to the door together. They stopped for Iruka to fumble with his keys and when he found the right one he fumbled with the lock. When they walked in, Kakashi was more surprised by the overall normalness than the weirdness. He had half expected the house to be covered top to bottom with magical supplies and books, all neatly stacked. That would be more like Iruka. This was too normal.

There was a couch, loveseat, chair, and tv in the livingroom; no books to be seen. Instead of leading him to the basement or attic as Kakashi had assumed, Iruka led him to a bedroom. Kakashi knew better than to expect sex at this time so he was confused.

Before opening the door, Iruka looked worriedly at Kakashi then at the door. He opened it and brought Kakashi inside.

Kakashi's eyes widened, not at the sight, but the smell of the room. On the bed was a young boy, asleep. His blond hair peaked out from under the covers. Kakashi could smell him and he could smell the same scent on the bed and the clothes strewn about the room. He lasted no more than fifteen seconds before he had to leave, the smell overpowering him.

Iruka followed him out of the room to find him gasping for breath in the kitchen.

"Who…. is he?" Kakashi gasped out, holding his nose.

"His name is Naruto Uzumaki. He is my son. I adopted him last year, before I met you. I couldn't tell you the truth because I was afraid about how you would react," Iruka looked at Kakashi desperately hoping that he had not destroyed their relationship. Or worse, that Kakashi would tell someone.

"What… I meant… was…. what is…. he?" there was no explanation for that amount power in one boy. So much power that the smell of it radiated off of him.

Iruka gulped and answered, knowing that this was a risk, but wanting to take the chance.

"He is the Kazama Heir."