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Once he was alone, Naruto worried. The fact that the rooms were separated by raw power worried him. The Kazama Clan had many secrets that would surely show up with whoever he roomed with. He unlocked the door and saw a boy sitting on the bed on the left. He was just sitting there, staring into the opposite wall. He had blood-red hair and turquoise-colored eyes. On his forehead was the kanji for 'love'.

Naruto plastered a smile on his face and greeted his roommate, "Hi, I'm Uzumaki Naruto. Nice to meet you"

The boy did not move his body, only his eyes over to Naruto's grinning face for a brief moment.

"Sabaku no Gaara."

Naruto quickly decided to organize his possessions, as it seemed that his roommate was not one that he should bother at this time. That doesn't mean that he won't bother him later. However, Naruto was a bit worried; Gaara had dark circles under his eyes that were probably caused by insomnia and the dead look in his eyes was slightly frightening.

Naruto did not have many personal things to unpack. Most were photos of Iruka and Kakashi. He, of course, had some non-perishable instant ramen that he stored in his desk drawer. I was only twelve-thirty, so Naruto thought that he should probably look at his classes. He had…


1. History

2. Survival skills


1. Intro to battle

2. Free


1. Mathematics

2. Origins/ Heritage


1. History

2. Health/Sex ed.


1. Free

2. Intro to Battle



Apparently, there were two classes in a day. Horribly long classes if you asked him, but no one would. There was lunch in between the two classes, unlike other schools where students have lunch at a set time and might not have a chance to see their friends.

In the envelope was a course booklet of all the possible school courses and their descriptions. Naruto started to look through it, but quickly became bored. He looked over at the clock to find that it was almost one. He figured that his new friends would be late too, so he should probably leave now. But first

"So, Gaara." He ventured, "I'm meeting some friends at one o'clock for lunch. Do you want to come?"

"Hm, no," He said. He had a book in his hands that he was reading, but he had looked up briefly when Naruto spoke.

"Well, if you change your mind, we will be at the Café." This time, Gaara did nothing, so Naruto just shrugged and left with a smile. "Bye"

A tall blond girl was taking orders when Naruto got there. He arrived at the same time as Akamaru and Kiba. Shikamaru and Chouji had joined them along with Kiba's roommate; a creepy, quiet guy named Shino. Soon, the group was sitting in a booth on the side, talking like they had known eachother for years instead of minutes.

Akamaru was complaining about his roommate, or lack thereof.

"I mean really?" he said. "Why is there an odd number of people and I end up alone? Couldn't they put three people in a room? That would be better than being by myself. It's lonely."

Kiba snorted and laughed, "Who would want to room with you?"

"Well I don't know" Akamaru retorted, "The only way I would know who they were was if I was rooming with them; which I'm not. Besides, rooming with me can't be any worse than with that bastard excuse for a vampire 'Uchiha'."

Apparently, Akamaru had a bad run in with the vampire when he was heading to his room. Now, he hates everything about Sasuke Uchiha.

However, the topic of conversation did not stay on the Uchiha. Naruto half-wished that it had, when Kiba asked about Naruto's roommate.

"So, I brought Shino, Akamaru has been complaining for twenty minutes. What's your excuse?"

"Yeah. Who's your roomy?" Akamaru added.

"Ummm, I don't really know him that well. He didn't really talk."

"What's his name? What is he?" Kiba said.

"Wow, that was sensitive." Shikamaru said sarcastically from the corner seat.

Even Chouji looked up from his meal at Kiba's words. "That's kind of rude, you know. 'What are you?' like he doesn't even have feelings for himself." He said.

"Well, what was I supposed to say? Huh? Are you really embarrassed about what you are?" Kiba pointed out defensively, seeing that none of the others would come to his aid.

Shikamaru sighed, "It's not about being ashamed. Some people don't want to talk about things like that with such crude language."

"Sometimes people have to be crude. Sometimes, people should just say what they want, and what they mean. I am a werewolf. I am not afraid to stand on a roof and shout it out to everyone that would listen. It's the truth."

"It's too troublesome to debate this with you. Ask a teacher during class someday."

"Huh? Why would I ask a teacher?" Kiba pointed out confusedly.

"Because a debate of such magnitude would surely distract the teacher from whatever it was that they had planned to teach the day." Shino said, startling everyone. Shikamaru, it seemed, deemed it too troublesome to be startled so he refrained from such action.

"Ha," Akamaru blurted, "That's brilliant!"

"So, anyway. Naruto, Who is your roommate?" Kiba returned to his interrogation.

"I don't know much. His name is Gaara and he-"

"Whoa, wait, what?" Akamaru interrupted him. He looked like someone had just told him the sky was hot pink. He was gaping like a fish and staring at Naruto in awe, with a bit of fear.

"What's the big deal?" Chouji questioned. It seemed that both Shikamaru and Shino knew something that Kiba, Chouji, and Naruto didn't.

"S-sabaku no Gaara?" Naruto nodded in confirmation to Akamaru's stuttered question. "Sabaku no Gaara is a Hanyou."

Kiba, Chouji and Naruto's eyes widened as they realized what Akamaru had said. The six friends sat stiff, each thinking something different about the situation

'Oh, no. Sabaku no Gaara will kill us all' – Akamaru

'It would be very troublesome if something bad happened' – Shikamaru

'A hanyou, I heard about those. They are really dangerous' – Chouji

'Oh, no. A hanyou will kill us all' – Kiba

'Well, crap. What if one of them figures out why I was placed in the same room as a known hanyou' – Naruto

'Hmmm, I wonder why Naruto-kun was placed in the same room as a hanyou.' – Shino

None of them noticed the waitress nearly drop her tray in shock as the loud group of freshmen in the corner started talking about her little brother. She immediately took out her cell phone, carefully with one hand and called her older brother.

"Hey, Kankuro. It's Temari. There may be some trouble with Gaara's year mates.-

"Yea, he has a roommate. –

"I did tell her, but she probably did not listen.-

"I don't know what we should do.-

"No way. You talk to him. Whatever, bye."

I have to admit that it took me forever to decide whether or not Gaara would join Naruto for lunch. It was a last minute decision that he didn't. I was actually considering making Sasuke Akamaru's roommate, but then I thought 'That's stupid. Why would I do that?' Then I had a brief argument with myself over whether or not to do that. The ending conversation is Temari with Kankuro, but I didn't put Kankuro's words in there.


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