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If This Is Hell, Then Heaven Must Be Indescribable

Chapter One

-By Deidara's Sugar Girl

Two figures walked side-by-side, sweat running down both their faces, lips dry, and eyes burned. Black cloaks with red clouds swayed from their bodies in a synchronized motion, their steps hurried.

The shorter one lifted her face to meet the side of the other's head; his face moved at the presence of her gaze, staring her down with coal dusty eyes, an expressionless image pressed across his features.

He nodded his head in acknowledgment when she opened her mouth to speak, "How much further?" she asked, readjusting the brown sack slumped over her shoulder.

The male shifted his eyes back ahead of him, "Not much longer, I could carry the bag if you'd like?" he asked, offering his hand out to her, his gaze never meeting hers.

Said girl shook her head in protest, even though she was well aware he couldn't see her motion, "I got it, it's not heavy, my shoulder's just a little numb" she protested when he gave her an annoyed look.

He sighed, and shook his head, "It your shoulder's numb, it means the bag is heavy, Sakura" he stated, lifting the bag from her shoulders, and placing it on his own, ignoring the glare she sent him.

Sakura crossed her arms, and stubbornly turned her head in the opposite direction of his, grunting for more emphasis.

"That may work on Deidara and Sasori, but it will certainly not work on me, kunoichi." The akatsuki male said, his frown increasing.

At the mention of the other members, Sakura growled under her breath, "Why so stoic!? At least the others will let me carry a bag if I want to!" she hissed, hoping for some type of reaction, but instead got a "Humph" of disapproval.

"If leader caught me allowing you to carry a bag with the substance I was supposed to get, he'd have my head, Sakura, understand that, besides, you've been carrying it almost the whole way, take this time to loosen your muscles" he said, his speech bored, no emotion put into it, not including the word used for emphasis.

"Itachi, jeez, you're so…."

'Hot!' Inner Sakura interrupted, pounding her fists into the air.

'Yes, I know, wait, no! That's not what I was going to say' Sakura inwardly argued with her inner, but shook her head instead of repeating those words.

Itachi arched a brow, "So, what?" he asked, facing her yet again.


"Compared to Tobi, yes, I wouldn't say the same compared to you." He unknowingly teased, looking back ahead, his eyes scanned the heated forest before them.

"Jeez" Sakura muttered, wiping her brow with her forearm, wincing as the salty liquid stung a cut she had recently gotten in their previous battle.

Itachi taking full notice, sighed, readjusting the brown sack, and stopping at the edge of the forest floor, "Why don't you heel that injury of yours? You're a medic, correct?" he stated, looking down at the watery cavern below, then fixing his gaze on the boulder across the stream.

"I said I would once we reach the base, did I not!" Sakura growled, following the male as he jumped of the cliff, and landed, feet above water.

The two made their way across the river, and stopped at the foot of the huge rock, Itachi, as if on cue, stuck out his arm. A red beam shot from the seal rested on the face of the boulder, and in a split second faded. A loud rumbled rang from deep in the cavern, the boulder rising to the sound.

After waiting until the rock was a few feet above the water's surface, the two Akatsuki members ducked underneath, and into the akatsuki base. Inside was nothing but dirt and rocks, ahead seemed to be nothing but a mere rock wall that surrounded the two partners.

Sakura smiled to herself at the feeling of being in the place she loved the most, the family she was about to return to. Her heartbeat sped up at the pleasant feeling, and the stinging wound seemed to be forgotten.

Said girl hurriedly ran the far end of the old base, and placed a hand on its rocky face, pressing her weight against the inner banks. When she felt the wall budge, her emerald eyes brightened, and quickly shoved the piece of rock into the ridged slot that was meant to allow entrance.

After doing this, said girl looked down the candle lit hallway, the grin never leaving her face, she stepped forward, and broke into a run, Itachi following suit.

At first Sakura was brought to akatsuki, in hopes of leading the kyuubi vesicle, as bait. She had sworn, and cursed, stubbornly refusing to give any information on her blonde friend, especially after learning that Itachi was none other than Uchiha Sasuke's older brother, the one who had broken her heart to many times before. But that was before she really got to know Itachi.

Pein ordered to older Uchiha to be paired with the girl, and keep a steady eye on her while she was held hostage, which for Itachi, was easy. There were points of times when the Uchiha had to depart for missions, and either Deidara or Sasori would take over.

The two criminals had befriended her over time, and when Itachi returned from his duties, he'd sometimes catch the three playing a game of sevens.

Sakura had come to call Itachi her partner over time, and would talk with him about most anything, while the male would close his eyes, and listen to every sweet detail. After some time together, just talking, sometimes card games with Deidara and Sasori, Sakura had grown to love the older Uchiha, but of course she'd never show it, and she hid it pretty well.

After recognizing her feelings, Sakura had asked to join the Akatsuki herself, throwing all the memories of Konoha away. Pein, Sasori and Itachi had given their "okay" but at first the blonde member was against it. It took awhile to reason with Deidara, and about a couple of hours later, he had agreed, but on the condition that if Sakura had ever wanted to leave, she was allowed to.

Pein had hesitated at this, but, without Sakura aware, Sasori had told their leader that they could always erase her memories of akatsuki.

It was just like that, Sakura had a new home, new family, and a new love.

Said girl ran down the corridors of akatsuki, excitement boiling in her stomach, and it took everything in her to keep herself from laughing out loud.

Itachi mentally rolled his eyes, as the two turned the corner of the hall, and stopped at the first door they saw. Sakura gripped the handle with both hands, and gave it a twist, before pulling it open all the way, and stepping into the bright room in front of her.

Her grin never left her lips, as her "family" was about the akatsuki living room doing many things they do best, all in pairs, bickering. Tobi and Zetsu were currently fighting, while Tobi was losing, and Zetsu was at the advantage. His plant-like jaw was atop the poor boys head, while the victim, Tobi, had one foot on Zetsu's real head, and one gripping the venues fly trap, desperately trying to pull the plant lips apart, squeaking and crying for help.

"Deidara-Sempai! Help Tobi! Tobi isn't lunch, he's a good boy!"

"Yes, now be a good boy and jump inside!"


Sakura giggled at the two, and was about to take a step forward, when she looked down at a pool of blood running by her feet. If she didn't know better, she would have screamed, but she knew exactly what she was into…Hidan.

She averted her gaze from the blood spilling by her feet, and turned to look at the two members on the carpeted floor. One was hunched over the other, cleaning the mess up with a rag towel. Even though she couldn't quiet see his face, she knew it had to be Kakuzu. He was muttering something about money, and carpets.

"Damn it Hidan, couldn't you have done a ritual somewhere not carpeted, it wastes my money!" she heard him growl.

"Money, money, money, get a fucking life!" Hidan wheezed through his teeth.

"I have one, cleaning up after you dumb ass!"

"Wanna Repeat that!?"

"Du-umb, Ass"

Deidara and Sasori were perched atop the living room couch, bickering about, well, art of course, an open pack of cards in the redhead's hands, opting that they were about to play a game, when one of them said something about art to another.

"What are you talking about!? What good is art if it lasts forever un!! True beauty last for one second, you treasure art for seconds before it's gone, that's true art un!" The blonde hissed, flailing his arms around, nearly hitting Sasori in the face.

Said male groaned, and placed a gentle hand on his arms, stopping them before his face was hit, "Deidara, you truly don't get the concept of artistic beauty, art lasts forever, never rotting, something you can always look at, your ways are…something different, but it's not art."

"Why you…."

"Carpets cost a lot of money!"

"Fucking carpets, just SHUT THE HELL UP!"

"Come on Tobi, I'm hungry!"


"TOBI SHUT UP UN!" Deidara twitched, ripping his partner from Zetsu's mouth, and turning him over onto his stomach, before gripping is wrists, and placing a foot on his back.

The blonde pulled his hand, which held Tobi's captured arms, and stomped down on said boy's back.

"OW! Sempai that hurts!"

Sakura was too captivated by the members that she had forgotten Itachi behind her, and when he spoke, she almost fell flat onto ground.

"Can you guys please be quiet?" he asked coolly, loud enough to capture all the akatsuki's attention.

All eyes were on the two, and feeling the need to say something Sakura opened her mouth, "We're back…." She laughed nervously, sweat trickling down the nape of her neck.

Deidara, who was still holding Tobi in his death grip, dropped the poor boy's arm, and sweatdropped. "Sakura-Chan un!" he squealed, getting of the masked akatsuki completely, and bolting toward the girl.

He was about to take her in a bear hug, when a cool hand touched his forehead, refraining him from doing so.

"Deidara, she just got back from a mission, she does not need a hug right now." Sasori's lazy chocolate eyes stared at Sakura for a moment, ignoring the grunts of protest the blonde male had sent him.

Sasori looked her from head to toe, before his eyes landed on the wound she had gotten from her previous battle.

Before Sakura could blink, the puppet master was at her side, holding her arm in his gentle touch, "you have a cut," he stated, his words causing the blonde boy to stop whining.

Sakura chuckled, pulling her hand away from his, "It's fine, just a small scrape"

Sasori cocked his head to the side, his eyes were soft, gentle, his lips pressed into an expression of worry, "You're hurt, who did this Sakura-san, does is sting?" he asked, his voice smoothed over, and calm.

Sakura pouted, "I'm okay, it stings a little, but it's just a small cut, no big deal" she sighed, her cheeks lightly pink.

The moment Sakura and Sasori met after she had joined, they had kept a hated distance from each other, not wanting to be near the other. But after some getting to know one another, Sasori had developed a sort of sister complex. He was like an older brother, Deidara and Sasori both. The two loved the kunoichi, but not in that sort of way. They were over protective, and very kind to Sakura, and she loved that in the both of them.

Before the two could say anymore, Itachi sighed, "Sakura has to go wash up, if you please" he said, gripping the girls shoulders, and turning her from the door, before closing it behind them.

He turned to look at the girl in front of him, slightly amused by the deep blush on her cheeks, "That's usually the last place to go when you return from a mission, Sakura" he stated, his eyes twinkled from the fire light.

"Sorry, I was just excited to see everyone," she responded, fiddling with her fingers, her blush deepening.

Itachi smirked, and took her by the elbow, guiding her to their room, "Let's clean you up, you're a mess Sakura" he teased, dragging her down the bases corridors, before stopping in front of a nicely carved door.

Said akatsuki turned the handle, and flung the door open, reveling a white and blue bedroom, with a tall wide window, and neatly made beds, placed across from each other.

Itachi released Sakura's elbow, and pointed to a closed door, opposite their bedroom door, "Shower, and make sure to heal that wound Sakura, don't have me force Kakuzu to stitch it with those ropes, cause you know I will, look at Deidara's arms for example, you know how much he complains about them, he says they hurt very badly, and…" before he could finish, Sakura was gone, and the bathroom door slammed.

Itachi inwardly smiled, 'Works every time'




Sakura backed against the bathroom door and sighed, Itachi always did this to her. Said kunoichi stripped of her clothing, and let them pool on the floor, before looking at the cut on her arm, best heal it now, she sighed, channeling healing chakra into her hand, and placed it atop her wound, gasping as it stung, then smiled as she felt it close up.

After healing herself, Sakura skidded to the shower, and turned the temperature up to hot, and stepped in, letting the burning water hit her skin, and slide down her body. She reached for the shampoo bottle perched on a small soap shelf inside, and poured some of it into her hands, not bothering to question about it's odd color of red.

Sakura scrubbed down her head, and rinsed her hair off, then added some conditioner of the same color, but slightly lighter. She raked through her pink locks, then rinsed the suds from her scalp.

She hosed down her body with some soap, stepped out from the steaming water, cut the liquid off, and grabbed a towel hanging on the rack beside the sink.

Wrapping the towel around her exposed body, Sakura turned the handle of the bathroom door, and stepped into her bedroom, closing the door gently behind her. She looked around to find the Uchiha slumped on his bed, a book in hand, and a pair of glasses propped on his nose, Itachi had explained was there for eye issues.

Sakura drooled at how cute he looked, huddled on his bed, with a book, not noticing she was staring. She looked over his image, his face, his dark locks undid and hung loose around his shoulders.

"You know Sakura, it's impolite to stare." Itachi said, his eyes still glued to the book in hand.

Sakura's face grew hot, as she scrambled with her arms, flailing them about, trying to come up with an excuse when…

Her towel fell.

Chapter One: End

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