Hi! Just so you know, this isn't Neemon/Zoe romance, despite the fact that they're the main characters. You can take your sick, sick mind elsewhere.

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Zoe really wasn't sure how she had gotten herself so completely caught in a bush. One minute she had been walking on the trail, minding her own business, and the next she had tripped and found herself completely immersed in a large, particularly thorny rosebush. Her right leg was tucked up underneath her and was happily falling asleep, her left leg was fully extended in front of her (affording her the perfect view of a particularly wicked thorn poised to enter her flesh), her right arm was stuck firmly to her side, and her left hand (through a mysterious process indeed) had gotten shoved in her mouth. The branches had managed to catch her clothes and limbs and leave her more or less immobile, but as long as she stayed still she could avoid any serious injuries. It might not be comfortable, she might be slobbering all over her arm, and she couldn't call for help, but at least she could safely stay like this for a while. For reasons unknown, this didn't comfort Zoe much.

As the girl began to contemplate the possibility of starving to death before someone actually found her, she heard the snappy rustlings of someone walking through the forest.

"O'er 'ere!" Zoe mumbled, as loudly as she could without gagging on her own fingers. She smiled thankfully as she heard the noises grow gradually louder.

"Ooh! Are we sitting in bushes now?" As the unmistakable voice of Neemon drifted into the shrubs, Zoe choked on her hand and nearly stabbed herself on a rather wicked thorn. The infamous rabbit with pants waddled unceremoniously over to the bush. "It looks fun!"

To Zoe's absolute horror, Neemon grabbed a low, relatively thornless branch and attempted to pull himself into the bush, kicking his tiny legs and struggling all the way. All she could do was watch mutely as his scrawny fingers lost their hold on the branch, and she could make no move to help him when, as he fell, the waistband of his pants caught on a thorn, suspending him in the air.

"Ahh! My pants!" he screamed, his eyes bugging out to cosmic proportions. He flailed and he thrashed and he screamed, but, as usual, no one in the main camp was bothering to think about Neemon.

Ah well, thought Zoe morbidly. At least the roses are pretty.

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