Power Rangers Jungle Fury: Control

Summary: During a huge battle, Jarrod becomes free of Dai Shi's control. Casey then becomes Dai Shi's new host. He and Camille bare an heir. Jarrod realizes in order to save his brother from Dai Shi he must take responsibility and become the new Red Ranger.

Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers Jungle Fury or the characters from the series.

In the city of Ocean Bluff, Dai Shi watched from the highest rooftop as his army of Rinshi was gathering fear. The red ranger was fighting stronger than ever. Furious, Dai Shi leapt down and attacked relentlessly.

"Red Ranger, you will be the first to be destroyed." Dai Shi roared.

As Dai Shi went in for the kill, he stopped. Dai Shi fell to the ground, groaning in pain. Before Casey's eyes, Jarrod was casting Dai Shi out of his body. Dai Shi tried to attack Jarrod but Casey intercepted the attack. Casey groaned in pain. He slowly rose to his feet. He now had spiked hair and his complexion was lighter than before.

"Jarrod, I will destroy you for betraying me." Casey said evilly.

"Casey, don't let Dai Shi control you?" Jarrod pleaded.

With a flash, Casey was gone.

Back at Dai Shi's lair, Camille waited for Dai Shi to return. As the doors opened, Casey looked at his new surroundings. He noticed Camille sitting in his throne. He slowly walked up to his throne. Camille turned around and noticed Casey standing before her eyes.

"How did you get in here?" she asked confused.

"Get, off, of my throne!" Casey yelled.

"Who do you think you are?" she replied.

Casey growled. Camille quickly realized what had now happened.

Meanwhile at JKP, Lily, Theo, Dominic, RJ, and Fran were monitoring the lunch rush. As Lily walked over to greet the next customer, she quickly realized that Jarrod had walked in.

"Get out!" Lily yelled.

"Whoa, Lily. Here me out first. It's about my brother Casey." Jarrod said calmly.

In Dai Shi's bedroom, Camille and Casey were madly in love that several hour later, Camille conceived Casey's heir.

Casey went to his throne and tried to think of a plan to destroy the rangers. Even if it meant destroying the one he loved. He thought long and hard then summoned Camille.

"Camille, I want you to bring me the bracelets of the Three Overlords, the Five Fingers of Poison, and the Phantom Beast Generals. The beast war will continue as planned. Once the rangers are destroyed, I will have full control over my new host and together, you and I will conquer humanity." Dai Shi exclaimed.

Camille did as she was told and gathered the bracelets. The Beast war was about to begin.

To Be Continued…