Regrettable Exchanges

He regrets the last words he said to her. Even now, knowing that soon he will see her again, it's like an itching inside of him that won't go away. He shouldn't have been so blunt. He should have been nicer to her and he should have let her know he cared about what happened to her. Rather, he had stuck into her with words sharper than blades and he had put as much into hurting her as he possibly could.

Back then, he had thought it was the only way. If he made her hate him, she wouldn't follow him. She wouldn't try to help him and wouldn't try to save him. She wouldn't risk her life for him. It was better that way. It would have killed him if something happened to her. It still would. Now though, he wishes he could have protected her and been there for her. He wishes he had done both those things.

He swallows when there's a knock at the door and glances towards Sam. Sam nods. A frown in place, he pushes up from the chair he'd been sitting in and he walks to the door. His hand lingers on the knob for a moment before he grips it, twists it and pulls it open.

She is standing there, wearing a singlet over jeans. Her hair is pulled back and her eyes are dark and hooded. Her lips form a thin line.

"Hey," he says.


He puts a hand on the frame of the door and leans against it. "We all right?"

She remains silent for a little too long before she nods her head. "You guys need my help?"

Nodding, he steps back and waves her inside. "Sam will fill you in."

It may not be the greatest reunion but he decides it'll do. After their last conversation, he didn't think he would ever see her again. Any time with her now is time he will appreciate. Maybe he'll find a way to make things better and erase his last, hurtful words.