just a little idea for a new story i have not sure where it will go if any where at the moment:

is it ever truly over

Im lying in bed i know hes beside me, why oh why do i do it to myself, it never works, we never work, it always ends with me getting hurt, but for some reason its never seems to be truly over. He could take me to hell and back and i end up running back. A few drinks, a nice chat and i seem to let my guard down, the walls that have been built up seem to crumble bit by bit.

I know its a mistake, it would never work, but gluten for punishment here i am again.

I know I cant let this happen again, so slowly and as quiet as possible i get out of the bed, so i dont disturb him, i quickly get dressed and sneak out the room, and down the stairs.

I leave his home and i am outside in the cold and once again the walls are built up, this time stronger and harder than before.