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It was a beautiful day in Fire Country. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and in Konoha things were quite peaceful at the moment. No major missions or enemies were threatening them at the moment. Some of the ninja were glad to have a little downtime to relax. But for a group of eleven genin, one loudmouth blond in particular, the peaceful atmosphere was driving him insane.

At the moment all eleven genin were at Konohaenjoying a late lunch. Their senseis had given them the afternoon off to enjoy so they decide to hang out and discuss their plans for the future. Only a little while ago had the entire team worked together to stop a threat from an old man name Genno from harming their village.

"This is what I'm talking about. A nice peaceful day where we can just sit back and do nothing. We haven't had a day like this in a long time," Shikamaru said, as he finished his bowl of ramen.

"Yeah getting the afternoon off to do whatever we want and to eat as much as we want, sounds like a dream come true to me! I hope we have more days like this!" Choji added while munching on his favorite chips.

"I can't believe you boys! I thought that you would want to train some more! After that little run in with the old man I think we have room for improvement!" Ino wailed on them. Honestly the girl thought how could anyone be so lazy unless they were in the middle of a fight?

"Ino, you're right about wanting to get stronger, but we should also take advantage of our days off as well. Having a chance to relax and recharge is always a good idea," Sakura replied to her friend.

"I'm with Ino! I'm bored to death just sitting here doing nothing! I love ramen don't get me wrong, but I really want to have a new mission to do! Lately all we've done is errands around town or helping out with someone else's mission. I want something just for us!" Naruto complained loudly.

"Naruto's right. How can any of us just sit here and do nothing all afternoon? If our senseis' won't help us get stronger I think we should do something on our own right Akamura?" Kiba asked his faithful partner. The dog barked happily and wagged its tail.

"Gai Sensei would say training on our own to improve ourselves would be most youthful! We need to be ready for any type of threat that comes to our village!" Lee exclaimed.

"I agree with you Lee, but its not like a new threat is going to come dropping down from the sky right?" Tenten pointed out. Suddenly a loud whirring sound was heard throughout the village. Everyone looked up and spotted a golden sphere traveling through the air heading for the Hokage's Tower. "What in the world is that?"

"Its an unprecedented phenomenon," Shino whispered. His hive was greatly agitated by the energy given off by the streak.

Both Neji and Hinata both activated their Byakugan to get a closer look at the object. At this moment all of them were running towards the Hokage's Tower as fast as they could. What they saw confused them.

"Itttt'sss nooo tttt maaaa de of chakra! I don't know what it's made of, but it's not chakra!" Hinata exclaimed.

"I concur. Whatever it is limiting my ability to see inside. However I can make out the forms of at least fifteen humans and some sort of creature. The smaller forms seem be around our size, but the other three are definitely full grown adults," Neji reported.

The group took up defensive positions around the Tower. All over the place every ANBU, Jonin, and Chunin got ready to attack as the golden sphere landed at the foot of the Tower. There was a tense moment as everyone watched as the golden sphere sparkled and then disappeared revealing what was inside.

There were three adults. One them, an older bald gentlemen with a goatee in a white shirt, blue vest, and black pants with a medallion hanging from his neck, had a green lizard wrapped around his neck. The other two looked like twins; identical twins except they were the opposite sex. Both of the had long black hair with a green sheen, yellow tan skin, and dark eyes. The girl wore a pink karate shirt and light red pants while the boy wore a blue and white shirt with black pants. At their feet was an oriental chest. There was also twelve kids in their late teens all wearing the same outfit. A black robe with red cuffs, red pants for the boys or red shorts for the girls, black flatted shoes with netting for the girls, and a yellow orange sash around their middle. Two of them, a boy and girl, had a red dragon sewn on their right sleeve. Around their necks were strange pendants.

For a moment no one did anything. Then a kid who had yellow skin stepped foreword. "Greetings! We are the great Xiaolin Dragons and have come here to meet with your lea," was all he got out before kunai came flying at the group of intruders from all directions.

Instinctively the group of twelve kids raised their hands throwing up some kind of blue shield that the kunai were unable to penetrate the shield. That's when things got out of hand as everyone started attacking the intruders without giving them time for an explanation.

Naruto was about to jump in the fray when Sakura pulled him back. "What are you doing Sakura? We have to help defend the Leaf Village!"

"Just a second all you! Look at them! They obviously have some power if they can keep up that shield while being attacked by the best of the village, but they're not striking out against us!"

"Also most intruders don't give a polite greeting," Shino added.

"Yeah and listen to them!" Ino said. Above the roar of the ninja crowd they could hear unfamiliar voices calling out. They were saying things like "wait a minute" or "we can explain if you stop trying to kill us for two seconds!"

"You know I don't think they mean us any harm. They smell a little different, but friendly," Kiba mentioned.

"Maybe we should try to stop the rest of the shinobe. You know before someone ends up in the hospital," Choji suggested.

"Not to mention cause a diplomatic incident. That would be very troublesome," Shikamaru stated. The others nodded in agreement.

Getting into a ready stance the eleven kids got ready to jump in the middle of battle when a tremor shook the ground causing everyone to pause. All the ninja looked up at balcony and saw one pissed off Tsunade with Shizune standing next to her. The Xiaolin Dragons dropped their shield and all bowed respectfully at the sight of the Hokage.

"What is going on here? I sensed the arrival of my guests and get ready to greet them. Instead I find out my entire ninja force except for a group of genin going at it in an all out killing spree! Didn't anyone check the memo I posted yesterday?" Tsunade yelled.

The ANBU, Jonin, and Chunnin looked up sheepishly. All of them were shouting apologize and pointing out that the Hokage hadn't said how or when her guest would arrive. They all got the evil eye and decided to shut up.

"You shouldn't be so hard on your ninja Lady Tsunade. They responded well to a perceived threat. I apologize for the chaos our arrival has caused. We tried to aim for inside the Tower, but were unsuccessful," the bald headed gentlemen said.

"That's alright Master Fung. Why don't you and your companions join me inside? The genin who didn't attack our guest please come to my office at once! Everyone else back to your posts!" Tsunade ordered. With that she went inside. The genin quickly followed the strange group hoping to get answers to what in the name of the Elemental Nations was going on.

When they arrived in the Hokage's office the guests were off to one side of the room glancing around. When they notice the genin they began to whisper and point. A glare from the adult female made silenced them. No one knew what to say to break the ice, so Naruto decided to open his mouth to get things started.

"Hey Baa-chan who are your guests?" He asked. He ducked as Sakura tried to pound his head, but got nailed by her other hand. "What? You're all wondering the same thing!"

"That doesn't mean you can't show a little respect to our guests!"

"Enough you two! All right down to business. These people belong to a martial arts order know as Xiaolin. Now a few weeks I began receiving messages in my dreams about from these people. They come from another reality where apparently were an anime TV show," Tsunade started to explain before loud voices started interrupting her.

"Another reality? Come on your pulling our leg!" Kiba hollered.

"TV show? How can we be nothing but a TV show?" Choji demanded.

"Why would they contact you in your dreams anyways?" Ino asked.

"How did they even get here if that's the case?" Shikamaru pondered.

A loud whistle-stopped the bombardment of questions. They turned to look at the group of kids. Silently they pulled out items from who knows where from their clothes and tossed them over to the genin. What they saw shocked them. There were trading cards, toys, video games, even magnas with blocked out words and the show starting playing on a PDA that convinced them. They quickly handed the stuff back and waited for the Hokage to continue.

"Now as I was saying a few weeks ago the Xiaolin Dragons contacted me in my dreams. They told me how in their world we're the most popular anime ever. The animators are psychically linked to us and try to recreate what they perceive, but we are still in charge of our lives. Now one of the Dragons in training is a closet fan of our show. He got into his head that since they need to train to defend their world from threats they should come here for a month. Time flows differently here. Apparently a month here is only a week their time. Since they don't use chakra for their attacks they'll be learning taijustu from us. In exchange they have decided to teach the eleven of you and one other how to use chi for new attacks."

"Chi? What'ssss that?" Hinata inquired innocently. At least knowing that the guest didn't have chakra explained why her Byakugan didn't work so well earlier.

"Chi is the living life force that surrounds us all. In our world there are twelve elemental chi's. When the twelve elemental chis' congregate in one place they form a Kung site. The Kung Site in turn pulses out the energy, which is focused through three conduits and lastly attaches itself to twelve children every generation. These twelve kids are trained to be Xiaolin Dragons and help protect the world from the Heylin Forces and other threats. Forgive me I forgot to introduce myself. I am Anthony Fung. Head Monk at the Xiaolin Temple, Keeper of the Xiaowei Dragon Star, and full fledge Dragon of the Wind. The creature around my neck is our Temple's Guardian Dragon, Dojo Konojo of the Northern Chojo Chojo clan."

Dojo waved from Fung's neck. The little green guy looked around excitedly. "Hello all of you! It's so great to be here! Man I can't wait to explore more of your village. Maybe I can even help your Hokage like I do Fungy Poo here!"

"You're the smallest dragon I've ever seen. What kind of summons are you?" Naruto demanded.

"Excuse me kid! I happen to be able to change size, fly, and contain the essence of the original Dragon of Wind inside me! So shut it!" Dojo growled causing Naruto to take a step back and trip. Dojo snickered happily.

"Don't mind Dojo he gets a little defensive if you insult him. My name is Chase Young. I am the former Prince of Darkness and original Dragon of Water. I specialize in hand-to-hand combat. This is my twin sister Chakra."

"Hello I'm the original Dragon of Fire. I'm Omi's mother, a weapons expert, and for a long time I was an assassin. Recently my brother and I had a curse removed from us," Chakra explained.

What kind of curse?" Tenten asked curiously. Inside she was wondering how she could get this strange lady to share her weapon's knowledge with her.

"The kind that turns you into immortal demons for over fifteen hundred years. Technically speaking I'm 1527 years old." This answer raised eyebrows and shocked the group. Considering what demons in their world did they had to wonder how one could become cursed into one.

"Whoa you are most youthful in your appearance!" Lee exclaimed.

"She's not lying incase your wondering," Neji added startling the group even further. How many battles had they faced over the centuries?

"I wouldn't lie to someone unless I had a good reason. Now since Lady Tsunade has been kind enough to allow us to stay and provided lodging I think you kids should say thank you. After that you may change into your civilian clothes and introduce yourselves."

"Thank you Lady Tsunade!" the kids all chorused. Tsunade smiled and nodded gently at them. The kids except for Omi then grabbed their right shoulder and pulled. In a flash their robes were gone and the kids were all dressed in the strangest civilian clothes anyone had ever seen.

"Why did you do that anyways? What if you have to fight?" Sakura asked.

"Our world is different then yours. The constant threat of danger is much lower. Besides if we went out in our robes in public we might be arrested. We can still fight in these. Omi there just grew up in the Temple and doesn't really have any clothes," a boy with brown hair and green eyes spoke up.

"There is nothing wrong with my robes. Stop being such a tree in the dirt!" Omi shouted.

"STICK IN THE MUD!" the kids shouted. The genin looked at each other confused. Why had they yelled at the kid for messing up a saying?

"That too. Okay my name is Omi Long. I'm the greatest Xiaolin Dragon ever! I am the newest Xiaolin Dragon of Water. I can play the flute and one day everyone will be praising my name from all over the ow! Mom!"

"Omi what did we talk about?"

"Not to brag or be arrogant about my talent? To try and be a humble warrior?"

"That's right. You wouldn't want people to go on and on about your skin condition would you? Now step back and let your friends introduce themselves."

The genins watched this exchange with amusement on their faces. It sort of reminded them when they were back at the Academy. They had bragged and shown off an awful lot before becoming serious.

A Japanese girl with black hair was in pigtails and she had blue eyes stepped forward. She was wearing black combat boots, purple and black tights and sleeves, black studded skirt, and a green shirt with a monster pictured on it. "I'm Kimiko Tomomeko. I'm the Xiaolin Dragon of Fire. I love video games, computers, and shopping for clothes."

The next up was a bulky boy with blond hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a cowboy hat, red handkerchief, blue shirt and jeans with cowboy boots. Tipping his hat politely he spoke, "Howdy partners it's mighty nice to meet you all. Names Clay Bailey, and I am the Xiaolin Dragon of Earth. I love eating good food, lassoing stray critters and carving wood figures."

The boy who spoke earlier stepped forward. He was wearing khaki pants and white shirt with green and orange sleeves. Naruto thought he saw something weird carved on his palms, but he couldn't be sure. "I'm Raimundo Pedersosa. I'm one of the leaders of our group. I am the Xiaolin Dragon of Wind. I like pulling pranks, playing soccer, and just having a good time with my friends."

The next kid who spoke shocked them slightly. He had pale gray skin, red eyes and hair, and wore make up under one eye. His outfit was a black coat, pants, and boots with some kind of backpack and on his head strange goggles. "Hi I'm Jack Spicer and before you get on me about my eyes and skin I'm an albino. My cells can't produce pigmentation and I had to permanently dye my hair red to avoid being teased. I'm the Xiaolin Dragon of Metal. I love building robots, doing chores, and I'm the closet anime fan."

An African American boy with black curly hair and brown eyes was the next up. He was dressed in sneakers, red pants, and a blue basketball jersey with the number seven on it along with red sweatbands. "Yo, what's up dawgs? The name is Jermaine Cook and I'm pumped to meet you all you dig me? I'm the Xiaolin Dragon of Gravity, which comes in handy when you're playing basket ball or trying to rap!"

A tall strong looking guy with spiky auburn hair and hazel eyes with a cleft chin stepped into the spotlight. He wore hiking boots, blue jeans, and a red flannel shirt. "I'm Dagwood Sequoia and I'm pleased to be here. As the Xiaolin Dragon of Wood I feel most comfortable in a place surrounded by forest. I love animals, plants, and photography."

They boys kind of stared at the girl who stepped forward and the girls eyed her skeptically. It was hard to get a reading on the Spanish beauty standing before them. She had black hair with red highlights in a ponytail. Her emerald green eyes accented her skin and beauty mark. When she spoke it sent shivers down everyone's spine. "I'm Lu Alvorez the other Shoku leader of the group. I'm the Xiaolin Dragon of Lightning. I'm into fast motorcycles, extreme sports that put your life on the line, and chocolate covered jalapeno peppers. If I'm reckless and brash tough!"

A girl with pale white skin, light blue eyes and white hair held up in high ponytail pulled her back. She was wearing all white boots, skirt, and blouse with tiny snowflake earrings. "My name is Crystal White: Xiaolin Dragon of the Ice. I'm quite talented in many different areas. I love to read, collect rock samples, and ice skate."

The next girl who spoke was a rare beauty. She had short brunette hair and light green eyes. She was wearing an orange and brown sari with gold trimmings. She also had a red chakra jewel on her forehead. "Hello, I'm Anastasia Hindi, but everyone calls me Stacey. I'm the Xiaolin Dragon of Flare. I'm very religious and I am a great artist. I also enjoy school very much."

A girl with tan skin, black hair kept in a dozen cascading braids and violet eyes waved her hand. She wore a plain orange t-shirt and white pants with sandals. On her right ankle was a birthmark shaped like an asp. "I'm Auara Rapses, Xiaolin Dragon of Light. I'm into dancing and acting. I just love to perform."

The last girl was a buff dark skinned girl with medium length black hair held back by a red hair band and brown eyes. She wore hiking boots, black shorts, and a red halter. "Names Callie Dreamwalker. Along with being the Xiaolin Dragon of Darkness I also happened to be a full-fledged shawoman. I love mythology and cooking."

"Nice to meet you all. It sounds like your going to be shaking up our lives for the next month or so," Ino commented happily.

"So what's in the chest? It looks very important," TenTen asked curiously.

Chakra smiled and placed a hand on the lock. It glowed for a second before popping open. She reached in a pulled out a strange artifact. It was shaped like star with a ruby in the center. "This chest is used to transport and keep the Shen Gong Wu safe when they're not in the Temple Vault."

"Shen Gong Wu? What a Shen Gong Wu?" Choji asked between bites.

"Our beloved teacher Dashi was a Grand Master Xiaolin Dragon. His father Xiaowei was an Avatar, a master of all twelve elements. His mother Xiaowmei was a great chi healer. He learned from them how to solidify chi into objects of great and mystical power. We call these items Shen Gong Wu. You can learn more about them later after the viewing," Chase explained.

"Viewing? What kind of viewing are you talking about?" Kiba inquired.

"We have a unique ability to play back our memories in TV episode format. After we get settled in you can see us rise from novices (genin) to Shoku (Special Jonin) rank. Give me a few hours and your entire village can have the best movie night of its life okay? Until then we'll get settled in," Jack replied. Already he was distributing his nanobots to setting up the equipment.

"After they get in and tonight's movie the eleven of you along with your sensei's will report to training ground 6 for the start of your new training. Your dismissed until tonight," Tsunade said. With a bow everyone left talking eagerly about today's event and wondering what they would see of the Xiaolin Dragon's life.

"Those kids seem okay, but they have some strange looking civilian cloths if you ask me," Naruto said.

"They most likely represent the culture from which they come from. Judging by their accents they all come from different countries," Shino replied.

"That would explain their diverse looks and hobbies. I wonder what kind of team they make?" Kiba said.

"Judging by their high rank and ease with each other I say they are a great team together. I wouldn't be surprised if they're dating one another," Shikamaru added.

"I wonder what kind of adventures they're going to show us tonight. I still find it hard to believe we're all an anime show in their world. Not to mention the fact that the entire show is based around you Naruto!" Sakura yelled.

"I can't help it if I'm the hero! Besides you guys seem pretty important to. I hope I can get another look at the merchandise. Hey what kind of chi element do you think I'll be?"

"Who knows? We could be paired up with a number of different chi elements. I hope we learn something useful," Tenten commented.

"I'm sure we will. The trick will be incorporating this new way of fighting with our jutsu. It is a challenge I'm looking forward to the most," Neji added.

"Do you think they'll go easy on us during our first training session?" Hinata asked.

"I don't know, but I do know it will be a most youthful experience! I can already see Gai Sensei battling their Dragon Masters! I hope they inspire us all greatly!" Lee exclaimed.

"Well will find out tonight won't we? So who's bringing the food to the movie?" Choji inquired.

A few hours later the ninja population along with most of the civilian were gathered in the park ready to watch the viewing. It would take about three and a half hours to watch everything. All the ninja were still nervous about how the Hokage was going to react about the earlier incident with the Xiaolin Dragons. The civilians just wondered how this was going to affect their lives. Finally everyone was seated and a Jackbot started up the film. It was going to be an interesting night.

The night opened up with what one would dub the first season of Xiaolin Showdown. The first season dealt mostly with the original four of Omi, Kimiko, Clay, and Raimundo battling a then evil boy genius Jack Spicer and the ghostly former Heylin Witch Wuya.

There were some interesting adventures. Kurenai was impressed by the Showdown magic. It was like the ultimate genjustu in her mind. Asuma was impressed by Fung's laid-back attitude that had such great results. Kakashie was interested in the different challenges they came up with and how much teamwork was strengthened. What got Gai was even though Jack failed a lot as an evil boy genius he still kept trying.

The genin were impressed by their hard work and the lessons each of the monks had to learn. It was quite fun to try to decipher what Master Fung was saying for example:

"Simple solutions to complex problems are often the best."

"You must quite the storm in your mind. Drown out all distractions. Only then can you achieve absolute focus."

After destroying a jade elephant the monks were trying to get. "You could not. Your goal was to win, mine was simply not to lose. That is victory enough for me."

The first season came to a dramatic conclusion. After failing to destroy the Xiaolin monks with the demonized Shen Gong Wu warrior Mala Mala Jong, Wuya tried something else. She recruited a hurt and angry Raimundo to help her. Raimundo had not been promoted to Apprentice (chunnin) along with his friends because of his actions during the Mala Mala Jong. Add to the fact all his friends were flaunting their new status you had one mentally unstable person.

"I can't believe he would turn his back on his friends like that! Its so wrong to throw everything away jus because you don't get a promotion!" Naruto growled.

"It wasn't just the promotion Naruto. It was the way he was treated and how his actions were considered disgraceful. It hurt him emotionally. His actions make a lot more sense that way," Sakura whispered.

"Yeah and look at the results. A former ghost is back in her flesh body. She rules the world and the kids have to team up with pathetic evil boy genius to save the day. I mean he got sick riding a dragon," Kiba laughed.

"Shut up Kiba. How many fourteen year olds do you know that can build a functioning time machine?" Ino hissed.

"Grand Master Dashi is quite unique. Hiding his full potential throughout the Showdown was quite impressive. His ability to transform ordinary objects into powerful objects is very useful," Neji observed.

"True and the end results are quite logical. Raimundo being the one to open the puzzle box and trapping Wuya again was the only rational outcome," Shino added as the first season ended.

Three episodes later Raimundo was an Apprentice and the group could perform their combined move. That's when things changed greatly with the Scroll of the Twelve Dragons revealing the Dragon of Lightning. However when they first met Lu no one in Kohana could believe it. This girl was reckless, brash, and downright disrespectful. She thought learning to control her powers and protecting the world was a punishment!

"What is the deal with this girl? Why is she acting like such a spoiled brat?" Tenten demanded.

"I don't know, but her behavior is most unyouthful! She should be ashamed of herself!" Lee replied.

At the end of Lu's solo arc a lot had changed. They had met Wuya's mom, Empress Valonia and her sister High Priestess Meribor. The three of them ruled the Nilyeh City, which had been trapped behind a chi barrier for centuries. But add one fallen dragon, a rescue party turned evil, and the misuse of a Wu and the barrier was gone. Not to mention the fact both Raimundo and Lu were marked as Royals of the city with Heylin blood and that all the monks had been split in two with one good and one evil half. This complicated things especially since Master Fung decided to start their high school education to keep them knowledgably and up to date. This secretly pleased Iruka who thought education should continue even after Academy.

With the inhabitants of the Heylin City freed, but unable to attack until two blue moons passed the race was on to gather the remaining six dragons and bring them to safety. Valonia was determined to turn them all into whole Heylin Dragons so she entered an alliance with Chase Young, who was evil then, to train and collect her dragons. Her daughters would handled making them more alive and tend to their magical gifts. She also granted powers to Katnappe, the cat girl thief in exchange for her help. The meetings of the other six dragons were quite memorable.

The first Dragon was Jermaine. The kid was really reluctant to leave his home in NYC. The seven kids and dragon were walking home explaining the situation to their friend. He was in disbelief finding out that he was the Dragon of Gravity and that things had gotten worse since they last seen each other. Still he was reluctant to leave everything he knew to go train. "I don't know you guys. What you're telling me sounds something I would read about in the National Inquire. If you look at it from my point of view I just am a good jumper, I don't really defy gravity." In the end after Chase stole his Heylin half he packed his bags for China.

Crystal was next. Her home of Reyvchieck Iceland was both beautiful and cold. It surprised everyone to learn she gave Omi a last name to comfort him, but were more surprised by her actions during the showdown. During the repelling Showdown to get the Horn of the Blizzard from Katnappe, the cat girl undid her harness sending her tumbling. That's when it happened.

Summoning up her new powers Crystal called out the name of her element. "Ice!" Reaching out widely she managed to snag a ledge. Swinging herself onto the ledge she glared up at Katnappe who had stopped laughing once she noticed Crystal hadn't fallen to her death. "You know that old sayings how Cheetahs never prosper? Well here's the reason why. Blizzard Storm Ice!" Instantly a flurry of snow and ice whirled around Katnappe freezing her solid causing the Showdown to end. The Horn landed securely in Crystal's hands and she smirked happy she had won.

When Dagwood joined the scene all the inhabitants of the Hidden Leaf village were stunned by how tall the redwood trees were. They also were impressed on the gear used to climb it without chakra. Still nothing was as impressive as his ability to use wood.

"I refuse to give up! If I can't beat you in log rolling then I'll just have to get you off this log. Tongue of Sapieng! Bald Eagles attack Katnappe!" Instantly the two adult Bald Eagles dove from the sky and raked their talons across her back. The pain was sever enough to fall over, but not enough to let go. So Dagwood gave her a reason to let go. "Timber Slice Wood!" he shouted bringing his hands down at super speed and slicing her section of the tree in half. Katnappe couldn't maintain her grip and fell in the river ending the Showdown.

The next Dragon was Stacey. Her home of Mumbai India was very crowded and it was weird to see so many religious items around. They got a laugh when Stacey pretended her older brothers would beat up Jermaine if he took her out. Her art skills were impressive, but what was more impressive was how her faith saved her.

"As you wish Master. Exploding Spin Flare!" she shouted, this time sending a flowering orange explosion at Chase. The Prince of Darkness barely had time to avoid it before he was caught up in Graviton Well. Looking down he saw that Stacey had returned to normal and was wearing Xiaolin robes. "It seems my faith is a whole lot stronger then your stupid mind tricks!"

In Cairo Egypt they met Auara whose parents were diplomatic assistance at the US Embassy. The ANBU were impressed by the female bodyguard Juliet even though they had no idea what a Six Saucer was. Still it was weird to see someone use dance and acting lessons to escape capture, but it wasn't enough to save her from Chase. For the first time they all really saw the power of chi. Auara had used the power of the Sun Chi Lantern to the its fullest power.

A glowing aura surrounded her and she could feel the strength of her friends spread throughout her body. Whatever nervous feelings she had before vanished almost at once. Raising one hand she summoned the first element. "Water! Fire! Earth! Wind! Metal! Gravity! Wood! Lighting! Ice! Flare! Light!" All eleven elements surrounded her and she released the pent up energy in one solid attack at Chase driving him twenty feet back and into a wall. The glow disappeared and Auara's knees buckled.

The last dragon was Callie. While it was interesting to learn about the Aborigine culture it upset Shino slightly that she ate bugs for food. Shikamaru was impressed by how well she used her brain to solve problems. Like when Clay, Dojo, and her were cornered she didn't panic.

"I really don't think it will be much of a concern. Observe," she said stopping. She stood stock-still waiting. Suddenly she thrusted the right side of her body behind her shouting, "Shadow Sweep Darkness!" A black shroud of darkness engulfed Chase Young causing him to take a step back. " I knew you were following us. I know what you want and you can't have it! Hiyah!" she shouted hurling a hunting boomerang at his body. The weapon didn't even scratch the new armor, but it did give the three of them enough time to get use the Shroud of Shadows to get away.

So with all twelve dragons united together things really began to change. They studied hard at school, did their chores without complaint. Trained in all sorts of different ways. When a Shen Gong Wu activated six would stay to guard the Temple and its contents while the other six would retrieve. Lots of lessons were learned as the dragons overcame flaws in their character. Still nothing they did helped them regain their Heylin halves. Chase and the Royal Heylin Family were always one step ahead of them.

It still shocked many of the ninja population that a person would willingly turn into demon to have power and glory for all time. Nor did they like the idea of Chase turning his defeated foes into jungle cats. Still the second season ending was unbelievable.

Through the use of tricks and Heylin magic the turned Omi's good half evil when he went into the Ying Yang Universe to rescue Master Fung. The world was plunged into chaos and the others didn't know what to do. The five who knew Omi best went after him and used the Ying Yo Yo to go get his chi back. When they returned Omi took out a good Katnappe, Dojo, Clay, and Raimundo. Kimiko used the Monscaria Mousco to transform into a fly and Jack the Changing Chopsticks to shrink to the size of grain of rice. Both went inside Omi's head hoping to use his chi to turn him back to normal. That left Crystal to fight Omi, which she refused to. Even when she ended up bloody and breathing hard she refused.

Crystal looked him straight in the eye. She knew she could take him if she really wanted to, but she couldn't. She loved him too much and refused to give up any hope. "Is that what you really want to do Omi? Kill me or hand me over to the Heylin side so I can serve them?" she asked softly. Omi stared at her, but didn't say anything. She pressed her advantage. "Omi no matter what's changed on the outside your still the same Omi Long I fell in love with. Please Omi come back to me."

It did work, but at a price. Omi's Heylin half fired off three ice shards intent on impaling him. Crystal shoved him out of the way and got impaled herself. Omi willingly got turned into a lion cub to give his friends a chance to save Crystal. It wasn't easy in a world with no doctors, but even Shizune and Tsunade had to give credit to the dragons. Using their computers, Shen gong Wu, and little odds and end they saved Crystal live.

"Now that was some quick thinking. They really had to use their imagination to save their friends life," Shizune commented.

"I was greatly impressed. With no medical training they jumped in and did whatever it took to save the girls life. Look at the girl she's pushing past the pain to fight. Even Master Fung with all his bandages and wheelchair refuses to give in. They are really dedicated."

The second season arch ended with a bang. The Dragons challenged Chase's hold on Omi and put Valonia in her place. During an all out soccer match the dragons used their powers to score their points. Finally it was tied and it looked like the reptilian Chase would win. The audience shouldn't have worried. The kids combined their powers together and saved the world, turned Omi human again, and all earned the rank of Wudai (Jonin).

With them becoming Wudai warriors it meant they would go on quest leaving the Temple under the protection of Chi Bubble. Their first quest to find the Bird of Paradise had them discovering their new Wudai powers. When they finally did find the Bird it really was a lesson in looking underneath the underneath. Case in point old ugly ladies who can't carry a tune.

"But you haven't lost the Bird of Paradise," she replied transforming into a beautiful pink bird right before their eyes. "You see I am the Bird of Paradise. I often travel in human form to test people in order to help them discover their greatest qualities. My gift to you for helping is the revealing of these qualities. Your gifts include loyalty (Omi), courage (Kimiko), strength (Clay), kindness (Raimundo), determination (Jack), selflessness (Jermaine), compassion (Dagwood), bravery (Lu) helpfulness (Crystal), generosity (Stacey), wisdom (Auara), and lastly hopefulness (Callie). The purpose of this quest was to discover these gifts and unlock your Wudai powers. By achieving this objective you have made the first step on your journey to becoming full fledge Dragons. Trust in yourself and your friends and you will always achieve your goals. I must be going now la la la!" she sang off key soaring away leaving the Dragons to ponder her words

It was also during this time that Chakra came back. She was on a mission by the Order of Concordia, (secret society pursuing justice at all costs); she was supposed to eliminate Hannibal Roy Bean. He was evil tyrant human that had been transformed into a bean centuries ago for trying to take over the world by using Kung Sites.

The Dragons didn't learn this until much later. First they went on a quest to discover their magical Wudai Weapons. Tenten's eyes practically bugged out their sockets upon seeing them in use. Everyone else was impressed and slightly happy they didn't have to train under Master Monk Guan at the sister temple. He made Gai look easy. When they received their Elemental Wu guards everyone laughing at the problems Omi caused.

Their individual growths were also stunning. Tsunade was impressed by how Crystal got help for her grief of losing her grandfather, Stacey inspired all kunaochi by not going through her wedding after saving the day, and Anko was wondering how to talk to Auara about using snake priestess blood with snakes. They all learned thanks to Callie not to mess with someone on vacation ever. They saw true suffering in New York with gang war fare and met a lot of mystical creatures when they purified the Enchanted Spring. They all learned from Jack why revenge was stupid and Lu managed to get them all recombined with their Heylin halves.

During this time they learned more about Chakra, her pasts, and her quest. It was during the Rite of Passage Ceremony that the biggest part of her past was found out. When the monks' souls got sent back in time to help the Ancient's defeat Hannibal. Hannibal was greatly injured and Chakra continued to pursue. In her mind he was just as evil as Orichmaru.

The ending of the third season was great. There was time travel, intense fighting, secrets revealed, and the naming of two Shoku leaders. While they knew it would be Raimundo and Lu, but what Master Fung said made a good leader surprised them.

Everyone gave their compliments, but Rai and Lu just kept staring in disbelief at their outfits. Looking each other in the eye they nodded and turned to Master Fung. "Master Fung as great as this promotion is we can't accept it," Rai told him stunning everyone.

"It's not that we don't want it, but we don't deserve it. Both of us nearly caused the end of the world and were nowhere near the best warriors. I really think the honor should go to Omi and Crystal. They're the ones who deserve it the most," Lu admitted.

Master Fung and Dojo glanced at one another smiling. "Congratulations you two. You have passed the final test and now have truly become the leaders of this group."

"It brings tears to your eyes when this moment arrives."

"Test? I'm afraid that we don't understand."

"There is much more to being a leader then being the best Xiaolin Warrior. It is important that they be good at the martial arts and have mastered their elemental Wu, weapons, and received their Soul. It also helps if they're well rounded in hobbies and school, but that's not the only qualification."

"A leader must be well liked by the entire group, get along with their partner, and they must know the strengths and weakness of all their team members. He or she must have a perspective on both the Xiaolin and Heylin side so they can make sound judgment and anticipate the other side's actions. Another quality a leader must posses is the ability to inspire not only his or her friends to a cause, but at the same time make their enemies see that it's a worthy adventure as well. He or she must be willing to fight against astronomical odds and be ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. A leader never shows fear even if inside they are terrified. They follow the rules when others are cheating. However the greatest skill they need is the ability to admit when they are wrong and ask for help. You two embody all these qualities and that is why you've been chosen above all others. Congratulations."

"Thanks Master Fung we won't let you down!"

The remaining adventures were sweet. They saw Chakra and Omi break the curse. They went to another world to learn new moves and how to summon soul beasts. They all earned Shoku rank and lastly saved two worlds from destruction. They had completed their first semester of collage and were on a working vacation. They sensed a new evil on the rise and ninja training sounded like the perfect way to prepare.

The movie ended and everyone went his or her separate ways for the night. Tomorrow promised to be very exciting and they couldn't wait to start learning new ways to fight. Being teachers themselves sounded fun as well.