The ride back to the Leaf Village was pretty uneventful. Hinata was busy with her healing salves attending to the more minor injuries. Raimundo was using a Xiaolin technique to heal some of the more difficult cases, but they would all need to be checked out by a med ninja to ensure that there was no lasting damage.

"How's your shoulder doing Auara? Still in pain?" Raimundo inquired as he finished pouring chi into the wound. He smiled as the wound closed up. Sometimes being a Shoku leader with the ability to heal was a rewarding experience.

"No pain Raimundo, but I still want someone to check it out. It wouldn't do good for my career as a Xiaolin warrior or an entertainer if it didn't heal properly," Auara replied.

"It must really suck not having a healing factor like mine hehe. I still can't believe how well I did in that showdown. Are you guys sure I can't test this thing out? I mean I could finally beat Fuzzy Brows with this!"

"And ruin any chance you have for advancing along with it. Don't tell me you've forgotten that little Hitai-ate is dangerous. Then again you might stay out of trouble if you used it," Shikamaru muttered.

"You should be satisfied with your victory and leave it at that. Chakra how are you and Kakashi-sama holding up back there? You both look really tired," Crystal asked.

"Nothing a good nights rest and some pain killers won't take care of. I must admit those Rock Ninja were tougher then I expected. I haven't had that much fun in a long time," Chakra replied.

"I had to admit that was fun too. At least you didn't try to keep score about how many you took out over me. It was interesting to meet the spirit of a man who taught you so much. Still I wonder where he got that crazy idea of his," Kakashi replied.

"What idea would that be?" Hinata asked, but before he could respond Dojo interrupted the conversation stating they were ten minutes outside the village and they should call ahead to see if their would be any problems with the landing.

"I'll call ahead. Let's hope I can get decent reception," Raimundo said flipping open his phone. Good thing Jack invented these things to work in a world with no satellites. "Yo Lu, come in girlfriend. This is Raimundo, calling to report a successful mission and that we need to be looked over by some medical personal."

"Hola Raimundo! Its great to hear your mission was a success and that your back so soon. Wouldn't have thought you guys complete a mission in less then six hours. Still we have something we need you to do for us first. By now your little group must have seen what we accomplished while you were away," Lu responded.

The group looked up and gasped in surprise and delight. Nestled safely among the trees perfectly camouflaged was a giant forest green chakra sphere. With Hinata's Byakugan they learned that it extend underground at least ten feet preventing attack from below and ten feet in the air preventing attack from there.

"I.. I don't see any weakness at all. The sphere is emitting high amounts chakra and completely stable. It's continuously being renewed so it won't falter. It's a perfect defense."

"I'm impressed. This is one barrier that I doubt anyone can break through."

"Thanks we've been testing it out for the past hour or so. The Sphere is working perfectly. We've captured people who are inside it trying to harm the population. The ninja forces from the ANBU down to the weakest Genin have attacked it testing for weak spots. None were found, but for the ultimate test we need to see how it handles up to something of pure evil intent from the outside. So could Naruto and Raimundo please attack with their strongest attacks please? If all goes according to plan the Sphere will repel the attacks back and all you have to do is dodge them,"

"What do you say Naruto? Your Ransagan and my flames?"

Naruto just gave him a foxy grin and created a clone. He knew the real reason behind the test was to make sure the sphere wouldn't react to the fox sealed inside of him. Still if this Sphere kept the village safe it would be worth it. Concentrating hard he poured as much chakra as he could into the Ransagan. "Ready Rai?"

"Let's do it! Dojo dodge the first sign of trouble!"

The crackling emerald flames merged with the spiraling ball of chakra. Everyone watched with intensity as the attack struck the Chakra Sphere. The Sphere crackled and shimmered, but didn't break. Instead it absorbed some of the attack and then flung the rest back at the group. It took everything Dojo had to avoid being struck.

"Well guess we know it works huh. At least this will make life less troublesome."

"Shut up Shika just shut up."

They landed on top of the Hokage's office where everyone plus some medical ninja were waiting for them. Omi practically leapt into his mother's arms shouting something about dishonorable foes and horny men threatening her. Chakra laughed and assured her son that she was all right.

"I'm glad you're alright. I was very concerned about you. It took all my will power to remain here and help fortify this place. You wouldn't believe how much help they needed," Chase said to her.

"I'm sure you were a big help. Tsunade-sama what is your assessment over all our injuries?"

"Surprisingly there aren't to many serious injuries. Your both exhausted, but not so bad you need intensive care. A good night rest should help. The rest of the group just needs a few stitches, some antibiotics to prevent infection and some sleep. You'll be up and ready for anything tomorrow."

"In that case let's all get some rest. It's been a busy day and tomorrow is our guests last full day here. They leave the day after that. I think for one we should make the most of tomorrow and see what's everyone learned. Don't you agree," Kakashi asked.

"I think that would be perfectly acceptable Kakashi-san," Master Fung said. With that everyone went home to get some rest for tomorrow.

The next day everyone was up bright and early. The Xiaolin Warriors would be leaving the next day early so everyone wanted to make the most of today. There were a few surprises waiting for everyone.

Everyone had assembled inside Lady Tsunade's office wondering what was going on. Both Master Fung and her were smiling brightly at the Xiaolin Warriors and their ninja counterparts. Even the Jonin senseis were excited about something.

"I'm glad you're all here. I have a few announcements to make. First, I would like to personally extend my gratitude and thanks to the Xiaolin warriors for coming here. You behaved in a proper manner and were excellent teachers. You not only taught my forces valuable skills, but I believe you've helped them with their social and personal lives."

"Your welcome Lady Tsunade-sama. It was our pleasure to teach such fine people. We also learned a lot from them as well. I feel confident that whatever new evil we face in our own world we can handle it," Raimundo stated, respectfully bowing to her.

"We only wish there was a way for all of you to come visit us sometimes. Then we really could have an alliance with each other," Lu added sadly.

"I'm glad to hear that. Because one of my announcements is that we are currently working on a jutsu to cross the divides between our worlds. Once completed, we will be able to contact and visit you anytime we wish. So if the Hidden Leaf Village is ever in danger we know we can count on you guys to come to our aid at a moments notice."

"A jutsu like that would take a lot of time to perfect and make. Sounds like a real project to work on," Asuma commented.

"Still if it works our village will have an ace up its sleeve. Our enemies have never met the Xiaolin Dragons or seen their Shen Gong Wu in action. I think its brilliant," Kurenai stated.

"Yosh it will be the ultimate test of our youth! To complete such a jutsu will require all of Konoha to work together!"

"Could you shout any louder Gai?"

"Alright that's enough I have a few more announcements I like to make if I could please. Xiaolin Dragons, for services rendered and in the interest of friendship I would like to present you with your own Leaf Hitai-ate and make you honorary Leaf Ninja. Do you accept?"

"Yes Hokage-sama!" The Dragons exclaimed excitedly. They never thought in their wildest dreams this would happen. They all stood proud as Shizune handed each of them a hiate tai with a smile on their face.

They quickly put them on to show their allegiance. Omi had little trouble seeing as how his head was way to big. So instead Crystal tied it to his arm. She had opted to use hers in place of her ponytail holder. Clay had strapped his across his hat while Callie wore hers like a headband. Kimiko wore hers around her neck and Jack swapped out his goggles. Raimundo strapped his across his head while Lu wore hers like a bracelet. Jermaine opted for the belt look and Stacey tied hers to her arm. Dagwood and Auara both opted for across the forehead. They smiled at each other and their friends who were congratulating them on a job well done.

"Now that's taken care of I also have an announcement young ninja. You have worked hard and proven yourselves as worthy Xiaolin Warriors. As such I would like to present each of you with an Apprentice level sash and name you honorary Dragons," Master Fung said calmly. He smiled as Chase and Chakra handed the sashes out and helped the Genin tie them around their outfits.

"This is so cool! None of the other Academy students are going to believe this!" Konohamaru exclaimed. He eagerly wrapped his dark blue sash around his waist expertly. Spending time with Kimiko had taught him to be fashion conscience at all times.

"It's an unusual promotion, but one we do deserve. I think that we have proven ourselves this last month with adapting so quickly to a new style of fighting. It proves we all are better then most of the ninja forces," Shino commented. The blue sash actually did look good against his coat.

"Alright we're honorary Dragons yes! This is so exciting!" Naruto shouted. He was so happy to be acknowledged at an advance level, even if it was for a different system. It was still a promotion!

"We're so pleased that you are enjoying your new achieved status. All of you did work hard to earn. Lady Tsunade, your sensies, and finally myself and the twins would like a demonstration of what you have learned this past month. It would really help us determined what your new level of skill is. Afterwards I think it would be prudent to test our new Shen Gong Wu out against one of you. After all the mighty ox can't challenge the tiger if it isn't aware of the condition its horns."

"Huh? What does that mean?" Ino questioned.

"He means simply one doesn't use something unless you know how it will effect you," Auara explained.

"So whose up for a little demo? I hope that demo turns into demolition!" Lu shouted, happily confirming once again that she was as wild and reckless as ever.

"You are not demolitioning my office! Take it outside, heck take me with you; I need a break from this office. Shizune, can you take care of the office for a couple hours? I promise to be back soon."

"Right away Lady Tsunade. Go enjoy yourself."

Ten minutes later everyone was out on a training grounds watching the Dragons and Genin demonstrated what they had learned in a months time. The results were nothing short of astonishing in some cases.

All ladies were pleased when Omi didn't say anything about them being mere girls. But what was even more astonishing he was finally able to pull of Sakura's super strength technique! He had learned to channel some of his chi into his fist in order to temporarily increase his strength.

Sakura had also vastly improved. She had not only picked up the basics of Xiaolin, but had managed to learn some of the more difficult techniques. Techniques that include Repulse the Monkey, Leopard Strike, and Horse Skipping Rocks. Three high level techniques, along with her ability to perform Tornado Strike on command, made her quite the deadly opponent.

Konohamaru was proud to show off his new technique. Not only had his hand to hand combat vastly improved, his proudest accomplishment was being able to do the Judilea Flip properly without assistance. Likewise Kimiko showed what she had learned from Iruka-sensei.

Clay and Choji literally rocked the training ground. Choji's mastery over his new earth move and his newfound proficiency with ropes made him a real contender. Likewise Clay really showed them it wasn't your weight, but how you threw it around!

Naruto and Raimundo had a lot to demonstrate. Both of them had become much better fighters by working together. Naruto's intelligence had also gone up tremendously thanks to Raimundo's tutoring. He was also very adept at using Typhoon Boom. Raimundo secretly also had a new list of pranks to pull once he got back home.

Jack and Tenten were quite impressive with their techniques. Jack had benefited from her knowledge of weapons improving his aim. He had also incorporated the minimum taijustu into his own style. Tenten had taken the to the Xiaolin style like a fish to water. She was better able to defend herself now that she had a proficiency in metal. Tenten's proudest moment was when she was able to show of her new broad swords to her team. They were very impressed.

Lee and Jermaine had improved in different areas. Lee was literally jumping with joy when he demonstrated his mastery over the gravity technique. He had also taken the Xiaolin moves and merged them with his usual Goken attacks. After a touching moment between Gai and Lee, Jermaine showed everyone what Lee had taught him. His speed and strength had increased thanks to Lee's methods and he pulled off Leaf Hurricane without a hitch. Both boys were extremely proud of themselves.

Next up was Shino and Dagwood. This was a sight to see because normally Shino didn't rely on hand-to-hand combat. After a month of training with Dagwood, Shino's combat skills were now up to par and he could pull of his Wood attack without problems. In turn Shino had sharpened Dagwood's tracking skills and how to use existing wildlife in his fights.

The most shocking pair was that of Lu and Neji. Lu had learned to be a bit more respectful, although she still playfully called Neji Chico. At the same time it was very impressive how well she could perform Gentle Fist when she couldn't see the chakra network. Neji also stunned everyone and not because he mastered the lightning technique or his use of Xiaolin. No, what stunned the group was how good he was at dirt boarding and he actually liked it!

Hinata and Crystal were also pretty remarkable when their turn to demonstrate came up. Hinata's skill with ice and the power behind her Mantis Kick surprised everyone. Crystal had also improved greatly thanks to Hinata's training and could do quite a few Gentle Fist attacks the results were very damaging.

Kiba, Akamura, and Stacey put on quite a show. The month together had really changed them. Personality wise Kiba was still the same, but for some reason he seemed calmer, less cocky. When he showed off his Flair attack he accepted the praise humbly. Stacey had also learned to be a bit more destructive and how to spin when she attacked. Both humans and dog were pleased with themselves.

Ino's skills were much sharper and stronger since she stared dancing for exercise. Her ability to perform such a limber move like Strike of the Flying Serpent was testimony to that. Her kicking distance was also enhanced when she obliterated a target with Sunlight Kick. Auara was also pretty outstanding. With Ino's help she had learned to block out mental attacks and expanded her knowledge of hand-to-hand combat.

Last up were Shikamaru and Callie. For once Shikamaru wasn't being lazy and put forth an effort to show what he learned. Asuma was pleased to note that his student had improved greatly by learning Xiaolin and his new attack would certainly make enemies fear him. Callie had benefited from the training by improving her mental capacities. She was a pretty good tactician now.

All the teachers were pleased with the progress of their students. The month together had been beneficial for both parties. Tsunade was very glad she had agreed to this. Master Fung was also pleased and suggested it was time to test out the new Shen Gong Wu.

"This is going to be great! Fuzzy Brows is going to wipe the floor with Jermaine this time!"

"You do realize that this isn't a contest right? We're just seeing how long we can use the Wu before damage starts to set in. Still I bet you twenty dollars that Jermaine beats Lee."

"Your own and be ready to pay up! I've never lost a bet in my life!"

"If the gambling floor is now closed, I would like to get started on my match here. Yo hommie remember when I say stop we stop. No reason for me to end up in traction the day before I go home capuche?"

"Agreed I'm ready for this rematch. Activate your Wu and lets see what you can do!" Lee said. He watched as Jermaine shouted the name of his Wu. The little headband glowed gold for a second and then faded. With a nod from his opponent he launched into a Leaf Hurricane.

Jermaine waited patiently until Lee was a few feet from him then struck. He expertly blocked the attack and then countered with a Shadow of the Dancing Leaves attack. Smirking, he launched his own attack. With speed matching Lee's he attacked with Leaf Great Whirlwind. He actually connected with Lee surprising him.

"Impressive Jermaine-kun! Your ability to match my moves is quite youthful!"

"I'm just getting started homeboy. Let's see if you put me through my paces!"

On the sidelines the audience was entranced by the show. It was amazing to watch two friends battled it out. Still, the dragons were worried that Jermaine might push himself to far.

"It's unbelievable how well Jermaine is keeping up with Lee. The Hitai-ate's power is incredible," Tenten commented.

"Yeah, to keep up with Lee that Shen Gong Wu has to transmit the information it gather from Lee directly into Jermaine's brain and then his muscles. To do all that in mere seconds is nothing short of magical."

"Yes, but for how long can he keep it up before damage sets in?"

"My Lee is doing quite well in this rematch don't you think? Even with your student's advantage Lee is going to win this fight."

"In case you haven't noticed Gai this isn't a contest. Besides Jermaine can pull off a win if he wants too."

Back in the fight both boys were giving it all they had. They both were determined to win this fight, but unfortunately Jermaine was reaching his limits. He could feel his body straining to keep up and he was starting to be wracked with pain. Sliding backwards he formed the time out sign. "Enough bro! I've reached my limit. If I continue fighting I'm going to end up worse then a commuter on the downtown express."

"Agreed Jermaine-kun! I must say this time around I won our little sparring match," Lee commented before twitching in pain. Both boys sank to their knees while their girlfriends and Lady Tsunade made their way over.

"Are you okay Lee? Here let me check you for injuries," asked a concern Sakura. She used her medical jutsu to check for internal damage. Finding nothing except for some bruised muscles she deactivated the jutsu. "Your muscles our a little bruised, but you should be fine after a little rest."

"Thank you Sakura-chan, I greatly appreciate this. How's Jermaine-kun doing?"

"Lady Tsunade?"

"Don't worry he's fine. Your lucky you didn't try pushing any longer. After ten minutes your body wouldn't be able to heal. I've fixed the inner damage, but you should rest a little bit."

"Thank you Lady Tsunade. It appears our new Shen Gong Wu is a crunch time one. We'll have to remember that," Stacey stated. She took Jermaine's hand and led him back to the group. She was amused to see Raimundo grumbling as he paid Naruto twenty bucks.

The rest of the day was full of fun for the group. Dagwood took a lot of pictures with his camera. He was going to spend the night editing them and putting together scrapbooks for everyone. They had a large feast and even did a little dancing to the song Graduation. The adults also enjoyed a rather intense poker game. Too soon it was time for the Dragons to head back to the hotel to pack and get some sleep. They would be leaving around noon the next day. Everyone agreed to meet on the roof again to say goodbye and exchange gifts.

The next day noon arrived fairly quickly. The monks had their bags packed, the Shen Gong Wu chest locked and with the Wu tripled checked, and they also had month supply of ramen with them. Hanging around Naruto had turned them into ramen freaks. Everyone was looking very sad that their month with each other was over, but the Dragons had to return home.

"I still can't believe that you've been here a month, but only a week has passed in your own world," Naruto stated sadly.

"Yeah that's temporal and spatial mechanics for you. I'm sure that the next time we meet I'll have figured them out," Jack replied.

"You shouldn't be so sad. This isn't goodbye forever. Its more like until we meet again," Auara pointed.

"Yeah, with so many people working on the new jutsu will be seeing you guys again soon," Sakura agreed.

"Then I guess its time for us to say our farewells and give each our host a gift for their great hospitality. My Lady Tsunade I'm honored that you gave my students and I such a wonderful learning experience. I'm sure our encounter has set forth a motion of change that will greatly benefit both our students," Master Fung said, as he bowed.

"I should thank you. Your gift of the Chakra Sphere will greatly benefit us down the road. More lives will be saved because of it. So to say thanks I got you a crate of my best sake. I hope you like it."

"Thank you my Lady I accept. I also have a gift for you," he replied. First he kissed her hand and then gave her a plague, which read Dr. Tsunade: Head of the Medical Department. Beneath it was the Hippocratic Oath. Her smile told him she loved it. They both were smiling as they watched Dojo exchange a plate of poffins treats with Tonton for a vest with the kanji dragon.

Chase was about to say goodbye to his buddies when a kunai came flying at him. He caught it and brought it up to defend himself as Anko pressed her own against his. "I was wondering if I would see you before I left Anko-chan."

"I can't believe you tried to sneak away without saying goodbye to me. I thought we meant something to each other."

"You mean a lot to me Anko-chan, which is why this is your gift," Chase said mysteriously. He pushed her back grabbing her kunai and slicing a strand of her hair off. After pocketing that one he sliced open his palm covering it in blood and tied a strand of his hair to the kunai. He handed it to her, smirking. "I hope these esteemed token of affection shows how much you mean to me."

"Its okay lizard boy. Good luck with finding your redemption."

"Same too you. Now for you guys, I having something you might like. Gai, I have some scrolls containing numerous techniques I learned over the centuries. I'm sure you'll master them fairly quickly. Asuma, if you're going to smoke, smoke something with class. This is grade A Chinese tobacco and I'm sure you'll like it."

Asuma took a few puffs and admitted it was better then his usual brand. He gave Chase a trench knife as a back up weapon while Gai gave him a green spandex unitard for training. Chase thanked them and silently vowed never to wear it.

Chakra gave Kurenai sort of a gag gift. It was a t-shirt that had her, Tsunade, and Anko on front saying Female Konoichi Rock while on the back it showed Gai, Asuma, and Kakashi with the words Loser Male Shinobe. Everyone cracked up seeing that. Kurenai thanked her for the gift and told her she was going to turn Chakra's Firestorm into a new genjustu making the girl smile.

When Chakra turned to Kakashi to give her gift she smiled sadly. He really was a good friend and an interesting person. Carefully she undid the clasp around her neck taking off her Yin Yang pendent. Carefully she broke it in half and gave him the Yang half while she kept the Yin. "In China, to give someone a half of a pendent is to show ever lasting friendship. I'm grateful for the time we spend together. I hope that it was as enjoyable for you as it was for me."

"It was Chakra. I have two gifts for you. Here's the first," Kakashi said handing her a stack of papers loosely held together. She smiled as she read the title "The Copy Cat Shinobe and the Dragon of Fire". "It's a rough draft, but I think you'll like it."

"I'm sure I will. Thank you for such a thoughtful gift, but what's the second one?" Chakra asked, curiously. She was caught off guard when he started kissing her, but she gladly returned it ignoring the yells from her family. When they broke apart she smiled happily. "Thanks."

It was a little difficult to top that scene, but everyone did try. The Dragons were teary eyed about saying goodbye to their new friends. The same thing could be said for ninja. Everyone held care packages in their arms. Aside from Dagwood's fantastic photo albums they contained personal mementoes.

"Sakura-chan I want to thank you for showing me the literal strength of woman. As such I have gotten gifts I hope will speed along your goal of becoming a top medical ninja. In this box are scrolls on acupuncture, needless, and herbal medicines from China."

"Thanks Omi for everything. I don't think without your help I would have been able to open my heart again. You helped me find real love thanks," Sakura said kissing him on the forehead. She gave him a box containing a carrying case for his flute, music, and some water moves for him to try.

Kimiko was addressing her troops one last time. They promised to stay fashionable and functional, to control their tempers, and keep up their studies. "I'm proud of all three of you. You really made this last month count. Your going to be a great genin team one day."

"We sure are Kimiko-chan!" Mogiee squalled.

"Not to mention will be smarter then any of them," Udon added.

"With a will of fire like no other! Your not bad for a bossy lady," Koharmaru said. Smiling he presented Kimiko with her own pair of goggles, which she happily took.

"As a reward for your hard work three hand held wireless Goo Zombies Gold Infinity to play with. Remember, studies first then play!"

Clay gave Choji his own lasso and recipe for barbecue steak. "I hope you do well in the future partner. You're going to be just a powerful as your daddy if you keep this up."

Choji smiled and stuffed a few more chips into mouth. "Thanks I'll try. I got you some real good barbecue to take home and wrote some ideas for your earth powers. Clay-kun? Thanks for helping me with Ino. I'm really grateful."

Raimundo gave Naruto a soccer ball to practice his moves with as well as book on pranks. "I figured you could use something to relax with. I also included a few more books that might help you become a better leader one day. Just promise me that if you get passed over for promotion your not going to go nuts."

"I promise Raimundo! Don't worry even if I'm a Genin forever I'll be Hokage someday! I hope you like my gifts to you. After everything you did for me and Hinata I hope there enough," Naruto replied. He still couldn't believe it had taken an outsider to show him that a girl was crushing hard on him. So in thank you he had given Rai a froggy wallet and a plant to take care.

Jack was loaded down with weapons and surprisingly a one of a kind Tenten doll plus a big thank you for setting her up with Neji. "You were right about being more open with myself. I can be a tough konoichi and soft skinned girl."

Jack shrugged his shoulders, as he gave her a video camera to help her record her practice so she could see what needed improvement. "I just helped you take the first step. You did the rest my friend."

Jermaine had given his new friend a basketball to play one on one against Gai as well as some of his rap music to train to. "I hope my white brother enjoys his gifts. Remember keep training and only use your gravity technique as a last resort."

Lee in gratitude locked fists and pumped them. "Yosh! You've given me so much confidence Jermaine-kun I feel like I'm going to explode! I don't know how I can repay you for helping me with Sakura, but I hope these gifts are enough." Inside the box were leg weights and a modified green jersey.

Dagwood smiled at his fellow conservationist. "You've been a wonderful friend Shino-kun and really opened my eyes up to the bug world. I'm bestowing this special camera along with other gear for monitoring insects with. I hope it helps you out."

Shino thanked him quietly. "It will. I also promised to try to be a bit more open with others." He gave Dagwood a carved kichie bug, which he liked.

The two Hyugga's gave their new friends some nice stuff. Neji told Lu she had improved in mannerism so much she could pass for a Hyugga if not for her coloring. As a reward Lu received a kimono and scroll on etiquette. Crystal got some healing salve and pressed flowers. In turn Neji got his own dirt board and safety equipment and Hinata received a lot books to read. Both Hyugga thanked the two for helping them come out of their shell a little.

Stacey smiled happily as she gave Kiba and Akamura all the artwork she had done of the two. "You were my best subjects ever. So full of life and power. You really are something Kiba."

"Well your something too, Stacey. Here we got you something," he whispered giving her some texts he dug up on Japanese Gods thinking she might like to read about them. She thanked him for the wonderful gift.

Auara and Ino both squalled as they got their gifts. "I hope you make good use of my gift Ino. That plus my advice with Choji should help you out." Ino had received a purple leotard and some dance music to continue her new exercise regiment. She also enjoyed the playbooks she would be reading in her spare time with Choji.

"I really do Auara. I hope you like my parting gift," she said. Auara loved the plants she received and promised to take good care of them.

Last, but not least, Callie gave Shikamaru a few gifts. In her own words he wasn't that bad of an Aussie mate. She gave him recipes for food, a book on woman, and lastly a Rubik cube for him to try out. Before he gave her his gift he told her he had sent a letter to Temari, which made her smile. Shikamaru gave her a book on mythology and some new pots to cook with. She thanked him.

After a few more hugs and high fives everyone was ready to go. Bunching together they all touched one another as Master Fung activated the Dimensional Globe. The little golden Wu hovered into the air growing in size as it whirled around the Xiaolin Warriors. With one final wave it encompassed the group and streaked through the air until it disappeared in a shower of gold.

After a few minuets of just standing there everyone got back to work. Now they had new goals to obtain and with the knowledge of how inspiring they were to millions of fans they really wanted to give it their all. Besides, when that new jutsu was finished they wanted to be equal with their new friends the Xiaolin Dragons!