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With a sigh, Severus Snape shook his head as he glanced over his bed. It had been two months since that night. He could remember as if it were only last night. His former colleague had knocked on his door the night before she had left. Her scent, her taste, her heat… her everything. His heart ached for all of it.


"Love me Severus… Love me like there's no tomorrow, even if it's just for tonight."

He didn't know what to say to her. There was a slight plea in her brown eyes when he looked deep within them. He also noticed that there was pain and sadness in them—two emotions that he knew all too well. The need to erase them was evident, he didn't know why, but he wanted to do it. Before he could even think, his lips had met hers.

He did as told, and loved her like there was no tomorrow. He had never felt such an emotion with another woman, not after Lily Evans. Love wasn't foreign to him, and he still knew pretty well what it felt like. Just that night, he would pretend to love her. Just for that night.

When they were both on his bed, their bodies had melded as one. Their rhythmic thrusts seemed like a dance that they had danced together before. The sync and the union, it never felt so good so… perfect. He had never felt so complete.

Whenever he brought her to climax, she would cry. He could see that the tears were both tears of joy and sadness. The saltiness of them was still on the tip of his tongue, remembering how they tasted like when he kissed them away. "I love you…" he would say softly, before he gently claimed her mouth again. Though, she never said those three words to him.

For hours, they would make love until both their bodies were too drained.

As he watched her sleep, he couldn't help but notice that he truly was in love with her. How could he have not known? How could he have not noticed her? She was a beautiful witch, one that stole his heart in one night alone.

When the sun had risen, he turned to notice that she was gone. She had left, without saying a word. Part of him wanted to go and search for her, while the other part of him just reminded him that it was pretend. In the end, it never was.


Severus's eyes caught attention when an owl had landed on his study desk, dropping a letter. When he stood up and approached the owl, it had flown off. He opened the envelope and read the letter.

Dear Severus,

If you are reading this, I already have passed away. I never told anyone, but like my mother, cancer has taken its toll on me.

I cannot thank you enough for that night. Never had I felt so loved and so complete in my entire life. Ever since that night, all I can think about is you. Despite your image, you truly are a gentle and caring human. Which is why I loved you…

That one night was for me, I will truly remember in my heart. Even if you think that it was pretend… it never was for me. That is why I never could say those words to you because I knew they would hurt. So now, I will say it one… last… time…

I love you…

Hermione Granger


Severus fell on his knees faster than the letter did as it slipped from his fingers. His heart broke as he felt all his love for her tear up inside him. How could have she not told him? Why didn't he even try to go after her after that?

Would he ever love again?


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