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I can't believe I did this. It's not like me to make such a drastic mistake. And to whom?

Isabella Swan.


I thought I was a doctor, dammit! I should have known!

That's when reality hits me and I look at the rusty knife in my hand. And I realize just how shiny it is. I start by running it down my left arm, quite enjoying the pain along with it.

I overdosed my daughter-in-law. Bella...

All because of me, she's probably in cardiac arrest, dying.

And I couldn't even muster the strength to escort her to the hospital. Edward is with her now. The others...hunting. They don't know yet...unless Alice saw something.

How was I to know that she was on other medicine at the time? I really didn't mean to. After all, it was just the common cold. What could I have expected? This was a new first for me. I have never screwed up anything in medicine before this.

If news gets around, the hospital will revoke my medical license.


I smirked to myself.

Blood was already staring to saturate my clothing and drip down my leg.

I continue by trailing the knife down my wrist and down the blue veins in my leg. I was making sure I was going to die. Rust. Lead and e-Coli poisoning.

My blood looked beautiful. Red with shining luster. Just the smallest hint venom included.

It stained the pure white carpet, but I wasn't worried about that.

Edward. Jasper. Alice. Rosalie. Emmett. Bella. Esme.

Their faces briefly floated through my mind as my cuts started to sting as alcohol would to a human.

Everything was slowly getting blurry through my eyes.

Then, there was a second when I pictured Esme holding me and us kissing more passionately than ever before. Our marriage.

Reality kind of blew up in my face then.

As I fell to my knees, I truly realized what I had done to myself.

Suicide? That wasn't me at all. What has happened to my mind? My sanity?

My mind ran in feeble circles around the concept of dying. Killing myself.

What was I thinking? I've truly become a monster now.

I fell forward, letting out a whimper as the blood soaked carpet raced up to meet my face.

I felt the knife stab me in the stomach and I let out a small scream of pain, lying in my own blood.

That's when I knew all hope was gone.



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