My names Cecilia MacTaggart.

I am twenty-five years old, I recently discovered I'm a mutant and have super powers, not big deal ones. But hey I realized I could teleport to other worlds and opening up these black portals to do that. I got enough money and saved up and finally went and claimed my inheritance in Scotland even though I knew from the media that both my parents were dead. First I didn't have enough money to see her and him and I was too young. Then she died and then I didn't have enough money to see him, then when I did. I didn't see the point with out her and then I heard it was too late and he was dead too.

When I finally claimed the heritance this year in December, I learn from the lawyers that my home is illegally overrun with Marauders. I tell them to call the Police on it and no one dared. Then I said, "Fine I'm going there myself."

The lawyers told me it was my death and I went there and sent them to another parallel universe that I had been to and knew was mostly full of dinosaurs and volcanoes. I also have this thing like my brother Kevin where I can become a black form of me in thin air that nobody can see until it's too late. I then went back and told the lawyers, they at first brushed me off and told me to come back later. Then when I waited one of them said, "I know a guy called Jamie I will get him to check it out, he's disliked these creeps being there as much as you for a long time."

I say, "Okay."

Then I sit down and wait, he says, "It may take a long time why don't you go the hostel you're staying at?"

I agree and go there. Then the next day I get a phone call from my lawyers saying they want me to meet Jamie there at their office and I agree. I then go there and as I go into the office I see Jamie and the rest of the X-Factor that I've read about on Wikipedia by connecting to another dimension on the internet. A dimension where they are just comic book characters and there's some two movies that are about the X-men their friends that are good, the third movie I don't like. They don't notice me, I go to the front desk and lean there and look at the secretary she's talking to Jamie and he's saying, "Where's the girl she should be here by now?"

I think to myself, "I'm not late."

I look at the secretary and she looks at me and then he looks at me and he pushes me aside and looking directly at me he says, "Hey, miss wait your turn."

He then says to the secretary, "Look, I know it is the time just now when she has to be here. But" He looks around, ignoring me. "No ones here and I came here all the way from America so i expect her to be here exactly on the dot!"

The sectary says, "She is here." She points at me with her pencil and he looks at me shocked and it is also the same reaction I get from the rest of the team.

I say, "Hi. What's the problem?"

What is he looking at that so surprises him; I'm not a super powered looking person. I'm just an average looking woman; I have dark brown hair like my mother. Blue eyes like my father. A spatter of freckles on my cheeks, nose chin, forehead, neck, arms, I'm slightly overweight. My hair is curly wavy and frizzy, I have dark shadows under my eyes. I'm wearing glasses that I had to start wearing recently from using the computer too much. I'm wearing a black shirt that says, "Hillbilly High School." Black jeans and I've got a women's black handbag slung over my arm. My hair is done up in a ponytail, I have 18DD breasts.

He looks at me and says, "You?! You are the one?"

I ask, "The one what?"

He says, "The one who took them down?"

I say, "I didn't take them down. I sent them somewhere else. Their gone that's all."

The guy Jamie says, "What?" Looking shocked he leans on the front desk and asks, "Where exactly?"

I said, "Another world. What does it matter?"

I shrug my shoulders.

He bangs the desk then puts his head in his hand and then looks up from his hand and says, "I don't believe you."

Monet says, "Yeah we don't believe you!"

I shrug my shoulders and say, "Okay let's go to Muir Island. So I can prove it!"

Monet says, "Okay." Then they walk out and I follow them, then they walk to the pier and I follow them. On the way to the pier the one called Jamie turns around and sees me following them and asks, 'Why don't you walk with us?"

I walk a little closer and he looks at me asks, "Do you have a problem?"

I say, "No."

Then he says, "You can walk beside me if you want."

I walk beside him and then he introduces himself shaking my hand and saying, "Hi my names Jamie Madrox. What's your name?"

I say, "Hi, Cecilia Mactaggart."

He looks at me staring me down a little bit and I just look away, then when I look back at him he asks, "Are you serous?"

I say, "Yes."

He looks at me and shakes his head and then he says, "Show me your id."

Monet says, "She is telling the truth."

He says, "So you're just another Mactaggart. Your families from Scotland originally."

I say, "Yeah, my mothers family, she was born here and lived here most of her life."

He nods then says, "Then she moved over to Australia right and met your father. Right?"

I say, "No, I don't think she's ever been to Australia. I was adopted. She never raised me herself."

Monet says, "She's Moira's daughter Jamie. Whether you like it or not."

I think to myself, "Ouch that hurts. I didn't do anything wrong to them what is wrong with me being Moira's daughter?"

We get to the pier get our tickets and wait for the boat after we go through gates, I lean against the railing and look out at sea as we wait for the boat. Then the boat comes after five minutes and we get on and I sat down at the back, they sit at and stand at the front. I look out at sea and wish my dad was here, if only he was here. He would talk to me and sit with me, I pull my purse out of my bag and look at the picture that was in my file I got when I found out I was adopted just like I thought. I got two pictures in my file, one of my mum holding me as a baby at the hospital, looking down at me in a loving manner. The other one of my dad and her holding each other and smiling, that's the one I've got in my purse. I look at and smile, they looked happy together. They would have been nice people, mostly. I can't forget how she locked up my brother and then tried to kill him and got the X-men to kill him and she gave me up for adoption never telling my father I ever existed. Still it feels nice to look at their picture. I put it away and look away at the sea feeling better.

After fifteen minutes we get to Muir Island and we get off, I gesture around the island and say, "Have a look there's no one there."

They walk on ahead and I watch them, the boat leaves the pier and goes back to the main island. They stop midway and the guy called Rick comes back and grabs my arm and pulls me along with them. We get to the mansion and they go in and get me to come inside as well and then I pull my arm away from Rick and he says, "We're holding you till we find something."

I say, "But you're not going to, cause their not here."

I try to pull away from him, but he's too strong so elbow him and he falls back. I walk backwards and lean up against the wall and cross my arms. Then I say, "Go on look for them, see if you can find them. But don't touch me."

Rick moans holding his stomach, Jamie says to him, "Come on you've had worse than that happen to you."

Rick stands up straight brushes himself off and says, "Yeah, I know I just really felt that one."

Jamie puts his arms out expressively and says, "Okaay. We'll look around."

Then he waits a moment for me to say something and when I don't, he says, "And you're coming with us!"

I just stand there and he comes over and goes to grab my arm, but I pull away. He drops his arms and says, "Look lady, you've got to come looking around the place with us because I don't want this to be some trap and you've just had us come here so we can get caught."

I say, "I didn't have you guys come here at all."

He rolls his eyes and grabs my arm and pulls me roughly to him and he says, "Whatever. You're coming with us."

I punch him and then one of his multiples appears behind me and grabs my wrists and holds me, then Jamie says, "You're coming with us!"

I turn into my black form like my brother could do and so I'm nothing but a black body form of air. Then I move away and he tries to punch me, but just swings through me. I then go to the stairs and sit there. Monet comes over and says, "Okay, you sit here and we'll look around."

I nod.

Then Jamie comes over and says, "Right, you stay here and we'll go look around! If I find you're gone when we come back, I'll kill you!"

I laugh at him, knowing that's bullshit there's no way he can kill me!

He shakes his head at me then goes off with the others, Longshot, Rictor and him go upstairs while the rest check downstairs and outside. Darwin and Strong guy going outside obviously to check the cottages near the pier on the left side of the Island.