We walk to the base and once we get there we go down some steps and I make sure to use my powers to cover that I'm a mutant and lucky I did because when we go through the door I see there's a big metal thing after it, like a metal detector at the airports. I ask Zac, "Is that a metal detector?"

He shakes his head and laughs and says, "No it's a mutant detector."

I follow him to the basement door of the church and he takes me into their base and through another detector then he gets me to meet his friends Dwayne and Ricky. The jerks from before.

The three men are arrogant men and walk around like they own the place, the nerves inside me from being worried about getting caught is making me want to be sick. I hear Emma's voice inside my head, "Don't worry about it, you'll be fine if you stay calm."

I think back at her, "Okay."

The shakes start coming over my body and Zac looks at me concerned and asks, "What's wrong?"

I say, "Its nothing, I just get nervous being in new places."

Zac hugs me as we walk and says, "Don't worry your with me."

The shakes stop and I see a cafeteria up ahead, I see the food and it's actually looks like a good roast. Emma says inside my head, "No, Cecilia your not here for the food."

I huff then I whisper to Zac, "Can I see those weapons of yours."

Zac says, "Food first."

I say in my head, "Food first."

Emma says in my head, "Fine we'll just wait around for you to finish."

I say in my head, "Fine."

Zac and I then enjoy a nice roast with a beer each, enjoying the atmosphere and each others other company, when I've scooped up the last of the gravy with bread I hear this reprimand in my head from Emma, "Come on now girl."

I then whisper in Zacs ear, "Can we check out those guns now?"

Zac hugs me and says, "Sure babe lets go."

He takes me through a hallway and down some stairs to a white corridor of sliding doors and he opens one room with a key and when we go in I get the shock of my life to see people in cages, mutants their gotta be. It's obvious who the guy with wings is, blue wings. He's Icuras; I've seen him in my visions. The other four I don't know, I look at Zac and he laughs with arms folded across his chest and says, "I know I know you didn't expect this. These are mutants, who are part of the weapon. Here let me show you."

He picks up a gun looking instrument from a table opens a cage with a button and as the mutant with red hair and dreadknocks Scottish and thirteen looking lunges at him, he shoots the gun at her. Out comes a strange looking menchanism with four prongs and it attacks her and burrows into her skin and next thing spikes come out of her wrists and neck, Zac says, "Bow to me."

She does so. I hear Emma gasp inside my head and say, "This is horrible."

Zac asks, "So what do you think babe?"

I say, "That's cool!"

Then Emma says, "Get downstairs to the power source and stop their power to let us in now!"

He grabs me and says, "I know eh. We definitely defeat the X-men with if it not with these mutants. But the weapons themselves. We can turn them against themselves and make them kill themselves." He laughs and I laugh with him, then I exuse myself to the bathroom and I slip out of the bathroom as a shadow and look around and finally find the power book. I rematerialize and put my foot through it, as an ethereal person. Shorting out the box and stopping the power in the whole place. I then turn back into a shadow and find my way back into the bathroom in the bathroom cubicle and turn back into me just in time, as Zac bursts in with a torch saying, "Cecilia are you in here?! Are you alright?!"

I open the door and say, "Yeah, I'm fine what happened?"

He comes close to me with the torch as a light and says, "Are you sure it's pretty scary here. For a girl, I know girls get scared of the dark and all."

I hear Emma in my head, "Oh pleeaze. We're inside Cecilia, get back to that room."

I link my arm back in his arm and say, "As long as I'm with you I'm safe. Can we go back to that room?"

He shakes his head and says, "Not in this situation. Their already out and running loose, I'll got take care of them. You wait here."

I say, "I'll feel safer going with you."

He sighs and says, "Fine, babe but it's not my fault if you get hurt because you didn't listen to me. You're such a fragile thing."

I nod and follow him, we get outside in the hallway and it's hectic. I find Angel helping Icuras fight the Purifiers and the others are then all there in that dark hallway, the strong Scottish girl fighting the X-men. The Purifiers call her Brute; Zac goes to shoot Icuras with that gun.

But I go into his body stopping that from happening; unfortunately before the X-Men can stop them, the other purifiers get the other mutants with the guns. Now these mutants are in their control their fighting us, the aboriginal girl has electric like cables come out of her hands, only their made up of energy.

I scream at the girl sending her backwards and then knocking her out against the wall. Then Icuras comes flying at me and I go ethereal so he fly's right through me and Wolverine knocks him out against the wall.

The Thai looking thirteen year old boy tries telepathically knock out Wolverine, but Emma knocks him out. The boy I recognize as Hellion shoots telekinetic beams at Emma and Scott knocks him out with a beam from his eyes.

The girl on a wave shoots her wave over all of us nearly drowning us, pixie sprays pixie dust at her and causing her to see weird bugs crawling on her skin and freak out. Which stops the wave and then Beasts kicks her in the head knocking her out. Then out of no where the Purifiers say, "Unleash the older mutant!"

Out of nowhere I see my father Banshee he screams his sonic scream at us knocking us down, then I scream back at him and knock him down, he then quickly gets up again. Dazzler blinds him and Sam knocks him through the wall and the other X-Men deal with the Purifiers, I teleport till I get to where the smashed walls are ended and Banshee stands over a knocked out Sam.

Somehow he's turned the tables around on Sam, I scream and he screams its ends up a stand off. Till I jump from Zac's body into Banshee's. I see the X-Men looking through the opening in the wall and Cyclops asks, "Everything okay Cecilia?"

I say, "Yep."

I look down at Sam and shake him a bit, I ask, "Hey Sam you alright?"

Sam opens his eyes groaning then he moves back a bit startled, Cyclops behind me says, "Don't worry its Cecilia."

Sam says rubbing his head, "Thanks Cecilia you freaked me out."

I giggle and say, "Sorry, it was kind of funny."

He says shaking his head, "Your wicked girl very wicked."

Sam gets up and we take the other mutants and teleport with the help of Pixie back to home to Muir Island. We take them down to the med lab and I hop out of Banshee, Beast is able to remove the devices and test their dna, as well as mine while he's at it.

He says, "It looks like you guys all have the X-gene. Its back! I think going back in time and finding how the X-gene came about and our Experiment on the island is what did it, not your mother's drug she gave you Cecilia. Since your powers came out when you were thirteen anyway. Because you've been hiding that you're thirteen, I can tell that from your dna."

I ask, "You can tell that from my dna?"

He nods and Cyclops says, "You can change back to your normal age now."

I change back and I'm size fourteen instead of a size sixteen and my breasts aren't as big, plus I'm thirteen.

I ask, "What about dad? What's going on there, isn't he supposed to be dead? Is it really him?"

Beast puts out his hand to stop me and says, "He's real alright, Jay from his tests is a clone though. How they got Banshee and why they cloned Jay I don't know."

Sam comes in and says, "We'll just have to wait till they wake up till we find out. Because I definitely want to find out."

I sit beside Banshee bed and decide to wait there, after two hours Banshee and the others wake up.

Banshee asks, "Who are you?"

I put out my hand and say, "I'm Cecilia MacTaggart, your daughter."

Banshee looks at me shocked and moves back a bit, he then asks, "I have a daughter?! Another one?"

Beast comes along and says, "It seems so. It seems Moira gave birth to a daughter and didn't tell you about it."

I look at him despondent, I put down my hand and he grabs it and shakes my hand. Then he draws me into a hug and I hug him back. He says, "Sorry about my reaction I was just a bit shocked that's all."

I say, "That's alright that's understandable."

We pull away from the hug and I ask, "How are you alive?"

He tells with rest of the X-Men there who come to listen in, how a lady who is the keeper of time saved him from the explosion and put him in the place outside time all these years to be there with her because she was lonely. When she finished with him, she dumped in on an island in the Pacific and Purifiers found him there and captured him. It wasn't hard because he was a little disorientated.

Then when they ask Icarus how he came to be, he didn't know he remembers dying and then waking up in the Purifiers holding cell.

We all then go up and have dinner, people exchanging stories over the dinner table. After dinner is over Siryn comes in with Jamie and a not pregnant body. When the X-Men ask what happened she tells how Jamie absorbed the baby boy she called Sean, because he was a duplicate that she had slept with. Sean is happy to see Theresa as she is to see him; he's upset at Jamie though. But holds back when he sees he's with Layla. Who is around now and an adult. Sean chooses to go for a walk with me and Theresa and we talk.