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Chapter 1: Snow

In the country of Krysu there was a Princess that was standing near an old oak tree gazing at the scenery below. She looked at the sky and noticed something was floating towards her, a feather. She picked it up and looked to see where the feather came from, but there was no bird to be seen. She then realized that this feather wasn't just an ordinary feather but a gift from the heavens: a feather from an angel's wings. She took it back to the palace and showed the precious feather to everyone around her. The palace Priest looked at this and feared that the feather was dangerous and could bring total destruction to the country. The Priest told the King of this and then the King had locked the feather away so that no one can get a hold of this feather's mysterious powers. The Princess died a year after the feather was locked away and everyone had believed that the feather was responsible for it. The king had tried to destroy it for many years but was unable to. Another year had passed and the King had died as well and the country was left without a king and an heir to the throne. Today, the country of Krysu is a ghost and the people who used to live in it are nowhere to be found.

"Why is this story important Tanaka-sensei?" A tall girl with wavy auburn hair and deep blue eyes sitting on her desk with her feet on the table asked aloud.

Everyone turned to her and then the long red headed woman with piercing green eyes reading the article looked at her and smiled. "I am glad you asked Yuki. We are going to try to use the ancient technique of time traveling." She grabbed her staff and placed it on the ground and soon disappeared and then reappeared within a second, except this time she had a golden amulet in her hand.

"Oh wow! Isn't that the golden amulet of Prince Takoyashi of the Ryuik dynasty?! I thought that was destroyed in that fire at the museum fifteen years ago." One of the students exclaimed. Everyone in the classroom was in awe of the teacher's magic.

"Yes it is. Don't worry I'll return it. Now let's begin." The teacher exclaimed and then wrote down several words on the board: Clock Offendo Duodecim

"Clock Strikes Twelve?" Yuki asked.

"Yes it is a dead language in another world." The teacher said.

"Another world?" Another student asked not understanding what his teacher meant.

"We'll get to that lesson soon enough." She smiled. "Alright then; now um…Yuki, why don't you try?"

Everyone turned back to Yuki and then Yuki raised her eyebrow. "Why me?" She asked.

"You're the best in the class. Surely you can do it."

Yuki sighed. "Alright I will try." Yuki went up in front of the class room and stood next to the teacher. She grabbed her own staff which was a very basic wooden staff that all "Clock Offendo Duodecim." She said and then realized that it didn't work. The teacher looked at her and then started cracking up. "I knew it was a trick."

Everyone was starting to snicker and the teacher started to laugh louder. "Yeah and I can't believe you felt for it. Ah hahahaha that was funny." Yuki rolled her blue eyes and then went back to her seat as the students started to calm down after their laughing fit. "Alright here is the real spell. Tractus Vicis Veneficus, are the words. Also I would like to inform you all that you'll be upgrading your staffs today so everyone stand up and then use your old wooden staffs to call out your new ones."

Yuki stood and placed her wooden staff in front of her. Putus quod Niveus est unus EGO quaero she heard and then felt a chill rushing through her body. She opened her eyes and looked at her staff. It was no longer made out of wood, but was made of a crystal, a deep blue orb and had what looked like crystal wings on the sides of the orb keeping it in place. She looked around and noticed that all her other classmates had a metal staff either gold or silver with a red orb at the top. What in the world? Why is my staff more elaborate than the others?

"I'm not surprised that you got the Snow Niveus, Yuki." The teacher exclaimed. "This is a very rare occurrence which means that Yuki is able to learn the higher teachings of magic." She stated. Everyone was in awe of the Yuki's staff. Yuki looked at the staff and noticed that Snow Niveus was engraved on the rod of the staff.

"So, where do I go from here Sensei?" Yuki asked knowing that her training was complete here and had to go somewhere else.

The teacher looked at her and then thought for a moment. "Hmm…well the only person I can think of who has higher teachings than myself is King Ashura from the country of Celes."

Yuki looked at her confused. "Celes? I never heard of it." She admitted.

The teacher slightly laughed. "That brings us back to different worlds. Alright Yuki, I will send you to Celes and there you'll be taught by King Ashura on how to teleport to other worlds. Oh and you might want to wear something warm, it's pretty cold there if I recall."

Yuki looked at her teacher confuzed. "Wait, why can't you teach me, since you know how to and everything?" She asked.

The teacher looked at her and smiled. "Because this is only a potion and it can only be used once. You are now above my level in magic." She explained.

"Thank you, Sensei." Yuki said and hugged her tightly.

The teacher hugged her back. "You're welcome. Now we will do this tomorrow since I need to make the potion first and I want everyone to see you off." She said as she broke the hug.

"Alright." Yuki said and wiped away a tear rolling down her cheek.

The teacher grabbed a handkerchief and handed it to Yuki as she wiped away some more tears. "Now tell your family and celebrate alright?" She smiled brightly.

"Yes ma'am." Yuki smiled and then grabbed her belongings and headed out the door as the bell rung.

As soon as she did, the teacher looked at all the rest of the students who were about to leave and then whispered. "To thank me; like that? You are even denser than what I thought was even possible. Yuki, you are just going to be brought with pain. That's what happens to anyone who holds the Snow Niveus." She looked outside and watched the students scatter outside the school.

As soon as Yuki reached home she was enveloped in a tight hug by a weird auburn haired woman standing next to a strong well musceled man with pitch black hair.

"Oh Yuki I am so proud of you!" She squealed excitedly. Yuki was trying to push the crazy woman away from her but then was grabbed by the strong man.

"You're going to be leaving us?! I was hoping for you to marry before you moved." The man said as he held the woman in his arms trying to keep her away from Yuki.

"Mother, Father, I am leaving because I want to learn more about magic. I've already completed my defensive magic. Now I need to work on my offensive and also I want to learn the advanced teachings and the only way I can do that is to go to another world. You did that Father. That's how you met Mother, right?" Yuki stated.

Her father looked at her. "Yes but times were different back then. I was older than you as well. You're what eighteen?"

"Yes and you were nineteen when you married Mother." She said as his face started to go blank.

"Ah she's got a point dear. Alright honey tonight we are going to have a grand feast and then tomorrow we will be there as you lea…oh I'm going to miss you so much!" She said as she glomped her daughter and started to cry again.

"Oof! Mother…can't breathe." Yuki said as she was trying to shove her crazy mother off of her.

"Alright honey let her go." Yuki's father intervened.

Her mother got a hold of herself and then looked at her daughter. "Oh just to imagine that you were once so young and now you are a beautiful woman. Oh where have the years gone?" Her mother cried as she was recalling all these things from Yuki's past from the moment she was born.

Yuki looked at her Mother and then looked at her Father. "I am so sorry Father."

"Huh? Oh it'll be alright. I'll manage through somehow." Her father patted her head. "Alright so can we eat now? I am starving!" He said interrupting his wife's memory lane.

Her mother looked at him and nodded. "Oh of course, Yuki you get to choose." She giggled.

Yuki pondered for a moment. "Umm…Lobster?"

"Oh that sounds great. Doesn't it dear?" Her Mother asked her husband.

"Yes it does." He smiled and then the trio left the house and headed out to the town.

After they ate their meal, they headed back home and Yuki was now sitting on her bed thinking of all the events that happened today. I got the Snow Niveus, which is great. I am going to be leaving my family, probably forever...nah! I'll be back! As soon as I'm done with my training over there I'll be back here and become the greatest sorceress anyone has ever known...Ok Yuki don't get to caught up. Just because you are the owner of the Snow Niveus, doesn't mean you are immortal now. It just means that you got a gift that only you can possess. Alright. Hmm...I wonder what King Ashura is like? I hope he isn't to hard on me. Oh please let him be someone who is nice and understanding. The last thing I need is a strict teacher. Oh if I remembered didn't sensei tell me that it's rather cold there? I'd better grab my cloak.

She got off her bed and looked inside her droors and found her cloak, she tried it on and noticed it wouldn't keep her all that warm. It'll have to do. We don't get cold weather here so i don't have anything like that. She thought as she placed it on the bed and then tucked under the covers and went to bed. Tomorrow I'll be in another world...

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