A/N: This will be a collection of 4 one-shots closley related to one another in terms of theme. The one-shots will each be based on a famous beauty in ancient china. Since the historic details is too dense, each version will be a little watered down from actual history and will be focusing primarily on the concubine.

This is just a quick prologue to start things off. (the poem was written a few days ago while munching on Reese's peanut butter cups - I seem to write better when I'm on a sugar high XD)


Ode to the Concubine

A tale of four beauties

... ...

A fine beauty was she

Delicate lips and a noble nose

Eyes bright as the sun

Brows curved in likeness to a waning moon,

High and dignified at noon

Milky skin and inky locks

A figure elegantly carved from jade

Flawless was she like a Celestial Maid


She dances with grace, floating on a cloud

Light gentle steps, feet barely touching the ground

A voice of enchanted songbirds to coax the heart

She sings to the heaven of blissful larks

Her clothes are to be woven from fine silk and cotton

Her hair shall be endowed with rubies and diamonds

Nothing less shall touch her

For only the best she deserves


Blessed they say, but cursed says she

To capture the heart of the most powerful man was her destiny

He'll serve her exotic fruits on jeweled platters

Construct her baths of finest marble

The sun, the moon, and the stars alike,

The world's at her feet and the sky's in her palms


Despite the merriment in all of the vice

This beauty of hers comes with a price


A bloody sea of soldiers and peasants

A fallen empire and hatred of thousands

For her crime of being too loved

Her blood must be offered to appease those below and above

... ...

Through centuries and millenniums, a proud and strong ruler was given the right to marry many wives and keep many mistresses. For the women, it was an honour to serve such a powerful man who was decreed by heaven the right to rule. It was an even greater honour to bear him an heir—for that was the only way to secure her position and keep his affections.

To compete with a hundred others in the harem for his love and attention was no simple task. No matter how desperate a method, the end always justified the means.

Scheming and manipulating.

Backstabbing and deceit.

To be able to sit by his highness in equality was to attain both the hatred and love from a thousand.

Envy was rampant—growing fiercely like a plague.

Complete and utter hatred ensued.

To be the most beautiful woman in the harem and have his majesty's love was both a blessing and a curse.

Many will come with bribery and flattery, all wishing to gain the favour from the Emperor's most beloved. Pretty words and shallow hearts; expensive trinkets and cunning smiles. All that sparkled and made beautiful was nothing more but masks to hide their true intentions.

The other concubines would gather and scheme for her downfall.

Lies and betrayal.

To paint a heart so white with wretched colours then soak it in cold blood for the Emperor's eyes was a task carried by many. They thought once her presence was gone, they'll be the next in line to be the Emperor's favourite. Oh how wrong they could be when she's the only one the Emperor truly loved. Without her by his side, he grew sick and weary; weakened by his state of sorrow for missing his love too greatly. No one could understand the great sadness in his heart.

The world was beneath his feet and the sky sheltered him from above; but without her he ceased to exist.

And yet, wherever she was, she rejoiced in happiness; silently crying in the corners of her heart. Finally she's free from that prison called a palace, finally all the betrayal and deception ends. Still, her heart aches for him for she loved too much. Even in death, his heart remained hers.

Freedom was truly bittersweet.

A/N: Hmm......the poem seemed to relate more to Yang Gui Fei than the others - I guess I was thinking of her when I wrote that.

An 'ode' is a lyrical poem or a poem meant to be sung. I've written a short poem for each beauty but I'm stuck on Yang Gui Fei because it's a little complicated and also because 'The Song of Everlasting Sorrow' by Po Chu Yi depicting Yang Gui Fei's life is just too beautiful to live up to.

At first, this started as a short K/K story based on the life of one of the four beauty but then I decided to portray all four just to make it fair.

So now the question is which do you prefer:

1. K/K all the way


2. 4 women/4 beauty

If most of you prefer option 2, I already have the 4 women in mind and I know exactly who they will portray.

Review and let me know what you want! =D