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Chapter 5


It wasn't long until I found the rest of the gang. I waved to them and walked over to their table. I sat down in between Emmett and Alice. I glanced at Emmett who seemed to be eyeing the grand staircase at the front of the hall. I guess he noticed me staring at him and quickly averted his eyes.

I tried to read his thoughts and only heard him singing an old Ne-Yo song. When did Emmett ever listen to him, and why the hell is he singing. I guess he knew what I was up to.

The music began and vampires flooded the dance floor. As graceful as they were, it was sickening to watch all these happy couples. I was half tempted to tell Carlisle that I wasn't feeling well and wanted to go to my room. But when had a vampire ever been sick?


I could hear the music begin as a waited for Aro and the others in the balcony of the grand hall. I was to make my entrance after the three brothers and Aro was to announce me.

I didn't notice that the other two brothers were already out on the grand staircase and walking with their wives and Aro had been announced. I was fidgeting nervously with my fingers, and they began to smooth out my dress and hair. I wished for the comforting words of Alice at a time like this, I knew she would be proud of my outfit and overall look.

But I was still nervous.

"…And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the ever talented, lovely, most beautiful… Bella Swan." Aro announced, waiving his hand towards the balcony I was standing on. I swear if there was still blood pumping in this body of mine, I would have been crimson.

I smiled and waved, trying not to glance at the exact table I had been looking at earlier; the table where all of them sat, the table where the epitome of beauty rested. I slowly made my way down the staircase, never looking down; scanning the room to make sure it seemed like I was trying to make eye contact with everyone in the room.

My eyes were coming closer to their table and I saw everyone's mouth drop as I looked at them all. Even Emmett's mouth was dropped. I didn't know why, though. Had he forgotten about me that quickly? Probably, he probably thought seeing me the other day was a nightmare or something.

My eyes finally stopped at the one I was longing to see the most. Though I don't know why those feelings were still there, he had left me, after all. I couldn't tell the expression on his face. I smiled and nodded and turned to make my rounds. He wasn't going to get off that easy.


They were announcing the brothers, and we all stood up and applauded as each couple came down the stairs. I wasn't even paying attention; I just smiled and clapped when everyone else clapped.

"…And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the ever talented, lovely, most beautiful… Bella Swan." Aro said.

I was clapping when his words hit me like a ton of bricks.

"Wait, what?" I whispered, but Emmett obviously heard me. I could see the smile on his face as he looked towards the staircase, and then his mouth dropped open. I slowly turned my head towards them, and there she was.

How can this be? It isn't possible, that isn't her, it is just someone who looks like her and has her same name…Damn, there's no way all those things can coincidently be someone else. It is her.

I watched her, as she gracefully descended the staircase. God she was magnificent. So many thoughts were rushing into my head. Most of them weren't my own, but those of the men ogling her like she were a piece of meat. I held back a snarl towards those who were thinking unspeakable things about her.

I could tell she was taking her time scanning the room. Why? I wish she would hurry up and look over here already. God, her, in that dress…Stop it Edward. She doesn't even know you're here.

I hadn't noticed her looking at the members of my family, but just when I did, her gaze turned to me and she just smiled and nodded. What was that? Did she know I was here, this whole time?

But there's no way that she could have know…Wait a minute…EMMETT! I was fuming.

I snatched my brother by the arm and dragged him out to the courtyard. Though he was bigger and stronger, not even superman could have stopped me and the anger that was building up in my chest.

"EM-WHAT THE HEL- DID YOU-I DON'T EVEN KNO-HOW THE-DID SHE…" I couldn't even get a semi-coherent thought out. It was too much, my breathing became erratic, and I couldn't focus on anything. Everything was a blur, and all I could see was a red haze surrounding Emmett; my so-called brother.

"I know, this is going to be a lot all at once, so I'm just going to get it out there and you can mull it over as long as you like. But after, I am going to go and enjoy Bella's party and you will find some way to talk to her." Emmett slowly put his hand on my shoulder. I snarled, something fierce, and he quickly retracted it.

"Look bro," I laughed at the thought of him calling me bro, "All I know is when I went hunting that first day in forest, I couldn't believe my eyes. She was there, hunting too, and I couldn't help but follow her and get some answers. I followed her to her room and waited for her to get out of the shower and we had a talk, she didn't tell me anything of what happened. I said that you should hear it first…" Emmett was tired of talking, "here, just see it for yourself." He closed his eyes and his memories came flooding into my brain.

I could see her in the forest, feeding. Then we were in one of the hallways when she disappeared right before my eyes. Alice and Esme came walking through the very spot that Bella had been standing. Then we were in Bella's room, and she was sitting on the bed and they were talking. This was all too much. I couldn't take it anymore; seeing the pain in her eyes, the sheer hurt her words caused me.

Emmett opened his eyes, "So you see, I wanted her to come to you and tell you everything, I was staying out of this one and it wasn't my place to say anything."

"NOT YOUR PLACE?!" I was even madder at that. "What the hell do you mean 'not your place'? You're my brother for Christ's sake! I can't believe that you would keep something like this from me! How could you. Was I the only one who didn't know she was here, and one of us?!" I was cut off.

"No one else knew." I slowly turned as the most musical voice filled my ears. I didn't know if I was going to run away or fall to the ground as my knees had grown weak at the sound.

"I'll just leave you two to talk some things out." Emmett said as he slowly turned to head back towards the party.