"You're a witch, Danielle." The strange tiny old man said mysteriously.

Danielle blinked, "W…what?" she stuttered. The tiny man smiled happily at her reaction. He'd come to her house and told her parents that he wanted a moment alone with her. That was odd enough, but now he was going to tell her something like that?

"I know I have a… a temper, but… a witch?" Danielle said hastily, "Isn't that a little… mean?"

The tiny man shook his head, and nearly made his hat fall off of his head. Danielle had been wondering about that, too. What in the world was he wearing?He seemed to be wearing a layered dress of some sort, and he seemed perfectly comfortable with it!

"No, no. That's not what I meant." He said quickly, "You are a literalwitch."

Danielle squinted slightly, "What are you talkingabout?" she snapped.

The tiny man's eyes lit up at that question. It was as if he'd waited his whole life to be asked it. "I teach at a school called Hogwarts. It's a school… for witches and wizards."

She raised an eyebrow, "Um… a school?" she repeated sarcastically. Sure, there'd been some strange occurrences, and some things that she could have called magic, but be real! Back in the day, fire was magic. She just didn't believe it.

He reached into his pocket, and pulled out a long, smooth stick.

"This is a wand." The tiny man mysteriously. Danielle snorted. "I thought you would say that." Danielle decided not to point out that she hadn't saidanything.

He waved his wand at the air, and a shining silver tea set appeared.

Danielle blinked.

"Tea?" he offered. She shook her head vigorously. She didn't want anything to do with a drink that had just come out of nowhere. He poured himself a small cup of his own, then continued.

"It seems that the letter extending your invitation didn't make it to you." He said almost gravely. "The professors assumed that you'd decided to go somewhere else, and when we learned that you hadn't gone anywhere!" he let out a short breath in exasperation.

"Why do I need to go to some school?" Daniel asked impolitely.

The tiny man smiled, "You will learn to hone your magical skills. You will be able to control your magic, and become more and more powerful. Lately, your magic has been running wild, and that's how we learned that you were out of control."

Danielle frowned, "How could you tell that?"

"We could sense your magic, especially when you were angry or scared. You're actually quite powerful." The tiny man said cheerfully.

Danielle took a breath as the tiny man refilled his tea cup magically, and conjured a cookie. "This isn't a joke… is it?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

"Heavens, no!" the tiny man exclaimed, almost dropping his cookie. "We're inviting you to join our seventh years."

She blinked slowly, and took another breath, trying to keep control. "If I wasn't there for the first six years…How will I keep up?"

"Ah!" the tiny man exclaimed happily, "There is an experimental process that will transfer the information to your mind!"

"Experimental?" Danielle repeated nervously.

"We don't use it often, but considering the situation…" the tiny man trailed off.

"I don't suppose you've been informed about my other...problem," Dani said slowly.

The tiny man interrupted her. "Don't say another word about it. I see no reason, and moreover, the Headmaster sees no reason for you to stay away from school because of your…problem." He said, mirroring her use of the word to describe her situation.

"Okay, let's go!" Danielle said happily, "I'm ready, let's go to Hogwarts!"

The tiny man beamed, "I'm so glad you're excited, as the first day of school is tomorrow!" Danielle nodded, "We'll go and get your school supplies in a few minutes, then perform the process, and give you the night to feel better. I'll take you to the station tomorrow."

"Wait!" Danielle gasped as the thought occurred to her. "What do I tell my friends?"

The tiny man frowned slightly, "You could tell them that you're going to boarding school. Which you are. Just don't specify that it is a magical boarding school."

"Boarding school?" Danielle repeated, confused. He hadn't mentioned that before, had he?

"Of course!" The tiny man exclaimed, "You will be engulfed in magic, and it will become embedded into your very mind."

"Boarding school…" Danielle repeated.

The tiny man gave her a moment to think, and sipped his tea quietly. On one hand, he was asking her to leave her whole life behind. On the other, if this magic thing was really a problem, it should be dealt with immediately.

"All right…" Danielle said almost inaudibly. "I'll go."

The tiny man beamed "Wonderful! We must go get your school supplies, then perform the process."

Danielle's family had a fair amount of money on hand, much of which they gladly gave to her. So Danielle was quite cheerful as she made her way around England with the tiny man who'd now given her his name; Flitwick.

That evening, Flitwick stood in Danielle's living room and sent his knowledge into her brain. Daniel felt as if her whole life was happening all over again. The embarrassing. The sad. The everything. All over again, with all sorts of extra things that weren't exactly like memories, but were quite close. Things like how to make water boil with an incantation. Like how to levitate a cow. How to transfigure a mug into a cat. Things she couldn't imagine a use for, and things that seemed like she'd known them all along.

She fell to the ground as soon as it was over, and clutched her head in her hands. Flitwick didn't seem concerned. He calmly left the house, and told her that he'd be back to get her in the morning.

Danielle slept an obscene amount the night, from the time that he left until the time that he returned, she was asleep.

She quickly got ready to leave, took her new trunk full of school things, and the cat that she'd bought the night before, named Tori. She was just a kitten, but Danielle could tell that she was really something special. After all; she'd come from a magical store.

Flitwick escorted her to King's Cross Train Station via Fireplace, then left her alone with the knowledge of how to get to Platform 9¾.

Danielle nervously walked through the solid wall that revealed an entire platform, and boarded the train without speaking to anyone. She was quite outgoing by nature, and being so self-conscious was strange for her.

She sat down in an empty compartment, and played with her new kitten until a very good looking boy with long black hair strolled in.

He stumbled when he saw her, and blinked a few times before stuttering, "You're not a first year!"

Danielle smiled, "Lovely observational skills." She said sarcastically.

He stuck his head back out the door, and called something then stepped in and sat down in her compartment.

"What's your name?" he asked suavely, fully recovered from their less-than-smooth first meeting.

"Dani." She replied with a flirty smile. "What's yours?"

"Sirius." He said as if he thought that his name meant something. "Nice to meet you."

Her smile grew slightly. He seemed like he'd be fun to toy with. "Nice to meet you, too." she said, glancing up through her eyelashes.

Dani had dark brown, almost black hair, and dark blue eyes. She was rather pale, and curvy, but not overweight. Tall, but not too tall. She was very, verypopular back in New York with both boys and girls. She loved to flirt, but wasn't into relationships. Loved romance, but preferred small, genuine gestures to large displays of affection. She could confidently flirt with Sirius, or anybody else, without wanting or expecting anything out of it. She loved fun!

Three other boys trooped into the compartment just then, and did the same double take that Sirius had when they saw the girl sitting inside.

"Uh…" a boy with hazel eyes and messy black hair said eloquently, "Uh…hi."

Dani smiled, "Hey," she said confidently. She already liked Sirius better. He wasn't as nervous.

A boy with sandy blonde hair rolled his light brown eyes at his friends, and shook her hand confidently. "I'm Remus. Are you new?"

"Dani. Yes, I am."

An ugly boy with watery brown eyes and limp blonde hair smiled, "Hi, I'm Peter!" he said over excitedly.

Dani was really nice to all of them, but she had no problem flirting with all of them. She teased them a little, but it was clear that she didn't mean it. They were becoming great friends by the time that Remus had to go to a Prefect meeting.

"Prefect?" Dani repeated as he left.

"Student police." Sirius said angrily.

Dani smiled, "Aww, did the 'student police' steal your cookie?" she asked sarcastically.

"They take away my fun!" Sirius exclaimed, "They report me when I do anything!"

She made a face, "What exactly did you do?"

James grinned, "Marauder secrets."

Dani rolled her eyes, "What is that, your little club?" she asked sarcastically.

Peter bristled at that. "Club? We're a group! We're brothers!"

"So… it's a gang?" Dani asked seriously.

"Sort of both." Sirius said with a sigh, "But we'll talk about that later. Right now, we need to discuss our Feast Prank."

Dani raised an eyebrow, but she was ignored while the boys pulled out notebooks, and planned.

A girl with long red hair, and dark green eyes opened the compartment door nervously, and peeked inside.

"Evans!" James shouted, "Fantastic to see you! You survived the summer without me? How?"

The girl rolled her eyes, and walked up to Dani.

"Hi, I'm Lily Evans. I've been assigned to show you around Hogwarts when we get there." She said happily.

Dani smiled, "I'm Dani Newton."

Lily made herself comfortable in the compartment, then noticed the kitten playing with Dani's shoelaces.

"Aww, she's so cute!" Lily cooed, "What's her name?"

Dani beamed proudly, "Tori." Lily lifted her, and cradled the kitten in her arms. Tori played with her hair, looking up innocently with enormous green eyes. She had large paws which were covered with long white fur. The rest of her was black. She was very fuzzy and very charming.

"Where are you from?" Lily asked, not catching a familiar accent.

"NYC," Dani said proudly. She loved the sound of her hometown. It was glamorous and rugged at the same time.

Lily looked confused, "Where?"

Dani raised an eyebrow, but refrained from asking the girl if she'd lived under a rock her whole life. "New York, New York? America?" she said stupidly.

"Oh!" Lily exclaimed, "I'm sorry, I didn't realize!"

Dani shrugged, "No worries." She was just surprised that the girl didn't know what she was talking about.

Remus stumbled back in, looking worn out.

He collapsed next to James, who was now sitting next to Lily, across from Dani, who was sitting next to Sirius. Peter was on Lily's other side.

He stuffed a chocolate frog in his mouth. "Hey, Lily." He said almost sadly.

"Hi!" She said happily.

"Uh… what is that?" Remus snapped, referring to Tori.

Dani rolled her eyes. She did nottake kindly to people insulting her cat, even if she'd only had her for a day. "It's a cat, Remus." She said sharply.

"Where did it come from?" Remus asked rudely.

Sirius grinned, "Well, when One little kitty loves another little kitty verymuch, they-"

Remus threw his arms over his head, "OKAY!" he shouted, "That's not what I meant!"

"She's mine." Dani said defiantly.

"Is she?" Remus asked moodily.

Dani's lips tightened slightly, "May I just ask who peed in your corn flakes?" she exclaimed angrily.

Remus blinked, "What?" he snapped.

Sirius and James burst out laughing, and a minute later, Peter half-heartedly joined them. Lily added a short, nervous giggle, but Remus continued to stare embarrassedly at the floor.

"What did you just say?" Sirius gasped through his chortles.

Remus' glare quieted them almost instantly.

"Remus, what's wrong?" Dani asked, genuinely concerned now.

He took a quick look into her dark blue eyes, and could see that she was being honest. She wanted to know.

"Nothing." He said quietly.

Finally, Lily noticed something. Remus was nervous.

That boy was a lot of things, but nervous was rarely one of them. She shot Dani a look, who stood up, and invited Lily to go after the snack trolley, even though the boys had bought nearly everything available before, to give her a chance to experience them. Remus needed a minute with his best friends. The girls could both tell.

Dani took the time to get to know Lily. After all, if they were going to be spending a lot of time together, they might as well be friends.

She learned that Lily had a cat that she had to leave back home, that James had been after her since last March, that he was still failing, and that they had a lot in common. Both were muggle born, both had been introduced to Hogwarts by Flitwick, both loved fun, and both thought that the Marauders were almost adorable with their stupidity.

Yes, they had the potential to be very, very good friends.