Mkay, so after seeing the promo for episode 2x06 I had to write this! It's a little weird at first, and I admit, Addison's a bit of a bitch, but it GETS BETTER. I swear! I'm pretty sucky at angsty fics, so this will definitely become fluff. Bear with me people. Oh & btw, this is an AU fic, so after we see episode 6, it won't make any sense with the TV show...


Addison pulled Kevin closer to her as she pressed her lips against his. She had to leave for work soon and well, they wanted to make the most of the morning together. He pulled away from her gently and wrapped his arms around her. She felt warm and comfortable in his arms, until

"I love you." He whispered in her ear and she temporarily froze up in his arms.

She didn't know what to do, so she went with her instincts. Her left hand was resting on the back of his head and she reached out with her right arm to grab her pager from the table and pressed the 'test' button letting off a loud beeping.

"Damnit I have to go to work!" She said pulling out of his arms and grabbing her handbag, "I'll um… see you later."

She was flustered and left her house in a rush. Kevin sighed and leant against the kitchen table. Maybe he had said it too soon, but he just wished she hadn't run off like that, even if her pager had gone off.


Addison walked into the office kitchen and went to pour herself a coffee, she needed caffeine running through her system, alcohol would be better, but caffeine was good for now. She paced around the kitchen as Naomi walked in eyeing her strangely.

"Um Addison? Blocking the caffeine."

Addison stepped out of the way. "Sorry." She mumbled and began pacing away from the coffee machine.

Naomi twitched an eyebrow, "You want to talk about it?" She asked, "And this does not mean I forgive you… completely."

A smiled managed to form on Addison's lips and she walked around the island to be in between the island and the side counters.

"I have man problems."

"Man problems? With Pete? Oh no, Addison you cannot, he has Meg-"

"No, with Kevin." She said.

"Kev… the cop?" Naomi asked confused.

"Yes. It's just, he's been so perfect, and we've had great sex and-"

"Wait wait wait… hold on. You and Kevin? When?" Naomi asked intrigued.

"Just over a month ago- which you would know, by the way, if you were talking to me."

"Sorry… wow, a month? Really?"

"Yeah." Addison sipped at her coffee.

"So what's the issue?" Naomi asked picking up the coffee she had just poured herself.

"He said it." Addison explained.

"Oh god. He said it?" Naomi's eyes widened and she had to put her coffee on the bench.

"Yes. This morning, and I pretended my pager was going off and ran here!" Addison exclaimed.

Naomi burst out laughing.

"It's not funny, Nae!"

"I'm sorry…" Naomi stopped herself, "Sorry. So..."

"He's in love with me…" Addison started to ramble.

The door opened a few seconds later mid-ramble, Kevin heard the tail end of what Naomi had interrupted with,

"And are you?" He heard her say before both ladies turned to face him.

He opened his mouth to speak but Addison cut him off,

"I have a um, case." She said pushing her way out the door past him.


"Sorry." Naomi said sympathetically to Kevin who looked stunned.


"Addison! There's uh, someone on the line for you!" Dell called to her as she passed the front desk.

"Who is it?" She looked up from the chart she was reading.

"I don't know…" Dell said.

"Okay?" She took the phone from him, "Hello?" She asked, leaning against the bench.

"Addison-" It was Kevin.

"Look Kevin, I can't talk right now, I-" She swallowed randomly, "I have to work."

"I just-"

"Bye." She hung up on him and briskly walked off towards her office leaving Dell stunned.


Around 11pm, Addison decided to leave the practice and go home. She knew Kevin had the night shift starting around 10, so he definitely wouldn't be able to be waiting for her at her house of anything like that. She walked out of the office in almost total darkness, nobody else was still in the office. After locking up she walked through the car park to her car and unlocked it.

In the darkness she only noticed she had a flat tire when she went to reverse and the car sunk to the left.

"Damnit!" She swore loudly and hit the steering wheel. She turned off the engine and got out of her car. She knew how to change the tire but she was just so tired she wanted to go home and sleep.

"Fucking hell!" She swore loudly and whacked her hand against her car. She was about to sink to the ground when a voice broke through the night.



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