Originally done for a school assignment. (By the way, it got me an "A".) Our teacher gave us a poem by M. Gregory (about Friar Laurence) and told us to write a poem in a similar style. We could choose any other character who was still alive at the end of Romeo and Juliet. This was probably done about seven or eight months ago, I just realized it could be considered FanFiction.

I tried so hard to end the feud,
but perhaps I should have tried my best.

If punishment only led to more anger and punishment
then what could I have done?

Harsher punishments? Continual penalties?
Or perhaps it was not in my abilities at all.

Maybe the only way to end such a feud is with its exact opposite.
Could softness, tenderness, and purity have been the only way to douse these angry flames?

Could the antidote for hate really be love?
Is it like how roaring fires can be extinguished by a touch of water?

Can the touch of ignorant, new love bury generations of hatred?
Can something so pure be so powerful?

But if that were so
there's nothing I could have done.

For I don't have the ability to form a love
that would pull on the heartstrings of two such families.

The purest of loves is new and fresh
and only the pure at heart, the young, can forge something that's so.

That would be only in the power
of the passed Romeo and Juliet.

Their love,
so powerful,
so strong,
so pure.

Is what could affect these
families hearts.

Could that extinguished love
be all that could end the hatred?

If that's so,
I could have done nothing.

But the "what if"s must end
and the "perhap"s we'll never know.

We cannot change history,
only go with its flow.

All matters naught,
for this is what's so:

The feud has been buried,
as have the children of foes.

So? Like it? Hate it? I'm not sure I like it all that much myself...review please?