DoD File # 177167-B186-08

Date of Submission: 27 November 2014

Abstract: The below is a transcript of an audio recording was found in a storage room in the Kroger on Union Lake road in the city of White Lake, MI. The tape chronicles the recorder's [John Hampton's] role in Incident 177167, site B186 [Michigan, 186th cleanup location] and contains Hampton's suicide. The recording was made early in the Undead War and offers insight of the infection spread into an area that was totally infected. As very little is know about the actual spread of the infection from Detroit to the suburban and then urban areas, this recording is invaluable.

***Playback Begin***

*labored breathing with a distant banging in the background*

"My...My name is John Hampton. Today is July 28th, 2010. I reside at [garbled] Elizabeth Lake road, White Lake. Five days ago, there was a mass riot in Detroit. There was no reason at all for it. That was the first thing that made me wonder. Then people started dying. Not just one or two, but by the thousands. The news said that bite wounds were the main cause, that chunks of the victims were just gone, eaten.

"I wasn't sure what to make of it. Detroit's just a forty-five minute drive from my home... I guess I wasn't remiss in cleaning my shotgun and making a run to the Gun Barn... Bought two cases of BB 3-inch shells. Nothing quite says 'Get the fuck back' like a 12-gauge barrel in your face.

"Watching all those zombie movies made me about as ready as I'd ever be. I didn't think it was a riot back there in D-Town. No one riots for no reason, nor does anyone use their fellow rioter as a human snack."

*sliding sound, as if repositioning self*

"Two days ago the National guard, which was called up a day before, rolled into Detroit. The news was there to cover the whole damn show too. Those poor fuckers had next to no chance. By then people had figured that you need to shoot the damned ghouls in the head, but there were so many. They even used one of those beautiful Abrams tanks to run the fuckers over. Didn't help much. They'd get broken up, but as long as they had a head, they'd crawl to get to their food.

"The guardsmen even managed to clear a section of the city before Homeland Security put up a press blackout. Even after, some poor fucks with video cameras who were still in the city were posting stuff online. Then they cut the internet connections, all of them to the city and the surrounding area, including my home. I didn't even know that was possible."

*clears throat*

"Anyways, looks like those guardsmen failed. 'Cause Zed is here and he is hungry. I woke up this morning when one of them tossed himself though the window. I shot him easy enough with my shotgun. Turns out he was my neighbor. That's when it really hit me. This wasn't going to be stopped by the Army, not the government, and not even by the fucking Marines."

*chucking to himself*

"What's worse is that these are the track star-type zombies. The kind that could run a 4-minute mile and still eat your balls for a snack and not notice. If they were the shufflers, the slow kind, we would have had a chance at beating them.

"Anyway, about why I'm here in the goddamn Kroger of all places... After I racked another round and replaced the spent shell, two more of 'em came in right after my neighbor. I got them good, but the sound attracted more. I grabbed a couple boxes of shells and ran out to my car. Only stopped to put on some pants. I shot five more and the magazine was empty. Had to use the butt of the gun to beat the last one down.

"I got in my car and just drove. I didn't really think of anywhere to go. I mean I just killed 9 of my neighbors and I was covered in blood. I turned onto Union Lake road and kept going. It happened so early that almost no one had time to wake up or get on the road, so no stopped cars were in my way. However, the fucking zeds were everywhere. I don't know how many of them I hit. Thank the lord for the American lust after SUVs.

"I just drove around between here and Pontiac and then Novi. It wasn't pretty. I went to every population center I could get to, only two, and they were both overrun. I didn't dare go on M-59, that was a deathtrap according to the radio. Not a single place was safe, so I decided to head home, or at least towards home.

"On my way back, I saw a group of people running into the Kroger and I decided to see if I could help them or if they could help me. I pulled in, but as soon as I did, they all came running back out. They were infected, so I grabbed my shotgun and went to work.

"I did some fancy driving, backwards mostly while shooting out the driver's window. I managed to kill enough of them and got out. I took care of the rest and went inside. Apparently they had been chasing a woman. God, she was a sight I wish I had never seen. They literally tore her apart right at the waist. Like two had grabber her arms and two took her legs and they pulled as hard as they could.

"After that, they started eating her. I guess that's when I showed up and distracted them, because she was infected now. She started crawling at me with her one good arm and I shot her. Took 'er head clean off. I wasn't too hungry after that.

"I looked around the store. The employees had all been eaten or nearly so and then turned. I cleared the store of the dead and then I used the keys I pulled from the manager's body to lock the doors. I moved some shelves in the way of the windows so they can't see in. It won't hold up too long if they decide to come at me, but I think that they work mostly on sight."

*glass smashing, metal being moved on the floor, moaning*

"Aw hell! Hold on a minute!"

*feet running joined by others, three shotgun blasts*

"Almost there! Ha ha ha Fuckers!"

*heavy door slamming and lock being activated*

"As I was just getting to, I set up panic room in the back. Good thing I did that right after I set up the barricades, instead of making this or I'd really be up shit-"

*heavy slamming on the door, metal groaning*

"You have got to be shitting me! Goddamned son of a bitch!"

*more running and the sound of another door being locked*

"I just had to jinx it. They managed to compromise the motherfucking door. That thing is heavy too. they must be damned strong. Well, I'm in a closet now. The door isn't nearly as strong as the other one. I don't think that the other door will hold that long either."

*long pause, sound of shotgun loading a round*

"I don't want to be eaten and I doubt that they'll take so long I'll be one of them. So I've said my piece and told my story. Sorry to leave you like this, but if you're listening, it means that you've done better than I have. If you're on the run, have fun my friend. If you're safe and it's over, I salute you and those who stopped them."

*shotgun fires*

*banging in background intensifies, moaning now clearly audible*

*door is broken from hinges, moaning increases in volume, Undead consuming the body*

***End Playback***


Staff Sergeant Don Case: My fire team found this recording while we were sweeping area B186 as part of Operation Bulldog. The supposed body of Mr. Hampton was found still holding a Remington 870 12-gauge shotgun. The body was heavily... eaten and was tagged for disposal.

Case Officer Barry Handson: We have found records of a John Hampton living at a nearby address that matches the recording. His next of kin and immediate family seem to have also been victims of the Undead Plague. The body was burned as part of Operation Bulldog's standing orders, Mr. Hampton was the 8th person to have left a record that has been recovered in area B186.