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"I have a headache and I'm going to bed"

L&HM Chapter 11: Joaquin's Pancakes

I woke up the next morning with a headache like a hangover. And I couldn't remember a thing that of what happened last night so I went downstairs. Only Sam and Emily were there.

"Want to talk about last night?" Emily asked me.

And then it hit me. Everything about last night. The purple flowers from Hayden. Joaquin taking credit for them. Me canceling on Joaquin and not feeling good.

"Not really because I'm not sure what happened last night!" I answered her while getting something to eat from the fridge only to find it empty. What did I expect from the werewolves?

"So who's Hayden?" Sam asked.

And I took that moment to get out of the house claiming to get food when all I wanted to do was get away from explaining how I'm married to him and who he is and all. I ended up at the market only to find Joaquin making his way towards me.

"So what happened last night? You didn't like the flowers?" he asked me lightly.

I wanted to punch him more than anything but not before he explained what the hell both of their problem was so I played the innocent.

"Yeah, I got sick and just didn't feel good at all. I'm sorry" I let him know while keeping my distance and trying to get out that isle.

"It's ok. Why don't you come over now and I'll make you my famous promised pancakes?" he tried again.

Go with him or listen to Hayden again and stay away from Joaquin. ButI'm an independent woman who can do anything she wants. Plus, I wanted to know too badly what Joaquin's problem with Hayden was because Hayden wouldn't say.

"Sounds good but let me go and change really fast" I let him know as I looked down on my sleeping clothes.

He smiled a little. "All right, then let me get the stuff and I'll come pick you up in about five minutes" he said lightly.

So I went home to find Sam and Emily still over. Did they have no life at all or what? They were both giving me a look.

"What?" I asked annoyingly.

"Nothing. It's just you come home, randomly cancel your date and tell us that you'll never go out with him, only to agree to a breakfast date with him?" Sam said in a tone.

"You don't own me and I can do whatever the hell I want" I let him know in a stern voice. What is up with me and acting like a teenager these days?

"How did you know that Joaquin asked me and I said yes?" I retorted.

"Werewolf, remember?" Sam said with a grin.

Then I turned to Emily: "help me get dressed fast?" I asked her hoping for a yes and she didn't disappoint me.

So we went to my room and she gave me the dress that was from last night and helped me a little with the makeup. Being a werewolf certainly has its advantages: the fast ability to change in and out of clothes and get dressed to 'spy' on your date so you can find out what your own husband won't tell you.

FML. (AN: if you don't know what that is, Google it, it's funny)

The bell rang at that moment and I walked out all ready to see Joaquin standing on the other side of the door.

"Hey! Wow, you look really nice. If I didn't know you any better I'd think you had super natural abilities" He smiled a little. Huh?

"Yeah, you could say it's one of many skills" I laughed it off and tried to change the subject "So how was the first day of work yesterday?"

"Kind of boring but what was up with you and Bedevian?" He asked nonchalantly.


"Dr. Bedevian. You two looked like you were having a fight or something yesterday" he said as he parked in front of his driveway a little away from Forks.

"Oh, that was nothing. He was just being annoying at the time." I explained hoping to go without explaining more about my husband. "So when do I get to eat these promised pancakes?" I smiled.

He looked at me for a sec and then came to open my door as he said "right about now".

I smiled at him and took a look at his house. What's up with these people and money? Does it grow in their backyards because Joaquin's house was about as big as Hayden's house?

"You have a nice house" was all I could say as he led me in.

"Thank you, I just got it because it's close to you" he said.


"You know you like it" he imitated the penguin from Happy Feet.

It's so easy to get along with him. Wonder why Hayden hates him and why he lied about the roses?

"Are you going to sit in the kitchen table or stand there with a thoughtful look on your face?" Joaquin's voice revived me back to reality.

"Very funny. I was just thinking about the purple rose that you said you sent me" I let him know as I took my seat and started to eat.

"I did and I'm so sorry I only got you one because some idiot bought all the purple roses from the shop in Seattle" he explained as he took a bit of his pancake.

That explains so much. I couldn't help but laugh because Hayden was the idiot. So Joaquin isn't creepy in a serial killer way but creepy in general public way. I guess the later is better.

"I loved it" I let him know and "I love these pancakes. Where did you learn to cook?"

"That's for me to know and you to find out" He teased me.

After breakfast, he showed me around his house and WOW, it was huge.

"You live by yourself in this huge house?" I asked him.

"Currently yes, but if you decide to move in, that'd be a different story" he said lightly yet putting his entire heart into it.

"I thought we agreed that we'd just be friends" I let him down easy.

"I understand so you think you know any woman out there for me?" He asked me.

"The nerve" we were on playful tones now and what I didn't realize was how close Joaquin was to me because he was trying to get a little closer.

"Stop" I told him in a stern voice and if he continued I'd use my werewolf strength on him but guess the stars were in his favor because my cell rang at the moment.

I stepped away from Joaquin to get my cell.

"Hello" I said to my phone while keeping an eye on Joaquin who had his hands up as if to let me know that he was safe.

"Hey beautiful. What are you up to?" Hayden's voice greeted me.

"Nothing much. Just having breakfast at Joaquin's" I told him without thinking about it

"Leah, I thought I asked you to stay away from him" He said in a mad yet gentle voice.

"What the hell is wrong with everyone? YOU DO NOT CONTROL ME. I AM MY OWN PERSON" with that I hung up the phone.

"You don't have to take the anger you feel against me on the person who called?"Joaquin reminded me of his presence. "And I'm really sorry. Please forgive me and I'll settle for your friendship if you'll let me" he halfway pleaded with me.

I cannot believe that I had just yelled at Hayden. Our first fight. I couldn't lose another friend at the same moment so I said: "only if you promise to stick to it"

He smiled saying "come on, I'll drop you off but you think we can go out tonight to a club so I can find a gal for myself and someone worthy of you?"

"You make me laugh but I don't know yet. I'll let you know" I told him because I didn't know what I was going to do about Hayden being mad at me.


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