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Kei's eyes widened. Kanako finally wrapped her mind around what she had said.

"I'm sorry! What I meant was-" But before she could apologize, Kei had wrapped her in a bear hug.

"Say it again."


"Please?" Kei pulled away and looked into Kanako's eyes. Kanako blushed.

"Um…I like you…very much." Kanako whispered. Kei smiled.

"But that wasn't what you had said before." Kei said. Kanako shook her head, her face still red. Kei laughed, wiping away his tears and greeting the world with a real smile once again.


"Hmm…Hmm…." Kei was humming under his breath as he headed over to the table for lunch. Narumi looked at him with a funny look.

"Why were you so angry yesterday?" He whispered. Kei turned to him.

"I wasn't angry." Narumi was just about to reply until a teacher interrupted him. She was standing on a chair and yelling to get the attention of the talkative teenagers.

"Next Friday is the school dance. So-" Before she had a chance to finish, the whole cafeteria erupted in whispers.

"Naru-Naru's gonna take Kiri to the dance!" Kei yelled. Narumi glared so fiercely at him even Kiri woke up.

"Wha-?" She asked.

As the students continued to talk, Kei locked eyes with Ochiai. The taller boy narrowed his eyes at Kei. Narumi slapped Kei on the back of his head, breaking the eye contact of Ochiai and Kei.

"You're crazy!" Narumi accused Kei. Kiri yawned again and got up to go buy another juice box. Narumi immediately took note and got up to go with her.

Kei looked around. "I wonder where Kanako is…" He mused aloud. He hadn't seen her all day and was starting to worry.

Narumi and Kiri came back, Narumi looking very happy and Kiri contentedly sipping her juice box. Kei immediately said, "I told you so."

"Told me what?" Narumi asked.

"That you were going to the dance with Kiri-chan. Am I right or am I right?" Kei laughed. Narumi turned red and looked for an escape. Ochiai narrowed his eyes at Narumi too.


"Well, he told me he would buy a month's supply of snacks for me if I would go to the dance with him, so I said yes." Kiri said monotonously. Ochiai's jaw nearly dropped.

"He bribed you?" Ochiai asked unbelievingly.

"I have to go there to help out Kanako with the decorations, so why would I say no to his offer if I was going anyway?" Kiri shrugged. Ochiai hadn't known this. He had thought he would have a chance to ask her…But there was always Kanako…

"I'm going to the library." He announced, but no one paid any attention to him. Narumi was trying to steal some of Kiri's chips and Kei was…gone?

Ochiai stood up hurriedly. Where was Kei? He ran out of the cafeteria, looking around frantically for the short, orange-haired boy. SP room? Classroom? Even less likely, the library? Ochiai looked around the school, but couldn't locate Kei anywhere.


"Kanako, will you go to the dance with me?" Kei asked. He coughed and readjusted his hat. "Kanako, will you go to the dance with me?" He said again, in a deeper voice. "Aww, man. This isn't working out." He finally sighed. Giving up on practicing his lines, he headed out of the bathroom.

Kei looked around the school for Kiri. He found her in the cafeteria outside and went to ask her something. "Kiri! Will you please help me ask Kanako to the dance?" He begged. Kiri stared back at him, sipping her juice box.

"What?" Kiri asked.

"I said, will you help-"

"No, I heard what you just said. I was just… Never mind. Why do you want to ask her to the dance?"

"Because… Because… Kanako is my girlfriend." Kei said, looking away.

"Well, then, that shouldn't be a problem, now should it?"

"The problem is… I haven't quite asked her out yet."

"…So she isn't actually your girlfriend."



As the two kept on talking, time kept on ticking.

The sun was setting and students were heading home. "Kanako!" Ochiai called out. He stumbled up to meet her, catching up from a block away.

"Oh. Hello there, Ochiai-senpai." She said stiffly, continuing to walk along the small canal.

"I was wondering why I didn't see you at the cafeteria today."

"I stayed at school."

"Why?" Kanako gave him a look. "Right. Not my business." It wasn't like Ochiai to back off, but he needed Kanako in the best mood to spring the question.

Suddenly, Ochiai grabbed Kanako's hand and ran down under the bridge so they were shielded from prying eyes. He grabbed her shoulder and pinned her against the wall, leaning over her.

"Hey! What was that for?"

"Haven't you waited for this all your life?" Ochiai whispered in her ear. Kanako struggled against Ochiai's grasp. She was cornered.

"No! Not like this." Kanako said fiercely. "Let me go." Just as she pushed Ochiai off, she caught sight of someone watching them from the other bridge. She gasped. Kei had seen what had happened. Ochiai smirked.

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