Getting Away From It All

A/N: Hello everyone! I know what your thinking, this person doesn't finish stories and she keeps coming out with new ones! I know it's a horrible thing to do, but I have so many ideas and I just love getting them out and letting everyone read them. This story in my opinion has more substance than my other story "Dancin' In The Moonlight". It has more layers, which I want to explore and I am pretty much in love with it! Haha I am not biased I just truly think it's more in depth! This is totally AU and it's kinda out of character I won't lie, but I really hope you enjoy it! Also, this won't be too long of story! Please review, but most of all enjoy!

Summary: He came to the same bar every night mostly to get away. She was the bartender that he found comfort it. They were the couple that no one saw coming, but everyone fell in love with. AU Chuck/Blair.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Gossip Girl, Chuck, and Blair belong to CW, the plot is simply mine.


Quote: "She's a local girl with local scars" – Beth Hart


Chapter One

"Bad day?"

"You could say that."

Chuck Bass a twenty three year old man that had drinking on the mind. Some may wonder why he would, but the truth was he came to the same bar every night. He would work his usual time seven in the morning to five in the evening. He worked for his father, Bart Bass which was hell. He worked as the public relations manager because his father said he was a good sells person. He knew his father was right, but sometimes he wanted to quit his job just to prove something.

He started coming to this bar two years ago after what he called the worst day he had ever experienced on earth. He had tried to buy an old run down club, but in the end he ended up failing the project. His father had said some words and it made him come here. He now came here every night for many reasons. One of the main reasons he came was to get a good drink another reason being something he didn't like to admit to many people. He came to talk to someone, the bartender.


The first time he came to the bar she had just started serving drinks and had spilled a drink on him which she said sorry for about a hundred times. He had been infatuated with her from the very beginning. She had light brown hair, which was in perfect soft curls every night. She was petite and he thought she could definitely use some pounds. In his mind she was a spitfire.

He could talk to her about anything and she could tell him anything as well. They trusted each other and he found comfort in that. What she didn't know though was sometimes he just ordered a drink so he could talk to her.

"What happened today? Usually you don't order three beers in less than an hour."

"My father, but that happens every day I guess."

For a twenty one year old girl, Blair Waldorf was doing well in life. She had gone to school in California where her mother had wanted her too and now living in New York. She never imagined her first job in New York being bartending, but she took it. She hadn't seen her mother in four years. Her mother being the number one selling fashion designer, disowned her most of the time, but she really didn't mind.

Most people in New York would find working in a bar to be a low class job, but there was one thing they didn't get to experience every night. The first time he had come in she had seen in his eyes despair. He looked like he worked too much and wanted to get away from it all. He had sat down in the same spot he did every night now. She had been new at the job at the time, and had spilled a drink on him. She apologized and had said it was fine. She gave free drinks that night and they had also talked the night away.

He was tall, well taller than her and very handsome. He wore suits every night she saw him and always had the same expression on his face, until he would open up to her. He would talk about things she could never understand and things that made her love talking to him.

"So when are your friends Serena and Dan coming in?"

Serena and Dan were getting married and Dan had asked him to be the best man. They had all gone to school together including, Nate and Vanessa who were also going to make it for the wedding. Serena and Dan had recently moved to Chicago because of Serena's model career. Then there was Nate and Vanessa who had been married over a year and who also lived in Chicago. They had all wanted to Chuck to move there to, but his work had not permitted him to.

"They're coming in on Saturday. I will bring them here." He wanted them to meet her; she was a big part of his life in some aspect. She may not of been what everyone expected out of Chuck Bass, but to him she meant a lot.

"I'd like that."

"So what has happen since I last talked to you?"

"Well since yesterday, a lot actually," she said putting her head down and cleaning off the counter.

She had worked till eleven last night and when she had gotten home she learned that her landlord had kicked her out. Her bags were in front of her use to be door and a note saying her rent was too late and she couldn't stay there any longer. She was now homeless and looking at places to move to. She was hoping Chuck would have some suggestions.

"Do tell," he said taking a sip of his forth beer.

"My landlord kicked me out and so now I am looking for a place to rent. Would you happen to know of any places that are reasonable?"

He looked at her. She looked distressed something he hadn't noticed until now. He had been to her apartment once to say it was in perfect shape was an understatement. She lived in a place he would never considering living in.

"How much do you want to spend?"

"Not a lot, maybe a little under six hundred dollars."

That is going to get you nowhere he thought. He thought of a couple places that would be good enough for her. No place would be by spending that much money.

"That's going to get you nowhere." He said truthfully, he then had thought. "How about until we find a place, you move in with me, rent free."

Her eyes went wider then she wanted them to go. She couldn't move in with him. She knew how "his" people were. His father probably had an image on how his girlfriend should look, not that she was his girlfriend or anything. Looking at him she knew he was serious. Maybe it's the beers? This was crazy and she knew it.

"Chuck, I just, no I don't think that's good idea," she said honestly.

"Blair, I have seen the place you call home," he said while making air quotes around home. "This is probably the best offer you're going to get."

She knew he was right. She had seen where he lived though. He lived in one of he most expensive penthouses in New York's Upper East Side. He lived on the top floor of The Palace. She had been there once when he had been to drunk to stand up. His place was your typical bachelor pad, leather furniture everywhere and television galore. He had four bedrooms and five bathrooms with a huge living room and stuff Blair could only dream of. She had been in love with the place ever since, but she could absolutely not take this offer.

"Listen I am out of town a lot of the time so it will basically be your place. I have plenty of bedrooms and I need someone there anyways to watch over the place. Please say yes." He needed her to do this for him. Not only because he wouldn't mind her living there, but also because he wanted her in his eyesight.

"Chuck I can't. Why can't you just help me find a place? Plus, I really don't want to intrude," she stood up instead of leaning on the counter so he could tell she was serious.

"Waldorf, listen I know your miss independent, but I can tell you need this." Chuck could read people. That's one of the reasons he knew his father liked him as public relations manager. A good sell person could always read people, reading Blair was easy.


"I won't take no for answer." She sighed at his words; she couldn't believe she was even considering this.

"Fine, but I insist that when you are home I make dinner and I will clean for you."

"Oh I was already going to have you do that," he smirked.

"Very funny."

"Listen," he said while looking at his watch. "I've got to run and get some sleep for a big meeting tomorrow, but I will come after work to your place and help you with your stuff."

She smiled.

"Thank you. It means a lot." She smiled while watching him get up.

"Anytime," he yelled while walking out of his favorite place to be.