Kagome was meandering in the garden when she suddenly heard Moufiri yelp. Running over to him, she tried to figure out what was going on. He was wagging his tail furiously and barking at a small plant that was sitting innocently in the corner. She pushed hard on him and he finally moved out of the way. Bending over, she was peering intently at the small moon-shaped plant when something soft and furry touched the inside of her leg.

Jumping up, she spun around to find her husband standing behind her, innocently watching her while his fuzzy mokomoko tried to take liberties that she did not allow in public. "What are you doing mate?"

Kagome glared at his fluff and turned back towards the plant. "If you can keep your hands, tail and parasitic creature to yourself, I'll show you." She gestured him over and watched as he securely tucked the furry thing over his shoulder so it would not touch the dirty ground as he examined her find.

As they watched, the small plant opened itself. It was green on the outside but a brilliant red on the inside with small lash like tendrils sticking out from the edges. As they watched, a tiny insect flew towards it. Kagome jerked back as it closed violently upon the creature and Sesshoumaru put a hand out to steady her.

"You are a similar creature." He stood and dusted off imaginary dirt before extending his hand towards Kagome. His gaze was still on the small being that was closed to all invaders.

"I am?" She wasn't sure whether to be offended or humored.

He looked at her. "Yes. Your scent is much more tantalizing." He brushed a finger down her cheek. "And the color of its trap is close to the color of your most secret place." He pulled her tighter, letting her know that he wasn't bluffing. "And it squeezes its prey as tightly as you squeeze me." As he led her unresistingly towards their room, he chuckled. "You are my own dionaea muscipula."