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"Do you see him, it will be so easy"

"We can help you, you just have to_"

"Kill him. It will be the end off all your problems."

"Kill Him."


"Leave me alone!" I screamed. My mother and father started at me with shocked looks on their faces. I closed my eyes and opened them quickly, willing it all to go away. I looked around the room hurriedly, and upon finding a clear exit ran and did not stop until I was well away from my parents and sister.

In time I reached into a garden with beautiful tulips all around it. In another time I would have adored the beautiful and simplicity of the flowers but now all I could do was scream. They were back, the voices that I had for so long fought to keep at bay. They screamed in my mind, hollering their demands. Kill him, they said. Who? I wanted to yell back but I could not formulate the words. I could not give in to them. That is what the physician had said. If I ignore them they would go away, they are simply fragments of my imagination. I had and for months the voices stopped, but now… now they were back. Tears ran down my face now, my head was throbbing. I sat down in the wet garden, and stopped fighting the voices. They had fully taken over me and then everything went black.


"Asha, Asha listen to me. We have to go now, we have to run away. They are coming for you and when they find you… are you listening to me. Get up. Now get up. You have to listen to me, I know you are sacred but you have to trust me. Asha, now, please wake up and run, run toward the ocean, you will find me there. Once we are together I can help you stop the voices, we can run away together. We can …"

I woke with a start. The voices have never sounded so vivid and they had never come to me in a dream. I got up and glanced at the imprint I had left in the grass. I had no idea where I was; it was foolish to have run away. Ah, now that the voices had subsided I could think clearly. I looked around, hoping I could recognize something and find my way. My family had come to this manor two nights before. It was owned by a Lord Creun and my father was to be the head cook in his kitchen. I had yet to see the lord but I am sure he had heard of me. Many servants were present during dinner yesterday and I probably appeared mad. I walked quickly through the garden and was lead to the kitchen by the smell of sweet meats being cooked. As I slipped inside I saw my father dicing vegetables. I walked closer and he looked up at me.

"You stupid girl." He said to me. "Do you understand the fright you gave your mother and sister."

"Father, I." I replied.

"No, Asha. You know for such a clever girl you never think. We are new here in this land and in this house. We are lucky to be here. Servants must be discrete, Asha. And what you did was not discrete. Go find your mother and Annabel, they must be worried sick."

"Yes father."

"And Asha," he whispered to me. "There will be no talk of voices, you know what is said about Asylyns. And although we know that the talk isn't true, but rumors spread quickly. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Father," I answered.

I wanted to ask him what is said about Ashlyns, what could possibly be said about the people of my country that would put such fear into his eyes. If only I knew then what I know now, maybe things would have been different. Maybe I would have turned out differently.

As I left the kitchen and walked through the numerous corridors, the servants whispered after me. My father was right, I was the talk of all gossip. I heard snitches of their conversations, they said that the new Ashlyn cook and his family are peculiar, and recounted how I had ran away from dinner screaming like a mad women. How my parents simply started at me like it was a natural occurrence. The accusations wounded my pride and confidence and I walked with my head low. When I found my mother she was very angry with me and Anna gave me a worried glance. I worked with them, cleaning the floors until you could see your own reflection in them. I tried speaking to my mother and the other ladies cleaning but they ignored me. In the silence I made a promise to myself. The voices would not exist any longer. They had tormented me since I was a young girl; growing fierier with the passing years. I told myself that I was no longer a child at thirteen and should be able to control my own mind. And after that the voice ceased, at least for a little while.

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