Did I ever gain control of the voices? No, they are always there now they speak more often then before. They try to get me to communicate with their loved ones. It is especially irritating when I am with Jai, which I am often, Opal cries for him. I try to shut them off but I have come to learn that they are a part of me.

After that faithful night Jai and I traveled together. He was a completely different person without his brother controlling him. Distant at times, moody, always searching for something or someone. We bought a house overlooking the sea reflecting the first vision we had together. I realized that it is where I was always called to. I search for Aaron sometimes, take long walks on the beach and call out his name. The waves seem to answer me. There is still so much I do not know and understand. Sometimes I get memories of places I have never been. Jai says it is the past Ashlyns way of showing me things but I do not believe him. I think I might have an entire past I do not remember.

The visions still come. I have terrible dreams every night. I know that I have not done all that I am suppose to do. The riots continue, the country is poor, and Arria's help does not seem sufficient. There is so much sadness here. At night I hear people calling out for their love ones lost.

Jai and I stick together becomes we have no one else. I have accepted that I cannot be his Opal, especially with her aware of my actions. I feel like I am always being watched and am always alone. I do not know what is to come. I am useless until then.


Take her

She is not safe here

It is up to you

Asha listen to us

We have never been wrong before

She is the key to what comes next

She is the key to our victory

Against corruption



It is not over

The battle has just begun …

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