A/N: The pen name issue is bothering me. And I figured that I should post something since I'm going on hiatus tomorrow for the new SmackDown vs. RAW game. And yes, I am still one hundred percent pro-Edge. Everyone is in character for this story, because Edge is the only wrestler with any character.


"You guys!" Paige Mortenson squealed, running up to the quarrel in the hallway. "Stop fighting! You guys don't need violence to solve your problems. Can't you just talk them out like civil human beings?"

Chris Jericho and Randy Orton separated themselves from one another. The had been play wrestling in the hallway after their segment in the ring.

"Paige, you're such a goody two shoes," Randy said, shoving Chris away from him.

"Yeah, we were just messing around. God, do you have to take everything so seriously? Can't two guys just mess around together in the hallway?" Chris asked, kicking Randy in the shin.

"Chris, stop talking. You're making us sound gay," Randy threatened, kicking Jericho in the back of the leg for retaliation. He then turned to Paige. "Hun, leave us alone. You're not in our league."

"Hey, you assholes! Leave her alone!" called a voice from down the hallway.

"Of course, here comes Cena to ruin everyone's fun..." Chris muttered under his breath, earning himself a swift slap on the shoulder from Paige.

"Paige, baby, are they giving you a hard time?" John asked, putting a comforting arm around his girlfriend's waist.

"Well, I was just trying to stop them from fighting and told them that violence is not the answer."

"We're professional wrestlers! Violence is always the answer," Jericho chided, nudging Randy with his elbow.

"Can't you two just grow up? You're in the presence of a lady, for crying out loud," Cena said, pulling Paige closer.

The alarm on Paige's phone sounded from her pocket. "Oh, crap! I have to go, John. I have to meet my sister in an hour!"

"Paige, when can I meet your sister? I've seen pictures of her. I've heard about her, but I've never seen her. We've been together for six months now. I'm pretty sure it's time that I met your sister."

"I don't think that's such a good idea..." Paige said, shirking away from John and pulling her phone out of her pocket. "My sister isn't exactly a people person."

"Oh, come on, Paige. She works for the other brand. Even when all three brands are together for shows, we never see her!"

"Well...Portia and I don't exactly get along to well..." Paige revealed. It was true. The identical twins were as different as they could be. "Besides, she's always running around pulling shenanigans with Edge. How...disgusting," Paige shuddered. She could never dream of dating the Rated R Superstar. He was dirty, cunning, and just a mean guy. Paige was as straight laced as the corsets she wore out in the ring. Everything had to be clean and perfect, which was why John Cena was the perfect guy for her.

But Paige had a secret that not even John knew.


"Did you bring the eggs?" Edge asked after he greeted his girlfriend with a hug.

Portia Mortenson pulled away from the Canadian wrestler and opened her large satchel that was slung over her shoulder. She pulled out a cardboard container of eggs, holding twenty-four eggs inside. "You know it, babe."

"Let's go," Edge said, taking Portia by the hand and dragging her to the parking lot, her blonde hair streaked with black flying in the wind behind her.

The rocker pair searched the lot for the specific car they were looking for, belonging to Triple H. They found the black Mercedes Benz with no trouble, parked far away from all the other cars.

"Sometimes, I think he's making this easy for us on purpose," Edge laughed, letting go of Portia's black nail polish emblazoned hand and taking the carton of eggs. "Bombs away," he whispered, chucking an egg and the expensive vehicle. The fragile produce easily broke against the metal car. The yolk dripped down the side of the car. If Edge was lucky, and Triple H was not, the cold air would quickly dry the egg against the black sheen of the vehicle.

As Edge would say, it would become a bitch to clean.

"Come on, babe. Throw a few," Edge urged.

"Alright," Portia agreed. She threw an egg that landed square on the windsheild.

"Good going! How many more to we have left?"

Portia peered into the carton. "One left."

Edge smirked. "Let's save that one. I have an idea."

Portia and Edge returned to the building. They saw Brie and Nikki Bella walking around. They gave the darker duo a dirty look; a look which Edge gladly returned with an even dirtier look. "What are you looking at, skankbags?" Edge asked, bobbling his head in true Edge fashion.

The Bella Twins had no response. Instead, the kept walking.

"Yeah, that's right. My girl and her twin are way hotter than you tranny whores," Edge called after them.

"The Bella Twins can suck my nuts," Portia mumbled angrily.

"You tell them, babe. Anyways, is your sister even hot? I've seen her on TV, and she's okay...I guess. I know she's dating that tool, Cena, but still. How come I've never seen her? We've been together what now? Six months? How come you've never let me meet the bitch?"

"Well, Paige and I are...quite different, to say the least," Portia reluctantly answered. "You wouldn't like her, and I wouldn't want you two to get into a fight."

"Portia, who are you? All I do is fight! It's what I do."

"Yes, hun, and it's what makes you so irresistible. But, I have to go home now. This place is played. If I have to see one more drag queen, I'm going to puke."

Peyton Mendenez stepped into the shower. The black streaks in her blonde hair washed out at the first sign of water contact. After she was clean, she grabbed the nail polish remover out of her makeup bag and took off the black polish. She put her darker clothes in her bag and pulled out her lighter wardrobe.

It was hard being on two shows. It was hard dating two men. It was hard pretending to be someone you're not.

But the hardest thing of all? Keeping the secret of being on two shows, dating two men, pretending to be both twins at once, and not going insane.

Peyton turned on her laptop and opened up Adobe Photoshop. She found pictures that she had taken with both Edge and John. She photoshopped a few of them together to look as if Portia and Paige were together.

It was the only proof she had that these two girls existed, and it was all she depended on.

And if her secret got out?

All hell would break loose.