"Paige, may I see you in my office?" Mr. McMahon asked as she spotted Paige in the hallway.

"Of course, Mr. McMahon!" Paige enthusiastically agreed, skipping along behind her boss.

"Please, take a seat," Mr. McMahon offered after he held the door open for Paige and then closing it behind them.

"Am I in trouble?" Paige innocently asked, cocking her head to the side and batting her eyelashes at Vince.

"Oh, no, sweetheart!" Vince said. "Why would you think that?"

"Well, no one gets sent in here unless you're mad at them," Paige pouted. Part of Peyton's act as Paige was to be as innocently perfect as possible. Everyone had to love her.

Well, at least the important people, like Vince.

"Paige, you are never in trouble. I just wanted to discuss an issue with you. I have an idea for a pay-per-view match."

"Me? Wrestle on a pay-per-view? Oh, Vince! Thank you so much!" Paige squealed, clapping her hands together. "Who is my opponent?"

"Well...We're going to have your sister start talking trash about you this week on SmackDown, and then you will speak about it on RAW. It will be kind of an ongoing thing, but you will not have any interactions until the pay-per-view, Cyber Sunday. Then you will wrestle and there shall be some stipulations that are still currently in the works. Creative needs to fine tune the details on the stips, but that's about it. So, how does that sound?"

Paige smiled energetically. "I'm so excited! I promise that I won't let you down!"

Peyton slammed the door of her hotel room. She knew that her little charade couldn't go one forever. Somehow, they would find out about her. Her world would be ruined.

She needed a plan, and she needed it fast.

She took a shower and repainted her nails black. She put her fake black streaks in her hair and got her wardrobe ready for the day. She had a flight out to SmackDown later in the night, and she needed to be ready to become Portia.


"Portia, I need to speak with you," Vince said darkly, spotting the Rated R couple canoodling in the hallway.

"Vince, you're such a party pooper," Edge said, clinging onto Portia more tightly.

"That's Mister McMahon to you, Edge," Vince sternly said, his eyes reducing to slits.

"Well, I guess the warden wants to see you. Catch you later, babe," Edge said, walking off.

"Miss Mortenson, let's go."

Vince and Portia walked together to Vince's office in the SmackDown arena.

In Portia's head, Peyton knew exactly what he was going to say.

"Portia, we have an idea for Cyber Sunday."

"You have an idea? Well, that's certainly a step up from repeating the same storylines year after year," Portia snapped back, grinning at the chairman of the WWE.

"Hmm..." Vince grunted. "We have an idea to use you in a match."

"Well it's about damn time you used me for other things than jobbing to the Bella Twins."


"What? Spill it, old man."

"How do you feel about making fun of your sister on live television?"

"I've been making fun of her since we left the womb. I'd love to do it on television."

"Excellent. You start tonight."


"...And she's such a wannabe Trish Stratus. I mean seriously," Portia heckled in the ring, Edge standing beside her, doubled over laughing.

"And she's totally dating that reekazoid, Cena. How low can one girl sink? I guess they're like the totally stereotypical couple of the WWE. The jock and the cheerleader. Maybe you should tell her that here in the WWE, the cheerleaders don't win Prom Queen," Edge added.

"Good one, baby. Anyways, I'm challenging my sister to a match at Cyber Sunday. I don't care what the stipulations are for this. I'm older than her. I'm hotter than her. I've got a better boyfriend than she does. No matter what you pathetic freaks vote, I'm going to win."

Peyton couldn't sleep. How was she going to finally bring together the Mortenson sisters? As hard enough as it was to play the cookie cutter blonde and the rocker, it was going to be even harder to bring them together in the same ring and do it convincingly.

Actually, it was damn near impossible.

But Peyton refused to get caught. She had too much riding on this. Her whole worlds could be destroyed.

Two worlds would be destroyed.

And then she thought of John and Edge. Sure, she liked them both for different reasons, but both of them would dump her for this. John couldn't stand someone cheating, and Edge would be hurt that someone actually did cheat on him.

Peyton was going to need a miracle, and she was going to need it fast.