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Linfel scented the air – her nose twitched delicately, and she sneezed. Felixstowe was full of strong scents – oil, smoke and salt. They came to her even more strongly in the chill, damp night air.

She squatted suddenly in an unexpected rush of motion, and swept the tips of her fingers along the black ground. Gritty soil fell from her fingertips as she rubbed them together. There was another, very old scent here – a Benedictine priory had been founded around here in the late 11th Century, and the ground still held very faint remnants of its holier past.

They wouldn't hang around here for long. This ground would still be slightly deterrent to the newly-chipped FREAKs. But where were they?

A low creaking sound, as of metal groaning under pressure, came distantly from her right. She grinned hugely, and the light glinted unnaturally upon her teeth.


Perhaps the ground had been more repulsive to them than she had originally thought. Had it stressed them enough to get them off the ground and above the moving water?

Heh. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. They know so little about what they have become, and their ignorance has doomed them.

Herding them here had been a good idea.

She trotted silently across the ground, making her way closer to the port. A solitary container ship sat half-sunk in one of the harbour slips. Well. That narrowed her options pleasantly, and theirs quite unpleasantly.

They would be quite weak by now, having escaped across the old holy ground only to find themselves over a piece of the ocean. She sniffed. It was too easy. Rather unfortunate, really. She had quite enjoyed the chase while it had lasted.

She tried to feel their presence inside the ship. There they were. Only their fear made them noticeable – any other things normally detectable about them had been suppressed by their extreme weakness. She stepped lightly onto the sloping deck, and made her way down into the cargo hold.

The two of them sat huddled and shaking between a large steel container and the hull. Although she couldn't see them quite yet, she could smell their fear. Could they smell her glee? She doubted it. They were too young and weak.

A fierce push sent the container sliding across the floor. One of the FREAKs managed to escape in time to avoid being crushed. The other didn't, and the young vampire's scream tore through the air with a metallic screech similar to that that the container had made, squealing and grating across the floor.

"You dumb bitch!" A harsh, indignant whisper. Thin trails of watery blood leaked down hollowed cheeks under a vicious glare.

Linfel didn't bother with a reply. She merely stepped closer.

The FREAK attempted a swing at her face. She grabbed the outstretched wrist and sank her teeth in deep. The FREAK moaned and fell to his knees. There was a kind of erotic ecstasy in having one's blood drained, especially by one as strong as she.

She tried not to suck too hard. Oh, but she was hungry. In the background, the crushed FREAK whimpered painfully.

Slow down. Let the heart pump the blood to you.

FREAK blood wasn't the best, but it was pretty much all to be had around here. The FREAK shuddered and hung limply as she pressed his body against herself, making the best of what little warmth her prey had.

Hmmmm, yes, come here, come to me. You are mine, so beautiful, your blood…yesss…give me your neck…yesss…

She sank to her knees, clutched his body tighter to herself and groaned into the wound she had made over his jugular vein. Gradually his heart slowed and stopped. She dropped the body unceremoniously to the ground with a thud, and with a pull and twist ripped off its head. The FREAK soon collapsed into ash.

The FREAK trapped against the hull had heard the sound of her feeding and was traumatized into silence, even as she pulled the container gently away from his body and opened her arms to him. Her eyes glittered.

"Come to me."

Four painful steps on the crushed legs.


Two more.

"Here, now." Softly, gently.

The FREAK fell gratefully into her waiting arms.